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I Finally Got My Eyebrows Microbladed and Here Are My Thoughts

When one of my favorite beauty bloggers Irene Sarah got microblading I felt like that was my sign to just go for it.  Microblading has been on my radar for almost 2 years, and I have been coloring in my brows since 1999 – seriously! After watching hours of YouTube videos, I looked up some reviews and came across Havy Tran of Chicago Microblading located in Schaumburg, IL.  Truthfully, my goal was simple, just make my daily make up routine a little easier by having my eyebrows ready to go every day.

Havy has the best and most patient personality especially for someone like me that came in with images of Irene, Huda, and of course Priyanka.  She knew the look I was going for, bigger, thicker, fuller brows – period.  We talked through some options and looked at dozens of photos and agreed on a combination strategy that would involve drawing in hair lines as well as shading.  We carefully mapped out the lines on my face and then got to work.

**Please note: I got a chemical peel 4 days before microblading so some of the scabbing on my face is from the peel.  I wanted the pictures to be as unaltered as possible so I am using the originals so that you can see the true result.**

Before And After

Microblading involves injecting pigment into the top seven layers of skin and therefore does not go deep enough to cause bleeding or even scarring (unless you have sensitive skin).  It should last about 18 months and save you hours of time and product!

The first ten minutes on a scale from one to ten were a seven on my pain scale.  After that Havy numbed me up and finished up in about 25 minutes.  The immediate results are dramatic, but after about a week the excess ink and slight scabbing went away to show the real result.  In my case the result was a very natural and closely mimicked my daily drawing in of brows.

My brows 10 days after microblading, no more filling in!

All in all the procedure costs $650 and includes a touch up 3-4 weeks after your initial visit.  I would not recommend ‘shading’ only the drawing in of hairs.  As you can see in my photos, the shading has a tattoo like effect that seems unnatural.  Another thing I noticed, is that I got is that the ink Havy used may have been one shade darker than something that is natural looking on me.

Despite the feedback, I love being make up ready when I wake up, it’s just one of those things that drove me crazy.  I will do a follow up in about six months on how the ink is holding up, but for now:

I hope you found this review helpful or interesting.  Would you get your eyebrows microbladed?

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Mimosas and Makeup with Ricardo Costales

**Sale Alert: Friends And Family is happening NOW!! Use code: FRIENDS and stock up!**

When celebrity make up artist Ricardo Costales comes to your town, you find time to get there for the latest tips in skin care and make up.  In my town in middle Georgia we don’t get opportunities like this often so I knew I had to make the best of it.

I rounded up my friends for this annual event at our Lancome counter located in our local Belk store and started off our day with mimosas and makeovers! There were nine make up artists that had come in from Atlanta to glam us all up! The team was as glamorous as the event space that they had carved out from the store.

Shop My Outfit:

I am already a Lancome customer, but there were some new products that I wanted to share with you that I scooped up.

My Lancome Faves:

If you have not tried micellar water as a makeup remover yet,  you must! This water based product has the oils in it separated at the molecular level to attracts makeup and dirt to get it off your face. Its incredible! With very little scrubbing Bi Facil gets the job done – even my favorite waterproof mascara!

They have an amazing line of foundation sticks, but I went really dark on the color and use the foundation stick as a contour stick (the color I use is 555-Suede linked here) because its so silky smooth and easy to blend.  I blend for ALL evening events that I attend – it makes my make up more ‘fierce.’

Lastly, speaking of foundations, if you use a liquid foundation consider using this foundation brush when you can’t grab for the beauty blender(or don’t have water to make it damp). This brush is so soft and spreads beautifully to get you the coverage you need.

Thank you so much to all my friends who came out to attend this event and a major shout out to the team at Belk for hosting events like this in communities all over the country!

Your Chick,

Rina Puri

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Keep it simple this Summer with Sneakers, Bodysuits, and SPF!

