Sex And The City in Hindsight

Season 1 of Sex And The City was released in 1998 – let that soak in! That was 20 years ago folks! That means I was 16 when it first came out. As a girl of immigrant parents, I can assure you that I had no idea Sex And The City was “a thing” since we didn’t have cable…either way, my parents weren’t going to let me watch it so it didn’t really matter. The freedom of college gave me my first access to cable AND this show.  It was also my first glimpse into a reality that I would only realize much later on in life.

Here we are 20 years later, and still reflecting and referencing episodes from this iconic show. How did I miss that 20 years ago these ladies were doing it right all along? The age old journey of women continues to look similar to that of these women.  Balancing love, career, fashion, and girl time are all things that we strive for every day!  

Over the years I have heard women often identify with one of the characters over the others. In my case, I feel as though in my life and in my social circle I am most like Charlotte. Like her, I always dreamed of the ‘white picket fence’ with a husband and kids. My desire to be defined by my family has always motivated my actions. Also, like Charlotte, I love to wear pretty dresses like this one and this one.

Leopard Sweater | Yellow Animal Print Sweater | Bauble Bar Earrings | Ruby Woo Lipstick

Truth be told, I do believe that for those people who watched the show it helped mold the coming together of girls nights out and women supporting women. It’s no secret that historically women have been suppressed, the show openly talked about things that women were dealing with that weren’t necessarily openly discussed (i.e. marital, financial, social, and health issues). 

I’m amazed at how I still take fashion tips 20 years later from these ladies. I’m also amazed at how their situations in the show still normalize my situations in real life. Making time for myself without my husband and kids has also become ‘a thing’ (which was not true for the generation before us). Hats off to the writers of Sex And The City and the actresses that made this iconic show a legacy for so many women who followed along and continue to reference it all these years later!

The Chicks Line Up:

Sonia – Charlotte – Ladylike and Polite

Rina – Carrie – Writer and Party Girl

Avani – Samantha – Confident and Outspoken

Shelly – Cynthia – Career Oriented and Loyal

Which character is most like you? Respond in the comments below.

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