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Best Drive of 2019!

I have shared before that I live in a small town.  Living far from places I like to visit has turned me into quite the driver.  Give me a destination and I am there! 

Desert Babe
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I have really grown to cherish my time on the road, I love being alone with my thoughts and of course my music! When I travel, I always make sure to rent a car to get around. Some of my most memorable drives have been around Hawaii and most recently on my trip to the Grand Canyon.

Surprisingly the drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon is less than 4 hours and the route goes straight through one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE cities of Sedona.  I had good company (my kids) and good music to go along with the scenic views. 

Road Trip

Check out our ride and some of the landscape in the video below.

Grand Canyon

At the Grand Canyon we signed up for a jeep tour with Grand Canyon Jeep Tours and Safaris.  Although we enjoyed the tour, I recommend skipping the pricey jeep tours and heading straight for the Visitors Center where you can easily build an itinerary according to your time available and personal preferences.  There are hikes and view points to accommodate all ages and interests.  They also have a cute and FREE Junior Rangers program for the kids to keep them engaged!  Two things to keep in mind when visiting the Grand Canyon: it’s COLD, you are between 7000 and 9000 feet high, bring layers, it was 41 degrees the day we went in October. Secondly be sure to catch the sunrises and sunsets, they are breathtaking.  Whether you watch the canyon light up in the morning or turn down for the night, the overwhelming beauty that is the canyon is really captured at these hours. 

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On our way back we stopped for a while in Sedona.  This incredibly beautiful and unique city has had my heart since I first visited ten years ago.  Something about its isolation, desert landscape, and tall red rocks just captivates me.  Unlike in the Grand Canyon, in Sedona I HIGHLY recommend a jeep tour.  Getting up and around these rock structures is not easy, but with the Pink Jeep tours its fun and scenic! We had lunch at the tasty Oaxaca Restaurant that has the most beautiful view in the city.  Be sure to swing by the Fine Arts and Crafts Square where there are interesting boutiques and art galleries, live music, cafes, and more!

In The Desert

This drive was truly one for the books and with the beautiful Arizona sun on our side. We enjoyed every minute we spent on the road.  Now, I am off to plan my next #RoadTrip.

Your Chick,


Desert Babe
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SugarLips Haul

Living in a small town has really made me dependent on online brands and finds.  One such online boutique that I can always turn to for the latest styles at a good price is Sugarlips.  They even break their shopping into categories like Must Haves, Blogger Faves, and Spring Trends to really peak your interest.

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Midi Dress
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Sugarlips has expanded its line and produces fashionable clothing at affordable prices. These are available all over the world and are carried by major department stores and boutiques, including Dillard’s, Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdale’s, Urban Outfitters, Hudson’s Bay, Lord and Taylor and many more.  You may have come across them at one point or another.

As I prepared for my summer vacation in Chicago I added some of these cute finds to my wardrobe.  With the help of a photographer friend of mine, we captured these cute shots. 

So if you are in need of some closet inspo, check out Sugarlips and use code RINA15 for 15% off your purchase!

Outfit 1: Pink And Green Camisole

I love a loose fitting camisole to hide my belly and keep cool during the summer months.  They are also great for layering under a blazer or cardigan!

Ice Cream Cami
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Outfit 2: Dress with Wedge Sandals

Midi dresses are my go to staple during this time of the year.  They are mom friendly and flattering.  I have paired this dress with these super trendy wedge sandals by Diba True.  The white platforms are everywhere, scoop these up and be on your way!

Blogger Style
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Outfit 3: Leopard Blazer

The Trenton blazer is super slimming and flattering, it has that fit that makes it easy and comfortable to wear.  I have seen this worn casually with distressed jeans or dressed up with a pair of black skinny jeans like I have worn here!

Leopard Blazer
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I hope you loved these looks and will think about Sugarlips next time you are shopping around on the world wide web!

Your Chick,


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See How High Waisted Looks Are Giving Me Life

I recently watched an interview with Priyanka Chopra (side note: I’m a HUGE fan).  She was talking about what she was wearing to an upcoming red carpet event. She spoke on how when you wear something that you are comfortable in you will exude confidence.  Duh!  It’s seems so simple, but I know I’ve been guilty of wearing something that might not fit just right and I’m pulling and tugging and it affects the way I carry myself.

Confidence comes in so many forms.  In fashion, it’s truly in how you carry yourself and it starts with wearing something that fits your body type. Fashion is so fun, there is no one size fits all approach.  There are a few things I look out for when shopping for what’s right for me.  Let me start with my body type.  I’m 5’8”, 140lbs and an on again off again gym goer. I don’t have a super models body and have what I would consider to be a curvy build.  As with many women, there are certain parts of my body I am more comfortable with than others.  I don’t love my legs from the knee up so I try to go for midi-length dresses, maxis, capris, jeans or midi skirts. The high waisted trend suits my frame because it gives me the tuck I need while accentuating my waist.

High Waisted Pants

Midi Dresses

Midi Dresses

High Waisted Swim

As women we can often fall prey to what we are “supposed” to look or dress like.  If we let go of the expectations and just dressed and acted in the way that was authentic to ourselves we would not only carry ourselves with confidence, but would also inspire others to do the same.

Here are some of my favorite high waisted looks!  Many of these pieces can still be scooped up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which ends August 6th).  Check out what is in our bag here.

Cheers! Your Chick,


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