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FOUND: The Fountain Of Youth

There are so many beauty products on the market, how do you know which ones are right for you? I recently stumbled upon K Signature Oil and wondered if this product could actually be what they call the “fountain of youth.”  So I set out to find out. I met the creator of K signature oil, Karolina Dolecki.  She is the owner of Wellness for Eternity Spa in downtown Barrington, Illinois.  Upon talking to her I discovered why this oil stands out among it’s competitors.

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Get To Know The Creators

I’ve learned that meeting the creators of products can often change the way you feel about using them. It certainly doesn’t hurt when the skin of the creator is truly flawless. You wouldn’t buy a weight-loss product from a person who hasn’t used it and succeeded, would you? Karolina is absolutely gorgeous. Of course her beauty is not the reason I bought the product, but knowing that a long-time user of the product has had amazing results gave me confidence in the product.

The K Signature Oil Difference

K Signature Oil (AKA the fountain of youth) is made with 18 different natural ingredients. From sweet almond oil to myrrh oil this product looks and feels great on the skin. I have personally been using it 3 times a week for the past one month. As a long time Chicago resident the cold weather can be harsh on my skin, especially my face. When I wash my face at the end of the day my skin feels tight and dry. A squeeze of K Signature Oil on each cheek forehead and chin is all I need to feel relief. With so many chemical filled beauty products on the market, this is a feel good way to combat aging while hydrating your skin. Combining natural ingredients from Earth is absolutely the way I’m headed with almost all products I want to use in my home and on my body.

K Signature Oil
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Truthfully, we Chicks believe in the products we endorse. Check out for more information. Oh and don’t forget to mention Chicks And Salsa to receive a special discount on your first order! 

Happy beautifying!

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**This post has been sponsored by K Signature Oil, but the opinions are all our own.**

YSL Nude Lipstick Review for Brown Girls

There are only two things that I look for in a lipstick – stay power and the right color.  For some reason both of these are hard to find in one lipstick BUT when you find it in one product it’s downright amazing. I have shared many times on Instagram stories that Kylie’s matte lipsticks are my ABSOLUTE favorite (better than HUDA in my opinion) for both stay power and color, but they are matte. 

If you are not into matte lipsticks, I have gotten my hands on a few Nude lipsticks from YSL that I wanted to share with you that serve up a whole lot of fashion and function.  I have reviewed them all here on YouTube, but I wanted to share the two out of the three that are my favorite.

New shoes for the new year at NORDSTROM.

Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick

Color: Nude in Private (9)

My lips dry out A LOT during the winter months and although I almost always have chap stick (like this tinted one) in my bag, this Oil in a Stick lipstick is down right amazing.  It keeps your lips hydrated and glossy for hours!  I love having shiny puckered lips all afternoon, so if you on the market for a high gloss and feel good lipstick, check this one out.   Also, side note the lipstick tube itself is gorgeous – feels as fancy as it is!

Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color

Color: Le Nu (70)

This lipstick has a luminous satin texture that does not cause any dry out.  With hyrdo-spheres and natural extracts this lipstick keeps hydration locked in.  It is also the winner of Allure magazine’s ‘Best of Beauty’ Award for Best Bright Lipstick shade No. 19, 2016.

The third one I tried but am not featuring in this post is the Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in color Beige Bounce.  This lip color was just too sheer to matter.  Although it has a nice texture, this color delivers very little on our complexion. 

Sometimes you can find multiples of these on sale in a kit. I got this one with all three in a cosmetic case for $72 over the holidays and it was such a great deal.  The only kit on sale now is this one for $60.

I hope you found this review helpful.  We like to share things that we like and sometimes things that we don’t just to keep things real. 

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Box Of Style // Box Review 2019

**For $15 off your fist box use code CHICKSANDSALSA15 or ANNUAL20 for $20 off your annual subscription**

I have shared before that I live in a pretty small town…that being said I have found a few fun work arounds to getting my hands on fun and trendy products.  The first one of course is Amazon, thank GOD for Amazon.  Another fun way to get some unexpected and exciting products is with subscriptions boxes.  We have featured boxes before like here and here.  Today we are super excited to pick apart the Box of Style curated by Rachel Zoe.  Where are my BRAVO fans at?? Rachel Zoe’s iconic style of simple clothes with statement jewelry was always a favorite.  Her attitude as well as style made The Rachel Zoe Project the hit that it was. 


