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In a society full of people preaching #fakeittillyoumakeit, it’s hard to tell apart who is faking and who has actually made it. Social media is the culprit of feeding our insecurities. It’s impossible to tell what’s real anymore and even harder to keep reminding yourself that you’re good enough! Well let me tell you, you’re enough! Most of what you see is a façade and if you have the intelligence to look past what you see, it will make you a deeper, more connected individual. Have you heard the term, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? I’m guilty of dishing stories I’ve read or watched online without researching them and I have a very skeptical husband who reminds me to dig deeper and inquire further about the source of my information. Apply the same thought to anything you ever see and this mindfulness will be your guide to being happy.

On that note…the Bow Wow Challenge is trending and if you’re wondering what it is and how you can be a part of it, you can catch the details below.

It all started with a post on instagram from Bow Wow of a fine looking jet with a caption about traveling to NYC. It was later found that the picture was stolen and he was actually aboard a commercial airline when he posted it. I’m guessing this was a major fail or a PR attempt to get Bow Wow back on the map with the #BowWowchallenge which is pretty fun and humbling. Hey, any PR is good PR.

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This is how it works:
Take a picture of something deceptive that looks aspirational by a clever trick of framing, perspective, or just a nice filter which gives the viewer the impression that your life is #GOALS. Post the final image vs. the full view, and you’re done.

The @chicksandsalsablog team would love to see what you come up with. Tag us and you may get reposted!

Trendy Chick – Puja

Party With Purpose

Being an informed individual sometimes means facing difficult realities.  Social media is a place that people turn for information, or at least it is for me.  I like and follow pages on Facebook that give me the information I am looking for.  There are times, though, that I am left speechless.  The posts with happy endings always leave me with an extra skip in my step, but the ones that don’t, leave me with a feeling of lost hope and helplessness.  In thinking of the latter, I realized we all have an immense potential to make a difference, no matter how large or small the scale.

There are two things that I think we all like to do; have a good time, and when possible do something for a good cause!  

Chicks, it’s time to do things differently.  We all love getting together with friends — it’s a chance to let our hair down, talk about that skinny mom on instagram, and have a glass of wine. Why not, party with purpose? Whether you think that doing charity is for the greater good or charity work is a self-fulfillment activity, either way — charity work is good. And doing it with your friends, wine, and chips and salsa (eh, eh?) is even better! Help do your part and be bigger than yourself with these fun ways

Sole Hope Party-

A great example of this, is to host a “Sole Hope” party.  All attendees bring an old pair of jeans (God only knows how many I have laying around) and $10.  You simply trace patterns provided by Sole Hope on your jeans and cut them.  Once done the cut-outs are sent with the money to make shoes for children in Africa.  How easy and purposeful….and all while hanging with the ones you care about and over a glass of wine!  More information can be found at  Sole Hope is just one of so many ways we can give back.  Since some of us simply can’t drop our lives to go first hand to make a difference, there are established and vetted organizations that can help do our part.

(Insert Your Charity of Choice) Fundraiser-

Educating guests on the work of an amazing charity while you are gathered is a great way to spread awareness and take a moment to share your connection to the organization.  Do not overthink this!!  Just gathering and collecting donations can be as passive or active as you want it to be.  However, be clear in your invitation that it is your intention to collect donations while you party.  Make it easy for your guests by either setting out a jar or by passing out envelopes to collect donations.  I like to leave out some brochures for my guests to browse while we hang out.  Check out Invitation Consultants for ways to ‘word’ your invitations.  

Bunco For Babies-

Nothing like a game night to get the laughter and fun started.  This old housewives gambling game is easy, quick, and fun.  With very few materials, and little bit of wine your group of friends can have a lot of fun and do a whole lot of good a the same time.  Consider a 50/50 buy in, charge $30 per person to play and then the winner takes 50% and the charity gets 50%.  A little competition to kick off the weekend is a great way to party with purpose.  Never played bunco before? No problem, get on the bandwagon today and learn here.

Holiday Toy Drive Party-

This is an easy idea and makes getting together during the holidays a little more joyous. Reach out to your local hospital or another local organization that serves children in your area to see what gifts are most needed by the children in your community.  Once you have that list, when hosting ANYTHING during the holidays, ask that guests bring an unwrapped toy or book to the party to donate.  In the past we have also requested an ‘Angel Tree’ from our local Salvation Army and asked that guests take a name on their way out.  

So, when you plan your next get together, I urge you to think about a cause that is meaningful to you and incorporate it into the things that you are already doing. With these ideas, without a doubt, you will feel you’ve partied with a purpose!




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