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Going Green: 4 Easy Things You Can Do To Do Your Part

Do you feel that…the urge to start Spring cleaning? Yeah, me too.  Between the Netflix series Tidying Up and my kids outgrowing their clothes faster than I can clear them out…it’s about that time!  But before you start throwing things into piles, consider re-purposing your denim (and your kids denim and leggings too!)

Before you know it, it’s going to be HOT, like REALLY HOT here in Georgia, so why not up-cycle your old jeans into a cute new pair of jean shorts?  To help you get the look that is right for you, here are a few helpful tips.

Start off with a pair of shorts that you wear regularly and lay them on top of an old pair of jeans that you are considering getting rid of (visit our Pinterest page).

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Grab some chalk and a pair of scissors and carefully draw a line across the front and along the back of the jeans.  You will need to lay the shorts upside down on the back since the measurements around the back tend to be longer. 

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Cut the front part of the legs off first and THEN cut off the backside of the leg to accommodate for different lengths.   For a distressed look like I am doing, throw the shorts into the washer and they are ready to go!

For a more polished or hemmed look you will want to add about two inches to your length to make room for the folds. 

Do More

There are so many easy ways to do your part in helping save the environment.  In addition to up-cycling, here are three easy things I have done as part of my 2019 new year’s resolution are:

1- Use more hand towels and less paper towels. I have found that if the paper towels are NOT on the counter, my family looks for and uses the alternative.

2- Use a reusable water bottle (check out our gift guides).  Not only does this actually make me drink more water, but I also feel good about not piling up all that unnecessary plastic in our landfills.

3- Use reusable bags. Our local Aldi has really been a catalyst for driving this behavior. By not giving groceries in plastic bags, they have forced me to keep bags in my car.  I find that I use them when I got to Kroger and Wal-Mart too!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference.  Which one of these behaviors can you commit to trying out in order to do a little bit to make this community and the world a little bit better?

Thanks for being a part of Chicks And Salsa!

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#1 Airport/Travel Accessory for Women

It’s true from coast-to-coast and across all airports there is one bag on everyone’s back.  Let’s call it the #TUMITakeover since there seems to be something for everyone in their collection.  These bags are streamlined, sophisticated and lightweight making it perfect for weekend or travel adventures at a moment’s notice.

We have shared our love for Tumi products in our gift guides and believe that they make a great gift for any friend or family member you have!

Tumi Collection
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Bags for Working Women

Bags that can keep our files from creasing and our laptops from getting in the way are a must for women going from the office to happy hour!

Bags for Moms of Young Children

Let’s face it, I never leave the house without snacks, water bottles, my camera, an extra layer of clothing for the kids and god knows what else! With that in mind, these bags are perfect for getting that ‘trendy mom’ look.

Daily Use – Under $100

For lighter daily use bags they have a very affordable line coming in at just about $100 that you will love.  I have bought these for my mom and sisters, they are just too perfect!

Tumi for Men

Yep, you guessed…there is something for the guys too!

If you have been on the market for a new bag that makes your life easier, look no further than Tumi, they currently have many items on sale, see them all here!

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Travel Secrets For Packing a Carry On

Lately I have been traveling a lot. No, I’m not a consultant…no, it’s not work related, and yes, its all just for fun.   I’ve always loved a packing challenge and my husband supports it, in fact he taught me how fun traveling could be if I packed less.  At first I didn’t understand what that even meant, in time I started to realize why.  When you pack less, you worry less, less to lift, less to pack and unpack, and less to lose. 

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For example, our trip to Aspen moved faster simply because we just had carry-on’s. On our way back, flights were canceled and we were able to get re-booked on another flight easily because we didn’t have any checked bags.  Not checking in a bag not only saves money, but also time and space when you travel by plane, train, or car.  So you may wonder why I’m even writing about this, simple, people always ask me “what the heck do you pack? and how?”  So packing less over the years has become a challenge for me, I research different products and keep up with the seasons must haves.  I came up with how I travel smart without sacrificing the fashionista in me. 

One Dress Three Ways


Lets face it, do we really end up wearing everything we pack?  No. Do we really need to pack 4 pairs of shoes? No. Do we really need all that makeup?  No.  Once you answered all those questions then the next question is, what are the most realistic things you NEED according to your itinerary?