Living in the South, the sun is strong and HOT!  As someone who loves the outdoors and spending time doing stuff with my kids means getting a whole lot of fresh air.   There was time where I would wear wedges to the zoo, but thankfully, sneakers are trending with dresses, skirts, and shorts.  Now  it’s so much easier to be trendy and cute with a cute pair of white kicks.  I do wear different sneakers for the gym and for family outings so I am going to focus on the later.  I personally have about four pairs ranging from Adidas to  Gucci, it just depends on the occasion, but a zoo outing for example is perfect for my Adidas Rose Gold sneakers.

As a denim junkie, I almost always wear high waisted jeans – I need the pockets and love the way this pair make me feel!  But cami’s that are bodysuits (like the one I am wearing here) are going to be my best friends this summer.  There are so many designs that have merged the comfort of a loose cami with the stay power of a bodysuit.  With young children I love being able to bend over and pick them up without showing too much in the front and back (if you know what I mean!).  Here are a few of my picks for this summer like the one I am wearing here.

Bodysuit Picks:

Now that I have got my #OOTD together, my next thought goes to skin care.  Neutrogena’s line of Healthy Skin Make Up has SPF 55 in it!  It’s a great drugstore find that takes all skin colors into consideration and the fact that you plan to enjoy the sun.  The liquid foundation has SPF 20 ( I am wearing color 100 Natural Tan) in and the pressed foundation has SPF 55 in it ( I use color 60 Natural Beige) !! It’s perfect for a family outing to the zoo!  I almost always lather up with Neutrogena’s water resistant sunscreen lotion before applying makeup on days that I will be in the sun all day. 

Plan on seeing variations of this look over and over again this summer, check out more beauty and fashion from the chicks here!

The countdown to summer starts now!

Your Chick,


What Beauty Chick, Neema , Can Teach You About Dry Brushing!

Dry Brushing is exactly what it sounds like: You brush your skin! This technique creates significantly smoother skin as well as increasing the circulation in skin. Increasing skin circulation is one of the best ways to maintain smoother, brighter skin.

Benefits of Dry Brushing:

Reduces Cellulite

Dry brushing helps stimulate the cells and break down toxins from beneath the skin. It does increase the blood circulation which helps the extra fat to flush out from skin which is the major reason for having cellulite. Blood circulation also helps other organs release toxins, but our skin does not have that additional boost to help rid of toxins itself, so dry brushing is necessary to get rid of those toxins and bad fats inside our body.

Exfoliates Dead Cells and Unclogs Pores

When we are young, dry brushing doesn’t necessary because the skin automatically renews itself but when we are in our late 20s or after 30s, it becomes necessary to exfoliate our skin to get new skin cells.  Dry brushing helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and unclogs the blocked pores. Clogged pores can lead to ingrown hairs and acne, which is why dry brushing is needed.

Detox Your Skin

To detox skin, dry brushing is similar to massage. The light pressure against the skin and the direction in which we brush, it helps to move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes so that the waste can be eliminated from our body. Our body naturally detoxes the skin, but dry brushing speeds up the process and at the same time boost circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs, which helps them do their jobs better.

Stimulates Lymphatic System and Improves Immune System

Lymph is a fluid in our circulatory system and it has white blood cells, so lymph also affects our immune system. It picks up bacteria, toxins, and other waste from our blood and filters it through the lymph nodes, where the bacteria are destroyed. Poor blood circulation means the lymph is not doing its job properly which results in cellulite, varicose veins, and a weakened immune system. Dry brushing improves the lymph flow.

How to Dry Brush

Brush your skin upwards with a dry brush, usually before showering. Brush your skin towards your heart, starting at the feet and hands and brushing towards the chest. Brush in a circular motion on your tummy and under arms. Shower right after, pat dry, and apply a body moisturizer of your choice. I like to use organic Coconut oil on my body in the winter!  See how fellow Chick, Sonia uses it in her hair here.

Don’t brush your skin too hard. Be easy on your skin and build a tolerance to the brush strokes. Don’t forget to wash your brush every few days to remove any skin cells.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what happens when my fellow chicks give dry brushing a try!

Hope you found this to be helpful! Have you tried this? Comment below.

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