12 Gifts For Teachers That You Love Under $30

I love giving gifts, its my thing and yes, I am already pulling together my list of people to get gifts for this year.  At the top of that list is teachers for me.  As a parent of a child with a chronic medical condition (see Type1Chick) I interact with my child’s teachers more than most and feel more indebted than most for that reason.  I know that gift cards and cash are king when it comes to gift giving, but sometimes I like to throw in a little something extra– because let’s face it, they deserve it.

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I honestly love all of these ideas and give preference to things that they can use every day.

Kitty Ring Holder

If you don’t have one of these by your bedside or sink then you are missing out! Never lose your jewelry again – once you get in the habit, this little kitty will have changed your life.

Swell Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Is it just me or is getting ice into those little spouts a nuisance.  Not anymore with these easy to use AND easy to clean bottles.

Initial Necklace

I am almost ALWAYS rocking my little “R” necklace. Get one like this for your favorite teacher for $15!

Stress Balls

Ok so this falls into the ‘gag gift’ category, but its still useful and a fun addition to any gift card that you give.  You may want to grab one for your 8 year old mini me too (ahem, I digress!)

Amazon Dot

I cannot say enough about how useful this device is – even the classroom the dot can provide some relief with fun facts and jokes that are sure to chill out any teacher in a bind- scoop the dot up for less than $30 this season.

Crossbody With Tassel

This bag looks like it costs five times what it does, pick from any color and help your child’s teacher feel great by looking great.

iPhone Charger

How many times have your chargers gotten stolen since they all look alike! Not anymore, these adorable chargers are $6 each and won’t get lost in the mix.  These would make adorable stocking stuffers too!

Sephora Play Box

For the gift that keeps giving a Sephora Play Box is such a fun way to keep your teachers (or your friends) feeling great about themselves.  If you want to go big and give a multiple month gift, you can keep up those feels all year round.

Insulated Tumbler

Can we talk about this tumbler — its amazing and its $25!  This one will double up from Coffee O’Clock to Wine O’Clock in a snap.

Stainless Steel Straws

Over and over again we hear that we can do more for the environment – these straws make it easy to make a little change.  I suspect these will be very popular gifts this year as everyone tries to do better in the new year, so for less than $6, this set is a steal.

Bath Bomb Set

These vegan bath bombs have essential oils in them that will take your bath to the next level.  Give the gift of relaxation with this gift set.

Scalp Massager

If you own one of these, you know why they are AH-MAZING.  It may seem awkward to give a gift like this, but once you use it, you will understand why this is the easiest and most thoughtful gift for your child’s teacher.  Tag an Amazon Gift Card to it and have a happy holiday.

Hopefully you liked some of these ideas — what did I miss?  Giving to those I love and care about during the holidays is probably my favorite part of the season (in addition to all the good eats!)

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