The TRUE Cost of Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

As a blogger, I frequently turn to other blogs for information.  So when I planned to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Studios I thought I had all the information I needed to make my way through the whole thing without a glitch.  I got a lot of great advice, but one BIG thing that was missing from all the posts was the total TRUE cost of seeing all of it, so I decided to write about it.

My daughters are seven and eight years old and in the thick of Harry Potter, we just wrapped up the fourth book so a trip to Orlando seemed perfectly timed. To break down exactly how much you need to budget to truly experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™exhibit here is a tally.

Diagon Alley

Park Tickets (2 Park Pass)     $169.00 Adult / $164.00 Child

The whole Harry Potter world crosses between Universal Islands of Adventure AND Universal Studios. That means you have to buy a two park pass to get to all of its parts. It is connected by the Hogwarts Express train ride (which you CANNOT ride if you only have a one park pass).

Express Passes $120.00/ Per Person Total for Both Parks

You will need one for each person AND EACH PARK (they are $60, per park, per person)!!                                   

The reason why you need this is because if you are NOT lucky enough to live in Orlando and go on non peak times like weekends and holidays, then wait times can be up 120 minutes per ride!!!  If you are going all the way to Orlando to see this, then save up and get this pass to assure that you see everything.  Otherwise you are just wasting time standing in line.  

(**One tip here is to stay at a Universal Orlando Resort, your stay comes WITH fast passes, so you may be able to cut some of your losses there!)

Butter Beer      $6.50

It’s a must try really, and is actually really good…we ended up each getting our own!

Wizard gowns are $115.00, broom sticks are $35.00, chocolate frogs are $10.50, and wands start at $50.00.  The amount of money (if you have it) that you can spend here is never ending.  I did a little Amazon and Walmart shopping before hand and saved myself the trouble and cost of shopping for souvenirs there. 

All Aboard

The Takeaway:

Total cost with NO EXTRAS for a family of four to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™is $1152.50

Please know that even with the fast pass, it is UNLIKELY that you will see much else in either Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios, you would have to be really motivated (or have older children).

There are several blog posts that were really helpful and I have linked them below:

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I wish I had a full understanding of the expenses associated with my most recent trip. Hopefully, you found this post helpful.

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