Breastfeeding – Maintaining and Increasing Supply

Many Mommas want to know how to increase milk supply at some point during their breastfeeding journey – whether you think you’re not producing enough or you had a cold and your supply dipped. 

Here are a few things that helped me breastfeed both my kids  until age 1 and donate some for NICU babies. 

Nursing often in those beginning weeks. This is what everyone probably tells you, but I know as a mom how daunting it can feel to think that you baby is not getting enough. A little patience, and a lot of nursing, those first few weeks will set you up with a good supply. Beware: your nipples will hurt and ache, but it will get better! I used Earth Mama’s nipple butter to help with any discomfort.

Try to nurse on both sides at each feeding to ensure your body knows to make more milk for baby. I also used the Haakaa manual suction pump on the opposite side while I fed. This helped with losing any leaked milk and to signal my body that we need the milk. GUYS I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THE HAAKAA – JUST GET IT! Using a nursing pillow will help with holding your baby properly and support your arm and back. 

Another good way to increase your supply, if you are really feeling that it’s low – try to pump right after a feeding to empty your breast completely – hence telling your body you need more milk. This always helped when I got sick and my supply would dip a little bit. I use the Medela Pump in style pump with my first and the Spectra S2 with my second. They both worked well for me. I did like the Spectra s2 a tad bit more because it was a quieter pump. 

Make sure your baby has a proper latch. Often times your body is producing the milk but your baby might not be feeding properly and getting all the milk due to a poor latch. I had this issue with my 1st and seeing a certified lactation consultant early on helped my nursing journey. You can find a certified lactation consultant near your through

H2O, H2O, H2O – lots of fluids. I lugged my camelback water bottle around everywhere. Water sometimes gets boring, so switch it up with some flavored water. I don’t know the science behind it but COOL BLUE gatorade helped my supply significantly.

Healthy diet – it is SO hard to maintain a balanced diet during those first few months of chaos. I always kept stashes of lactation bars and mixed nuts on my night stand. Avocados were my go to during the day – they also helped to make my milk more fatty. 

Lactation Bars

As an Indian mom, my elders made me consume tons of organic teas and foods. Dill seed and fennel seed tea – soak the seeds in water and then boil. I drank this every morning religiously for 4 months. 

Fenugreek sweets (Methi pak), you can also just take the fenugreek capsules.  


Sunflower lecithin – The product helps with increasing fatty acids in your milk. It also helps clogged ducts, pushing milk through the ducts – hence increasing your output of hind milk: the fatty part of your milk

Legendairy Milk – A company that has various organic supplements to help with various breastfeeding issues. I occasionally took their Liquid Gold Supplement which helped with making my milk more fatty. 

Take the prenatal vitamins that your obgyn or pediatrician recommends for you. 

I also took an extra vitamin C to help through winter cold months. 

Surviving Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a tough and stressful journey. Try to let go a little, at the end of the day happy mommy makes for a happy baby. No matter the situation: FED IS BEST whether through breastfeeding or through formula. You are the best Momma to your baby!

Your Chick,