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Who is REALLY the hero? Mom Vs. Dad

You may be wondering why I decided to title this “Mother’s Day” tribute, “The Father, The Hero…” — let me explain. (More...)

Brainy Chicks - Serene and Family

Raising Children in a Multi-Ethnic Family

We still live in a time when we tend to teach our children that their culture is the best!  They should be so proud to be Indian, Greek, Polish, Mexican, etc.!  It’s harmless, right?  They SHOULD feel proud of their heritage, no doubt.   (More...)

Kale Salad

Costco Haul

I get asked ALL the time what I buy from Costco because I’m there at a MINIMUM once a week.  It’s the food version of Target for me. Everyone is at peace; I stock up on the essentials we need and the kids know the food court is part of the rotation – a win-win.  (More...)


Gee, it must be nice...

A random Thursday night and I’m surrounded by a handful of talented, educated, intelligent women at the nearest Mexican restaurant, and I pause.  What did each of us go through to get here tonight? (More...)


Meet Serene

Former corporate hustler turned stay-at-home, Serene is a mother to three young kids.  When she is not rolling up her sleeves and getting dirty with DIY projects, new recipes, discussing social and political climates, you'll most likely find her sipping on her favorite liquid addiction, the perfectly hand-crafted cup of Joe.




Meet Komi

A teacher, former textbook author and retail/marketing associate, Komi is a busy mom to two kids -- and also a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, MMA boot camper, school volunteer, PTA board member...and so on!  When she’s not busy being a “teacher mom," she’s usually cooking up a storm experimenting with new recipes, trying to stay fit, hosting themed parties, reading the latest bestsellers, keeping up on the latest celebrity gossip and fashion news, and shopping for good deals and on-trend items for her kids.  She shares the love of cupcakes and of course -- coffee, coffee, coffee.