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This Is 38- Unedited and Unfiltered

I remember a time when the thought of aging scared me.  I didn’t want to get older because I didn’t want to see my parents get older and I had a fear of the unknown.  I have shared before that I have counted by blessings every step of the way growing up. Every vacation, I enjoyed. Every hour spent with family members and friends, I cherished. Every opportunity that ever came my way, I took.  I was worried that if things were so great now, how could it get any better?

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My Mom has told me for decades that somehow things keep getting better, but until life started moving at lightning speed I did not understand.  In a moment, it seems, I got married, had one kid, had another, moved, and woke up 38 years old and truthfully … it feels great!

I am tearing up as I count my lucky stars for the life I never dreamed I would have.  As I blew out the candle on my cake this morning, I wish that NOTHING would change this year.  I know that is unrealistic and that change, both good and bad, are a part of life… but if somehow I could keep my dreams and loved ones close this year I would be grateful.

Remember when you thought someone who was 38 was ‘old.’ I do, now I look at my Mom and her friends and honestly think that they are #SquadGoals.  Raising a family and being part of a community has truly been the most gratifying experience of my life.  When I step back and look at my Mom and her friends, I see a glimpse into my future. If I keep working hard every day and always do what is right for me and my family, that future looks bright!

Not only do I not feel old, but I don’t even know what the word ‘old’ means anymore and thank god for that! Thanks for reading my post and for being a part of my evolution through Chicks and Salsa and Digital Chicks Media.  I am truly grateful!

Your Chick,


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide : For Her

I am one of those people who LOVES GIVING gifts, not so much getting them so when it comes to holiday shopping all about it – kind of.  I am truly so grateful to have a supportive spouse, loving family and a job that allows me to work with brands and companies that keep my closet and vanity fresh all the time.  That being said, although I don’t need or want anything, if one were to put together a guide of things I would love to get, here it is (hint hint).

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

TUMI Voyageur Erie Nylon Cosmetic Case

This chic case is the last cosmetic case you will ever buy! It is 9″W x 6″H x 4″D making it perfect for a weekend getaway. What makes this different from others is that it is water resistant which means that when using it near sinks you don’t have to worry about what is inside!

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Hydration Kit

At under $40, this gift is sure to make any woman feel cared for. This luxurious collection is paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; and silicone-free. It includes a face mist, lip blam, and body polish that will make her feel great about herself.

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Love Is In the Air Umbrella

How cute is this umbrella! The entire Kate Spade umbrella collection is pretty adorable. With April showers around the corner, don’t leave your Valentine stuck in the rain without this.

Eternity Bracelet from The Styled Collection

I am so glad to have discovered affordable fashion jewelry from The Styled Collection. I have been rocking my arm candy from them for months as you can see here and here. There is no doubt that any combination of bracelets would make a great gift, but the Eternity bracelet really has a trendy look that makes it special.

Jules Smith Crimson Layered Chain Necklace

One of the biggest trends that does not seem to be going anywhere is layered necklaces. This one will look on anyone. For under $50, she will feel so elegant with this one on!

Corkcicle Insulated Thermos

As I mentioned in my Gift Guide for him, if you have not jumped on the insulated thermos band wagon, now is a good time to start! And this one is so sparkly, how can you not??

Beauty Blender Clean Set

This is a slam dunk gift for any woman who wears makeup. Every single female I know uses these and would love to get a new one (am I right ladies?!?) One blender usually costs $20, so to get this set with two blenders and the cleaning liquid for $45 is a great deal.

Guilty by Gucci

Let me list the scents : pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber, and patchouli. This perfume is packed with so much essence that it is natural enough for daily use but exotic enough to feel sexy!

Yves Saint Laurent Heart And Arrow Rouge Lipstick

This limited edition collectors lipstick is perfect for your Valentine. I have reviewed this exact lipstick in this video (color: Nude Lavalliere) and its looks and feels so good on women with our olive complexion.

I hope you loved this gift guide for her – let me know what some of your favorites are!

Your Chick,


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

I swear I just got done putting away all the wrapping paper from Christmas and its already time to do a little bit of shopping again.  But I LOVE Valentine’s Day.  A day all about love? I am in! Although I make it a point to declare my love to those I care about on a regular basis, Valentine’s Day is a special opportunity to go that extra mile. 

It doesn’t have to be about the amount you spend or what you give, but about a gesture that you may not make all the time.  Although there is nothing like a loving note or date night to make a perfect Valentine’s Day, if you are into gift giving here are a few things on my list for the hubby this year.  I love shopping for him (see my gift guide from last month for him), if I could afford to get him something every day I would – he deserves it!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Chanel Bleu De Chanel

So I usually only gift my husband a new fragrance once a year or so so that we don’t have too many bottles in rotation at once. So, if it’s been a while since you added something to his collection consider is super fresh and sensual scent from Chanel. Expect the unexpected from this fragrance that they describe as ‘provocative.’

Nike Elite Stripe Basketball Shorts

Help him keep up with his new years resolution with these comfy lightweight shorts that look good and feel good. Designed with a special mesh fabric designed to keep him cool during a work out, these are a gift that is in part fashion and function!

Monogram Valet Box

I just bought some beautiful organizers for my jewelry and that got me thinking that I needed to get something similar for my husband. With this beautiful valet box, you can help him keep his watches, cuff links, and jewelry all in one place. With a customized metal plate on top, this makes a great gift!

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

As much as I LOVE using my Apple Airpods, they are terrible during and intense workout. Get the most bang for your buck with these high performance workout headphones. With a built in microphone and 6 hour battery life, these are top of the line and perfect for your honey!

Chillz Ice Ball Maker

I have had my eye on this for a long time! Over New Year’s my sister wow’ed her guests with these and I made a mental note immediately to put it on this list. My husband loves scotch on the rocks and now I he can have it in style thanks to this $19 mold for 4. (Side Note: The kids think its pretty awesome too — so get two sets!)

Happy Socks Set

This product is so perfectly named – they make anyone who sees them peek out smile! If your hubby wears ‘office attire’ every day, one fun way to play with work clothes is with Happy Socks. My husband has used them for years and still loves getting them. They are made from a combination of
Cotton, Nylon, and Spandex so they hold up really well (meaning – no holes)!

Hydro Flask 16 oz Wide Mouth Coffee Thermos

If you have not yet invested in an insulated thermos, then start with this one. Its keeps hot beverages hot for up to six hours and cold beverages cold for up to 24! No matter his mood, this one has him covered – so help him enjoy that morning commute with coffee that stays hot THE WHOLE TIME!

Grooming Kit

Its almost embarrassing how many times I recommend these (see my holiday guide for him here). But truly, a well groomed man is so dreamy! Keep those eyebrows (and nose hairs) where they belong with this kit. It comes in handy so much that you will catch yourself looking to use it too.

Nordstom Tie

Men don’t have as many options to accessorize as women do when it comes to accessories, so when I find a unique design in a tie I grab it. This Nordstrom exclusive silk tie has a micro-grid on it that is simply beautiful! My husband wears a tie every single day and loves getting them, so if you are in the same boat, you can’t go wrong with this one.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide. Shopping for the guys can be hard if you over think things, but sometimes its nice to keep things simple and sweet. So which pick was your favorite?

Your Chick,


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