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Mimosas and Makeup with Ricardo Costales

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When celebrity make up artist Ricardo Costales comes to your town, you find time to get there for the latest tips in skin care and make up.  In my town in middle Georgia we don’t get opportunities like this often so I knew I had to make the best of it.

I rounded up my friends for this annual event at our Lancome counter located in our local Belk store and started off our day with mimosas and makeovers! There were nine make up artists that had come in from Atlanta to glam us all up! The team was as glamorous as the event space that they had carved out from the store.

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I am already a Lancome customer, but there were some new products that I wanted to share with you that I scooped up.

My Lancome Faves:

If you have not tried micellar water as a makeup remover yet,  you must! This water based product has the oils in it separated at the molecular level to attracts makeup and dirt to get it off your face. Its incredible! With very little scrubbing Bi Facil gets the job done – even my favorite waterproof mascara!

They have an amazing line of foundation sticks, but I went really dark on the color and use the foundation stick as a contour stick (the color I use is 555-Suede linked here) because its so silky smooth and easy to blend.  I blend for ALL evening events that I attend – it makes my make up more ‘fierce.’

Lastly, speaking of foundations, if you use a liquid foundation consider using this foundation brush when you can’t grab for the beauty blender(or don’t have water to make it damp). This brush is so soft and spreads beautifully to get you the coverage you need.

Thank you so much to all my friends who came out to attend this event and a major shout out to the team at Belk for hosting events like this in communities all over the country!

Your Chick,

Rina Puri

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Bye Bye Neck Pain, My Experience Trying A Chiropractor for The First Time

For as long as I can remember I have had neck pain. Not the debilitating kind, but the kind that has always been there that I’ve learned to live with. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that most people can roll their neck without pain. I must have had some trauma to my neck when I was younger and as a result, I have carried chronic pain with me my entire life. Similarly, I have lower back pain. My dad used always tell me that walking in heels could result in lower back pain. Of course being young and dumb comes with some consequences. I now suffer of stiffness in my lower back that possibly could be a result of all those years in heels.

I had heard of chiropractic work, but didn’t know anybody personally who had ever been.  When I found out about Accident Treatment Centers, I learned they had a South Loop location that would be convenient for me to finally take the plunge!  In my first meeting with Dr. Luke we discussed pain points and what brought me in the door in the first place.  Our meeting was followed by some X-rays to see where the damage had occurred.  After discussing where the improvements needed to be made we ironed out a schedule that would start my journey into chiropractic work.

The Schedule

I was scheduled to complete 12 sessions at three times a week for a month.  On the first rotation, I was walked through what to do and why I was doing it. From then on every time I came in, I was equipped to do the exercises on my own. Each appointment lasted between 30-40 min depending on how busy it was.  Upon waking into the office I was to grab my sheet which detailed how many sessions I had scheduled and what steps I was to take; along with a timer.

Step 1: The first rotation had me taking a roller to my neck on either side for one minute each. Then I was to foam roll from my shoulder blades to lower back for one minute.

Step 2: I needed to take a small ball and roll it on either side of my spine on my upper back for one minute each.

Step 3: Toward the end of the rotation I had to take a foam block and place it between my shoulder blades and move my neck forward and back 24 times like a “clucking chicken.”

Step 4: I would head to the power plates and hold my neck for 30 seconds on either side followed by a 30 second stretch on my shoulders.

Once that rotation was complete I would wait for my “adjustment” which entailed of a back and neck crack.  This was my favorite!  At the end I would head over to “traction” where my head was hung back for 10 minute to readjust the spinal curve.

The Takeaway

My Favorite Products:

After completing 12 sessions in the same rotation, I now feel a little bit of relief. I imagine that if I had continued to do sessions for longer I would have felt even better.  I can safely say that instead of chronic bad days I now only have some bad days. Am I a believer in chiropractic work? Absolutely. I think for people who suffer of debilitating pain, who don’t want to use surgery as their first choice this is a wonderful route to consider when finding relief for chronic pain.

