6 Things To Do In Aspen (If You Are Not a Skier!)

Two weeks leading up to my trip to Aspen I had injured my knee, so you can imagine how disappointed I was in the days leading up to my first time ever in Aspen.  I have looked forward to visiting this magical place for years…so when the opportunity arose I was ecstatic.  Once the doctor told me to rest my knee, my dreams of skiing in Aspen came to a screeching halt. In an attempt to see things on the brighter side, I looked up as much as I could about Aspen, and yes of course you can ski, but what else?

Since my return from Aspen and as I write this I realize that – I went, stayed, enjoyed, laughed, ate, met amazing new people, fell in love with the beautiful backdrop of Aspen, and above all, I did it all without hitting the slopes.  I thought I would share with our readers my experience in Aspen which has now become a place I want to revisit every year for it’s beauty and hospitality.

What To Wear

First question, of course, was how does one dress for Aspen?  A place where professional skiers, celebrities, and billionaires (think Walton family) come to mingle and ski.  Mariah Carey had just been there a week prior.  I packed a combo of fancy to casual outfits all accented with winter accessories (hats, gloves, scarves, etc.)  Once there, I realized very quickly people were dressed for comfort and that no one cared how one was dressed, what they wore or what fancy ski gear they had.  I will post some outfits that I felt were best suited for me.  

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Now that I have crossed over the “fashion” bridge of my piece I’ll move on to My Top 6 Things To Do and Visit when in Aspen.

Smore’s At The St. Regis

The fun begins after your friends, family or significant other are done hitting the slopes, now you can join in on the Après Ski which means social activities after skiing. Activities such as riding up the ski lift or gondola, taking in the gorgeous views of nature, venturing into lodges or restaurants with firepits and a view.  For our Après ski, we headed to St. Regis for drinks and smore’s with friends. 

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Shopping (Obvi!)

During the time my friend and hubby were hitting the slopes, I hit up the shopping scene. Mind you everything is walking distance from the main ski base.  I went on to check out designer shops such as Gucci, Prada, and Christian Dior. I also popped into some consignment shops and small boutiques.  Kemo Sabe is a must visit local store, they carry a fun Wester Country style shop and if you are looking for top-notch ski outfits Grouch is the way to go. There are also many fur and shearling shops throughout the streets of Aspen.

Visit The Ice Bar in Hotel Jerome

Daytime barhopping can be a challenge for most, but for me when you are out in the open and kid free I was in heaven and went to beautiful historic hotels and checked out their venues.  Hotel Jerome is a must, they have an ice bar and fun ice sculptures great for Insta-perfect pictures.  Little Nell is a fun place to go and check out as well.

Snow Sports and Outdoor Adventures

If you want to experience the mountain and snow, then perhaps dog sledding, snow tubing and if you are wanting an adrenaline rush then try snowmobiling.  Mind you, Aspen also has access to quite a few ski mountains including Snowmass and gives you access to free transportation via bus (but…it can take over 1 hour).

R&R at World Class Spas

Perhaps you just care to have some R&R and hit up some of the many spa’s Aspen has to offer.  Hotel Jerome and St. Regis have amazing spas.  Grab a drink in your robe, perhaps snacks and just lounge in high altitude in solitude.

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Girls Night Out

NIGHT LIFE!!  The nightlife was amazing.  We were guests of the Caribou Club, which is a members only club. Our friends (and hosts!) were members so we were able to take advantage and enjoy the drinks, company and scene.  Mariah Carey, Rebel Wilson, & Pink were recently spotted there.  Definitely a hot spot.  Hotel Jerome was the perfect mod bar scene with creative drinks along with great ambiance.  The Little Nell is also a great hot spot, always busy and the energy is high, it makes for the perfect to end a wonderful night in Aspen. 

Over all I was able to finish a book by the fire while drinking my spiked coffee. My knee was able to recover though not my liver, and we met some of the most amazing people during this trip.  

Thank for checking out my post!

Your Chick,


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