Athleisure: Get The Look!

We are all guilty of rocking yoga pants from the yoga studio to the grocery store and to then to soccer practice. But getting a practical and, honestly, appropriate outfit is what it takes to feel comfortable when you unexpectedly run into one of the soccer moms at the store.  If looking good can help us feel good even when we are our most casual, then a few worthwhile athleisure updates may make sense for you. Keep these staples in your car to avoid looking frumpy:

Shop MY favorite Victoria’s Secret leggings for women of all heights that need tummy control!

( I am 5’7”, 140lbs and wear a regular length medium in these leggings)

Pop of Color:  
If you are anything like us chicks, your gym clothes are mostly black with some gray sprinkled in — this includes outerwear too!  Add a bright outer piece to your outfit not only lighten up your look but lighten up your mood too.  Don’t believe me? Just try it with these fitted and feminine options. Always bear in mind, it isn’t just about the color, it’s about the FIT. Something that hugs your curves or flaunts your assets with a pop of color will keep you feeling good.

Another sneaky way to brighten up your gym gear is with a fun scarf. Keep one (or two) in the car and that way you can put on a little something extra.

Peek A Boo Leggings:​
It had been while since I updated my workout leggings collection. Right now, mesh paneling is used to make leggings more breathable, more practical, and definitely more sexy! I love the way these look. They are more interesting than the plain leggings I wore for years — such a simple and tasteful (in most cases) way to add flare to the average black leggings. This style originally came about among the high-end athleisure collections. Luckily, now you can find fashionable mesh paneled leggings even at TJ Maxx! I have posted my favorite sport leggings under $30.

Yep, this is small but makes a big difference.  Throw a headband over that messy bun to control the flyaways that always seem to escape our updos after a good workout.  Making a little ‘beauty bag’ for the car with some lip-gloss and mascara doesn’t hurt either for a 5 minute makeover. It you take the time to make a ‘beauty bag’ then you will be surprised to see how often you reach for it – trust me.

As with anything else you wear, it can sometimes be the little things that make all the difference.  Don’t be caught in a moment that leaves wishing you did more.  We all have moments of insecurity but projecting your best self in every setting can be the best way to avoid it.  It can be easy and effortless to be your best you — just stash a few things in your car for spontaneous plans and run-ins!