Dinner Party Games Too Good To Miss!

Hosting dinner parties can be so much fun! Deciding the menu, place settings, and flowers are all essential parts of a successful dinner party, but you can’t forget about the laughter and good times!  I have two suggested games that can add some umph to your next family dinner or dinner party!

Family Dinner Game: Campfire Games: Would You Rather? Edition.

My sister, Rina, and I took this game along to our last dinner out with our four  kids. The kids ages range from ages 6 to 9. The game is broken into two colors from which you pick one of each and ask questions like, “Would you rather always smell like cheese, or have an itch on your thumb toe that never goes away?”  Kids and adults will delight what each person will choose and why.  Because the options are separated by color there are 2500 different combinations, so you can plan on having fun with this one for a very long time!

Teen/Adult Dinner Party Game: Who In The Room?

This game has a suggested age of 17+. It can be played with younger children as long as the questions have been pre-screened. This game is an excellent choice for a family gatherings or a close knit group of friends. Each card gives you 3 different questions to choose from about who in the room you think would fit the suggested question. An example of three questions would be:

Who in the room spends the most time on Facebook?

Who is the room always puts toilet paper on the toilet seat in public restrooms?

Who in the room is the worst cook?

On the count of three everybody in the room points to the person they think would fit the question asked best. It’s hilarious to see the responses and makes for sharing fun stories!

Happy game playing!

Your Chick,