I have always been an accessories girl as you can see here and here.  A box of products picked by Rachel herself sounds like perfection and once you see what all came in this box, you will see why it is a great deal and a whole lot of fun to get OR give as a gift.  Let’s break down the value and then take a peek inside.

Shop This Pic Here

Box Of Style Cost: $100

Whats Inside:   

$80 – Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum        

$150 – Jules Kae Vegan Leather Tote                           

$80 – Ettika Tassel Necklace (Box of Style Exclusive)

$20 – Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner   

$115 – Eddie Borgo Watch in Rose Gold

So as you can see you are getting $395 worth of HIGH END products for $100 – pretty awesome!  To learn more about membership, click here.

So lets get into what is in this seasons box!

Caudalie Radiance Serum

This product retails for $80 at Sephora. This serum is a highly concentrated, natural, oil-free serum that combats dark spots, evens skin tone, and boosts radiance—and has been proven to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C. But don’t take my word for it, take it from the 2000+ four star reviews they have on the site.

Jules Kae Vegan Leather Tote

This box came in this beautiful faux leather bag in my current favorite color BLUSH!  With Digital Chicks keeping me busy and a laptop and camera always in my bag, this one came just in time to help me get around in style.

Ettika Tassel Necklace – See Her Whole Collection Here

This is one of the BEST necklaces I have gotten of late.  Layered necklaces are all the rage and when you rock multiples you risk getting tangled up! This beauty attaches to one claps keeping the layers clean and perfect all day long.  I have already gotten so many compliments on this one, so if you are on the market check it out.  This one was made specifically for the Box of Style, but she has a similar style for sale for less than $50 here.

Shop Tarte Liquid Eyeliner Here

Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve been having a Tarte moment lately as you can see here.  This liquid liner is not just cute, but it is also great! I tried out the tip on my hand and the lines were still on there the next morning! That is the kind of stay power I want out of  my eyeliner. Once you get your liner on, check out my video on getting your falsies on perfect every time (its magic!)

Eddie Borgo Soho Watch in Rose Gold

If you are like me I rarely buy a statement watch, but if I get my hands on one I am more than happy to rock it! This watch goes with my current blush aesthetic and gives my #OOTD that extra touch. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this review.  This subscription is a little treat to myself this year and gives me a little something extra to look forward to every couple of months.

As always, thanks for stopping by Chicks And Salsa!




How to Use Purple Shampoo With Highlights

Listen up brunettes!  I love to dye my hair, and have been highlighting and dying it for several years. In college I was always on a mission to find the cheapest hairdresser.  This usually meant that I wasn’t going to spend any extra money on specialized shampoos.  Of course, as the saying goes….”as you get older you also get wiser.”   I’ve often heard my hairdressers of yesteryear and today talk about using specialized shampoos to neutralize yellows, but I have blissfully ignored them.  Shame on me!

Feeling great with fresh looking highlights!

Let me explain, I am of Indian decent, I have naturally dark brown to almost black hair. I have always loved playing with the color of my hair to change up my look.  I have gone from partially blonde, to just highlighted, back to my original color, to completely blonde.  In all of those transitions I have never bought a specialized shampoo to neutralize the yellows that appear when you bleach and then dye your hair. 

Shop this Shampoo Here

The last treatment I did, I went from a blonde balayage back to almost my original color by transitioning to darker low lights. My hairdresser had suggested that I use a purple shampoo. My original thought in my head was “are you crazy!” I was afraid that putting purple on a lighter color on dark hair would turn the light parts purple, but boy was I wrong!  Truly, it depends on what kind of look you’re going for.  Transitioning back to my original hair color from blonde, I wanted to keep my darker color looking semi-natural. The purple shampoo made my hair less bronze and kept a very subtle light highlight on my dark hair. I absolutely love my results, and cannot stress more the importance of using a purple shampoo if this is the look you’re trying to achieve.  I’m just trying to save you the time and energy, get the purple shampoo if your hairdresser recommends that, you won’t regret it!

Your Chick,

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