Medieval Memories!

My sister and I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in Barrington, Illinois. In the early 90’s, it was considerably smaller than it is now.  Growing up, there was little to no entertainment in our neck of the woods so we often turned to nearby towns. Medieval Times was comfortably situated in a neighboring suburb called Schaumburg, Illinois. My parents often took us there as kids for fun family nights out

Ladies of the Realm

Recently @Chicksandsalsa collaborated with Medieval Times and brought our life full circle when we took our kids back to where all the fun first began!  Medieval Times was gracious enough to take us VIP and enter with the Royalty Package. This allowed us to have priority access, VIP seating, VIP lanyards and Medieval Times banners.   Our kids absolutely loved the royal treatment and couldn’t wait to cheer on our Black and White Knight. The show will take you back in time and delight you with challenges typical of those from the Medieval times.  Having the crowd split by knight adds for a friendly competition amongst audience members which engages adults and kids alike. 

Unfortunately, our black-and-white knight lost, but we still loved watching all the jousting and steel action!  Medieval Times employees ALWAYS  stay in character which really enhances the experience. You will be addressed as “my lady” and served up “dragon blood” (tomato soup) “dragon eggs” (potatoes) and “baby dragons” (grilled chicken) for dinner.  For those of you who have followed @Chicksandslasa for a while, I often refer to vegetarian friendly options. Medieval Times is VERY veggie friendly. They offer garlic bread, hummus with pita and vegetables, potatoes, and a rice with beans stew!  Trust me, you won’t leave hungry!  After going this time with my kids, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t this be a great birthday party?” Maybe next time!  In the meantime, think about Medieval Times for your next family night out!

*General admission for adults costs $63.95 and for children 12 and under $37.95 BUT they run promotions often so click here. It’s worth every penny!  The show and dinner will not disappoint!*

The Arena
The Castle

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