In a society full of people preaching #fakeittillyoumakeit, it’s hard to tell apart who is faking and who has actually made it. Social media is the culprit of feeding our insecurities. It’s impossible to tell what’s real anymore and even harder to keep reminding yourself that you’re good enough! Well let me tell you, you’re enough! Most of what you see is a façade and if you have the intelligence to look past what you see, it will make you a deeper, more connected individual. Have you heard the term, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? I’m guilty of dishing stories I’ve read or watched online without researching them and I have a very skeptical husband who reminds me to dig deeper and inquire further about the source of my information. Apply the same thought to anything you ever see and this mindfulness will be your guide to being happy.

On that note…the Bow Wow Challenge is trending and if you’re wondering what it is and how you can be a part of it, you can catch the details below.

It all started with a post on instagram from Bow Wow of a fine looking jet with a caption about traveling to NYC. It was later found that the picture was stolen and he was actually aboard a commercial airline when he posted it. I’m guessing this was a major fail or a PR attempt to get Bow Wow back on the map with the #BowWowchallenge which is pretty fun and humbling. Hey, any PR is good PR.

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This is how it works:
Take a picture of something deceptive that looks aspirational by a clever trick of framing, perspective, or just a nice filter which gives the viewer the impression that your life is #GOALS. Post the final image vs. the full view, and you’re done.

The @chicksandsalsablog team would love to see what you come up with. Tag us and you may get reposted!

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