10 Spring Break Essentials You Need Now Under $15

In doing my own shopping for a few upcoming trips, I was surprised to see how affordable things have gotten. I own, and vouch, for each item on this list and guarantee that you will love each and every pick! These are also all shop-able on our Amazon Store.

Sunglasses Holder

I am a sunglasses junkie and truly I am embarrassed to even share how many pairs I own. That being said, sunglasses are a fun way to accessorize on vacation. Since one pair just doesn’t cut it, I take 3 with me!

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Insulated Tumbler

Its no secret that there is nothing like a chilled cocktail on vacation, so I keep mine with me at all times. Since I travel with my friends often, sharing is caring. This affordable set of two will come in handy and look stylish and you will be glad you threw this in your carry on.

Neutrogena Sunscreen Stick

My kids prefer this face and body stick to the spray when it comes to being outdoors, no matter what I do, the spray ends up in their mouth and eyes. Simplify your life with this stick… AND it has SPF 70!!

Mandala Blanket

This blanket has come with me all over the Caribbean and beyond! It folds up REALLY small, feels like a thin bed sheet, and makes a big statement. The kids will always be able to spot you on the beach with one of these.

Straw Hat

This straw hat has over 1000 almost 5 star reviews. I love the structure and size of it. Not only does it make practical sense to have one when out in the sun. It makes fashion sense too!

Straw Hat

A Good Book

I recently stayed at the home of Mary Kay Andrews (see the post here) so I have her book on my nightstand right now. But really, the only time I really have extra time for reading is on a lazy beach vacation. So check out some of my picks if you are up some learning on the go.

Tassel Earring Set

Accessories not only don’t take up a lot of room when travelling, but they are great for dressing up an outfit! A cute set of earrings is the easiest way to pack in a way that is minimalistic and fun. I have reviewed this set on IGTV and highly recommend it for the price point!

Personal Vanity

I bought this one from Amazon after seeing one of my favorite bloggers review it and I was not disappointed. It is much bigger than it seems and therefore holds a LOT! If you are needing something to keep everything in one place you will love this.

Lace Up Ballet Flats

I have been doing some shopping for shoes that I can walk in for an extended period of time. I recently featured these leopard print espadrilles on our LikeToKnowIt page, but because this is a post about finds under $15, these lace up shoes are a steal! They are comfortable and cute. I have a wider foot and still find these to be comfortable. Scoop them up in any color you want, they run true to size and you will love them.

Swimsuit Cover Up

#MomLife has me hiding behind cover ups more than ever and this chiffon kaftan will have you loving life. It is comfortable and lightweight. Because it is so affordable, get it in a fun color just to have fun with it (Sonia has it in Cobalt blue)!!

I hope you liked these picks. Just having these items is getting me excited for my trip. I wish I had had these during my recent visit to Tybee Island (ugh!)

Thanks for checking out this post!

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