Your Chick,


A Girls Getaways Close to Home; Check Out the Grand Geneva Well Spa

I am a Chicago native, and for most Chicago folks we look forward to Spring and, of course, summertime CHI!  However, stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a great way to decompress and reconnect with nature!

I recently took a weekend trip with some girlfriends and drove up to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. It was a quick 2 hour drive from the city!  Lucky for us, one of my girlfriends has a house right on the water. Having a place that felt like home made our trip just a little bit better. We started our mornings with a healthy breakfast and ended our days with girl talk on the couch filled with lots of laughter!

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva has a quaint downtown with boats, restaurants, and even a small beach! We set out to see Lake Geneva and try some of their yummy eats.  While I didn’t love our dining experiences there, the feel of this small city is just what the doctor ordered.

The Grand Geneva Spa

One thing we knew for sure was that we were going to top off our weekend with some time at the spa.  In doing some research, we realized that the spa at the grand Geneva hotel is rated the best in Lake Geneva. Of course we couldn’t leave without checking it out!  Each one of us received different services ranging from seasonal farmhouse massages, to deep tissue services.  We were greeted with a friendly face, and shown the amenities of the spa. The spa offers a whirl pool, sauna, steam room, and place to get your nails done! Since there were seven of us, we were given the Tranquil Lounge to sip on champagne and nosh on small bites while we waited.   I did the deep tissue with Diana, I have to say she has fingers of magic! I would highly recommend requesting her if deep tissue is what you are into.  The Grand Geneva certainly did not disappoint, we spent a little bit of time before and after our services just enjoying the amenities.

Thank you Lake Geneva for creating a lifetime of memories for my friends and I. Also, thank you Grand Geneva for giving us the rest and relaxation we needed to end our weekend filled with laughter and love!

Also, if you have not already, check out all the beauty tips we have on YouTube here!

Your Chick,


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I Dare You: Empowering Women (Especially Moms) to Be More Than a Housewife

A good friend called one morning and expressed her desire to produce a play, mind you she has been a part of a theater playgroup for a few years and wanted to bring light to her community theater.

I encouraged her to do so, yet she was still uncertain.  As fellow mom, where would she find the time and was it even worth it? She expressed interest in wanting to do something outside of her comfort zone. I continued to encourage her and say, “do it, you have a passion, pursue it.” Little did I know she would soon take me out of my own comfort zone.

Josie, my friend, asked if I would be in her play if she produced it.  My response… No, No & NO!

Okay, let’s back up for a minute, first off I have zero acting experience, second I have stage fright and third, I have the worst memory!  Even if I agreed, my kids and husband dominated my life, where would I find the time to rehearse?

Another friend, Serene, was also asked to be in this play and promised that this experience would not only empower me, but also be something that I would be glad to cross off my bucket list.   True, the thought of being on stage once crossed my mind growing up, but the fear of stage fright made me think twice.   Despite my anxiety, I decided to go for it, for myself and also to show my children that I had other interests and roles outside of Mom and wife.

Two weeks and a million rehearsals later, I finally learned my lines and understood my character.  I realized that I experienced more than just memorizing lines and relating to my character; I experienced the bond with other characters that I would be sharing a stage with.  I discovered that I had found a new and different type of confidence after a long time.  To act like someone else was a release that I needed from my day-to-day life. I felt alive and felt lighter like I hadn’t before.


Three months later it was show time!  For the first time I felt a rush and adrenaline that was like no other.  The connection I felt with both the cast and audience was priceless!  The show was called Smalls Talk and we performed it at the Parker Playhouse.

The truth is we are all scared to try something outside of our comfort zone.  Had I not been pushed I wouldn’t have experienced something so fun and break that stage fright out of me.

Shout out to the supportive hubby!

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Its not too late to take on a challenge and make it a goal, do something different and encourage your friends to do the same.   Experience something outside of your daily routine.  Go ahead I DARE YOU!

Read more about what is means to be a #MomOffDuty here!

Your Chick,