What Beauty Chick, Neema , Can Teach You About Dry Brushing!

Dry Brushing is exactly what it sounds like: You brush your skin! This technique creates significantly smoother skin as well as increasing the circulation in skin. Increasing skin circulation is one of the best ways to maintain smoother, brighter skin.

Benefits of Dry Brushing:

Reduces Cellulite

Dry brushing helps stimulate the cells and break down toxins from beneath the skin. It does increase the blood circulation which helps the extra fat to flush out from skin which is the major reason for having cellulite. Blood circulation also helps other organs release toxins, but our skin does not have that additional boost to help rid of toxins itself, so dry brushing is necessary to get rid of those toxins and bad fats inside our body.

Exfoliates Dead Cells and Unclogs Pores

When we are young, dry brushing doesn’t necessary because the skin automatically renews itself but when we are in our late 20s or after 30s, it becomes necessary to exfoliate our skin to get new skin cells.  Dry brushing helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and unclogs the blocked pores. Clogged pores can lead to ingrown hairs and acne, which is why dry brushing is needed.

Detox Your Skin

To detox skin, dry brushing is similar to massage. The light pressure against the skin and the direction in which we brush, it helps to move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes so that the waste can be eliminated from our body. Our body naturally detoxes the skin, but dry brushing speeds up the process and at the same time boost circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs, which helps them do their jobs better.

Stimulates Lymphatic System and Improves Immune System

Lymph is a fluid in our circulatory system and it has white blood cells, so lymph also affects our immune system. It picks up bacteria, toxins, and other waste from our blood and filters it through the lymph nodes, where the bacteria are destroyed. Poor blood circulation means the lymph is not doing its job properly which results in cellulite, varicose veins, and a weakened immune system. Dry brushing improves the lymph flow.

How to Dry Brush

Brush your skin upwards with a dry brush, usually before showering. Brush your skin towards your heart, starting at the feet and hands and brushing towards the chest. Brush in a circular motion on your tummy and under arms. Shower right after, pat dry, and apply a body moisturizer of your choice. I like to use organic Coconut oil on my body in the winter!  See how fellow Chick, Sonia uses it in her hair here.

Don’t brush your skin too hard. Be easy on your skin and build a tolerance to the brush strokes. Don’t forget to wash your brush every few days to remove any skin cells.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what happens when my fellow chicks give dry brushing a try!

Hope you found this to be helpful! Have you tried this? Comment below.

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