Beach Vacation- 1 Week

If you are travelling with family, you only need one swim suit, but with friends, pack 2. Throw in 2 cover-ups, 1 pair of shorts, yoga pants for daily wear (and possibly night), 4 dresses (2 semi-formal and 2 maxis).  Maxi’s are elegant and easy to pack.  Add in a few tops, 5 at most, and you are ready to go!


Of course we can pack 6 pairs, but are we really going to wear them?  No!  My solution is a pair of flats that could go in a pocket of your bag or tote.  A pair of wedges or heels, I prefer wedges, heels can be tricky in a tropical place or beach.  Last but not least, sneakers if you intend on doing excursions.


When you are out in the sun, the last thing you want to do is have a melted makeup look.  Pack foundation, a powder, mascara, eyeliner and a few fun lip colors.  Don’t overcrowd your bag or mind with all of your makeup.  There is plenty of sample size makeup out there.  I subscribe to Sephora’s Play Box and many of those things come in handy, from face primer, lip-gloss, to skin care.  In fact I even take sample size perfume vials with me, no worries of spillages, leaks or taking up room.  DONE AND DONE!


I always pack my jewelry in a travel box and stuff into my large tote or bag.  Lately, I love Tumi bagsThey are not only soft but also durable while travelling. They are also easy to clean and expandable when need be.  Mine has compartments for me to take essentials like medication, lotions, books, and even my IPAD!

Pack less enjoy more, that’s pretty much the motto in my household these days.  Life is too short to clutter your suitcase with nonsense, de-clutter and be free. 

Your Chick,


Shop SHEIN for the latest in Fall and Winter Fashions

10 Spring Break Essentials You Need Now Under $15

In doing my own shopping for a few upcoming trips, I was surprised to see how affordable things have gotten. I own, and vouch, for each item on this list and guarantee that you will love each and every pick! These are also all shop-able on our Amazon Store.

Sunglasses Holder

I am a sunglasses junkie and truly I am embarrassed to even share how many pairs I own. That being said, sunglasses are a fun way to accessorize on vacation. Since one pair just doesn’t cut it, I take 3 with me!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Insulated Tumbler

Its no secret that there is nothing like a chilled cocktail on vacation, so I keep mine with me at all times. Since I travel with my friends often, sharing is caring. This affordable set of two will come in handy and look stylish and you will be glad you threw this in your carry on.

Neutrogena Sunscreen Stick

My kids prefer this face and body stick to the spray when it comes to being outdoors, no matter what I do, the spray ends up in their mouth and eyes. Simplify your life with this stick… AND it has SPF 70!!

Mandala Blanket

This blanket has come with me all over the Caribbean and beyond! It folds up REALLY small, feels like a thin bed sheet, and makes a big statement. The kids will always be able to spot you on the beach with one of these.

Straw Hat

This straw hat has over 1000 almost 5 star reviews. I love the structure and size of it. Not only does it make practical sense to have one when out in the sun. It makes fashion sense too!

Straw Hat

A Good Book

I recently stayed at the home of Mary Kay Andrews (see the post here) so I have her book on my nightstand right now. But really, the only time I really have extra time for reading is on a lazy beach vacation. So check out some of my picks if you are up some learning on the go.

Tassel Earring Set

Accessories not only don’t take up a lot of room when travelling, but they are great for dressing up an outfit! A cute set of earrings is the easiest way to pack in a way that is minimalistic and fun. I have reviewed this set on IGTV and highly recommend it for the price point!

Personal Vanity

I bought this one from Amazon after seeing one of my favorite bloggers review it and I was not disappointed. It is much bigger than it seems and therefore holds a LOT! If you are needing something to keep everything in one place you will love this.

Lace Up Ballet Flats

I have been doing some shopping for shoes that I can walk in for an extended period of time. I recently featured these leopard print espadrilles on our LikeToKnowIt page, but because this is a post about finds under $15, these lace up shoes are a steal! They are comfortable and cute. I have a wider foot and still find these to be comfortable. Scoop them up in any color you want, they run true to size and you will love them.

Swimsuit Cover Up

#MomLife has me hiding behind cover ups more than ever and this chiffon kaftan will have you loving life. It is comfortable and lightweight. Because it is so affordable, get it in a fun color just to have fun with it (Sonia has it in Cobalt blue)!!

I hope you liked these picks. Just having these items is getting me excited for my trip. I wish I had had these during my recent visit to Tybee Island (ugh!)

Thanks for checking out this post!

Your Chick,


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