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Throwing the Party of the Lifetime (Literally!)

For two years I have been planning on throwing an epic “Decades Party” because so many loved ones in my family were born ten years apart.  This was the year to celebrate all my family members born in 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, and 2009! What a great opportunity to get everyone together to celebrate life and love.

A Picture With The Whole Family
A Picture With The Whole Family
Celebrating Milestones
Celebrating 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70!

Last year we collaborated with the Odyssey and set off on a memorable lunch cruise.  After seeing the Amethyst Deck, I set my sights on Lake Michigan for the party.  Coordinating the details of the event was easy thanks to my events coordinator. As far as cost goes, the brunch cruise is a great deal for what you get – good food, amazing service, and the best view of the city from the water.

Skyline View
Skyline View

We ordered 5” cakes for each birthday which made for a fun centerpiece to the room.  I also ordered these printouts from Etsy along with these buttons.  Between all that and the décor of the room itself, it was a really beautiful celebration. 

Since time truly is the greatest gift, there was no better way for us to spend time together than on the Odyssey! No stress, no planning, no cleanup- it was a dream!

A very special thank you to the Odyssey staff for making this special occasion so memorable. We will be back!


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Take a peek at our video from the lunch cruise last year.

The Chicks Get Down with BFunk in Chicago

Let me start this post by saying that I love social media.  I am so grateful for everything that I have learned from YouTube or been inspired by on Instagram. Normalizing our day to day existence has been the single most unifying theme of my life after social media.  I love that there is always someone out there that has thought about what you have thought about or felt the way you have felt. 

City Pass Chicago

Along those lines, following the journey of Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar as they creatively rose through the ranks of YouTube stardom has been one of those journeys.  Watching generation after generation go back their roots in a way that is trendy is something I give them a lot of credit for.  Not only have they taught us so much, but they have brought back a sense of pride in our Indian heritage.

Getting Down With BFunk

“ Bollywood is a feeling.” ~Chaya Kumar

Naturally, when I found out that they were hosting a workshop in Chicago, I signed up Sonia and I immediately.  We are Punjabi and love Indian music, so a Bhangra class by the pros was right up our alley.

We had amazing time among a group of more than one hundred dancers.  They taught us step by step the dance to their famous Makhana routine.  Although we had not performed in ages, we had a great time getting into the groove with a  bunch of like minded people. 

Check out a little video recap of our experience and be sure to follow them on YouTube, they have over 1 million subscribers, don’t be left out!

What YouTubers do you love and why? We would love to hear from you! Comment below!

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Dinner Party Games Too Good To Miss!

Hosting dinner parties can be so much fun! Deciding the menu, place settings, and flowers are all essential parts of a successful dinner party, but you can’t forget about the laughter and good times!  I have two suggested games that can add some umph to your next family dinner or dinner party!

Family Dinner Game: Campfire Games: Would You Rather? Edition.

My sister, Rina, and I took this game along to our last dinner out with our four  kids. The kids ages range from ages 6 to 9. The game is broken into two colors from which you pick one of each and ask questions like, “Would you rather always smell like cheese, or have an itch on your thumb toe that never goes away?”  Kids and adults will delight what each person will choose and why.  Because the options are separated by color there are 2500 different combinations, so you can plan on having fun with this one for a very long time!

Teen/Adult Dinner Party Game: Who In The Room?

This game has a suggested age of 17+. It can be played with younger children as long as the questions have been pre-screened. This game is an excellent choice for a family gatherings or a close knit group of friends. Each card gives you 3 different questions to choose from about who in the room you think would fit the suggested question. An example of three questions would be:

Who in the room spends the most time on Facebook?

Who is the room always puts toilet paper on the toilet seat in public restrooms?

Who in the room is the worst cook?

On the count of three everybody in the room points to the person they think would fit the question asked best. It’s hilarious to see the responses and makes for sharing fun stories!

Happy game playing!

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Think Tank Wrap Up

When Sonia and I started the blog, we had committed to creating content regularly, engaging with you all often, and also to keep learning.  We have attended conferences in the past, but this past year we have really amped up our affiliate game (see our post on How Blogger Make Money here).  We are starting to build relationships with brands that we shop often and truly love. Now was the time for us to understand what being a true brand ambassador means.

Think Tank 2019

When we learned that Think Tank was happening in Chicago this summer we had to check it out. After two days of networking and learning, we want to share what we learned.

Brands Love Bloggers

This was a relief.  We met with so many brands that all agree that they are JUST NOW starting to really dig into using bloggers to do their advertising.  As publishers, bloggers work hard to create content and share it in a meaningful way.  It felt good to hear that brands find value in what we do.

Sister Bloggers

Everyone is a Winner

Brands see usage of affiliate links as a win for them and for the publishers.  Bloggers can negotiate commissions with brands (via affiliate managers) that they are looking for a long term relationship with which makes the collaboration mutually beneficial.  The number one way to get registered as an affiliate is via Share A Sale. On that platform you can apply to thousands of brands’ affiliate platforms at one time.  If you want to know more about this comment below and we will get in touch.

Bloggers Can  Really Cash In

As I mentioned above, once you are an approved affiliate for a particular brand and have developed a track record supporting them, you can negotiate for higher commissions.  This makes sharing what you love so much more fun!  You can also negotiate how you prefer to be paid out; CPA (cost per acquisition), flat fee, hybrid models, and more.

Among affiliates, bloggers make up the largest group.  So this means that if we support each other and support people that truly inspire us to shop, it works for everyone.  If you would like to know more, let me know and I would be happy to share. 

As of now, Chicks And Salsa are affiliates for Spanx, Nordstrom, ChicWish, TULA, Civant, and Shein.  We are also publishers on RewardStyle and 21 Buttons (both of which I have written about here).

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