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You Can Always Be Better – Summer Reads and Needs

How is it even possible that summer just started and now my trip to Chicago is already almost over!  Time really does fly when you are having fun!  As some of you may know, I am part of a fabulous book club (shout out to the Guilty Wives Club) and as I do every summer I take on a summer reading list with a combination of best sellers, recommendations and this year I have included some self exploration too!  As a woman I constantly second guess myself as an individual, as a wife, and of course as a mother.  I am always wondering if there is a better way to do what I am doing or how I can make sure that I am giving my kids the tools to be amazing individuals and citizens.

This year’s list had a little bit of everything but I wanted to share the life books that I really enjoyed that gave me just enough pep in my step each day to see things differently and offered some new ideas and perspective into my day to day life.

The List

You Are a Badass

Don’t feel bad about pepping yourself up sometimes- isn’t that what power posing is all about?? This book offers hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and the occasional swear word to help you stop being self deprecating and change the way you see yourself and your future.




You Do You

With social media shifting our focus to other people all the time, You Do You reminds you to spend just as time and energy on yourself as you do on other people.  If everyone is busy doing ‘their’ thing, shouldn’t you be busy doing yours?? This easy read may be the reminder by your bedside that you need to just do you!




It’s Not About How Good You Are, It’s About How Good You Want To Be

If you are like me and asked yourself if there is more out there for you in this world or this life then author Paul Arden has some words of wisdom for you! He takes on issues as diverse as problem solving, communicating, playing your cards right, making mistakes and creativity- all things I try to tackle each and every day!




The Little Book Of Life Hacks

Yumi Sakugawa shares a wide range of useful and unexpected tips for looking and feeling better, streamlining and improving your home life.  Everything from creating fun and artsy DIY projects that can brighten your living space. Everything from removing  dark circles from under your eyes, making cold brew iced coffee at home, throwing the perfect party on a budget, working out at home without a gym membership and (my favorite!) taking the perfect afternoon power nap…and more!  You can peek in and out of this book at will and get a whole lot out of it!



Parenting Recommendations

My next two recommendations are heavy on the parenting side of things.








I have two daughters, both are amazing yet incredibly different, one is self motivated, one is not, one is independent, the other is not.  I have read both GRIT and The Power of Habit and these books have taught me so much about behaviors that successful people have and where and how they were taught them.  It allows parents the freedom to exercise a little tough love to teach your child a lesson – I find tough love to be so hard sometimes.  I always make excuses for my kids for example, I think that they don’t understand, or that they are too young, but these books have given me the gumption to challenge them.  To my surprise, I have watched the kids step it up.  If you need a scientific perspective with a track record on parenting then check these books out, you won’t regret it!

Well I hoped you enjoyed my book recommendations, what did you read this summer?

Your Chick,


Cross Off Something From Your List And Do Something New Today

On a hot summer day in Chicago, five friends set out for a picture perfect lunch on Lake Michigan.  Honestly, it felt like that kind of day…storybook or movie perfect.  Sonia and I have been long time Chicago girls, but we have met many people who come and go that never made their way onto the iconic Odyssey on Navy Pier.  It is not uncommon to take things down the street for granted and think that you will eventually do them.  In the spirit of having a #MomsOffDuty moment, we checked out a beautiful lunch cruise aboard the Odyssey on Lake Michigan and boy did we luck out!

The Odyssey has been sailing on Lake Michigan for more than 20 years from Navy Pier which means that the party does NOT stop when you get off the boat. See a full list of things to do at Navy Pier here!

We enjoyed all the ship had to offer including, three chic climate-controlled decks with LED lighting and a lit dance floor, a premium bar menu, vegetarian friendly menu items, and a relaxing rooftop lounge with modern deck furniture.  The staff was attentive and courteous (S/O to our server Nick for finding us no matter where we were on the boat).

The Looks:

 Rina’s Floral Wrap Skirt is On Sale for $43 here | Sonia’s Floral Dress is $25 (She is wearing a Medium and it is TTS)! and linked here | Rina’s Tie Front Tank is here (size down) | Rina’s Favorite Summer Shoes are True To Size (TTS) and linked here

Sonia’s Black Fox Crossbody is $46 and linked here | Rina’s White Rina Bag comes in all colors and is $42 and is linked here

All in all, we were so grateful to take in the skyline on a day like this and enjoyed the time that we got to spend with some of our closest friends (being #MomsOffDuty of course).  We ended our cruise experience on the dance floor where we really let loose!

What is something in your town that you have been meaning to check out?



Chick Picks:

Thank you Entertainment Cruises for having us!

Any other younger siblings out there? Here is our story!

Any other younger siblings out there? I know I am! I am one of four children in my family. I’m number two in the order. I am almost 2 years younger than my older sister (Rina), 9 years older than my younger sister (Shelly), and 12 years older than my brother (Jay). Naturally given the age difference with my younger siblings, I have always had a different kind of relationship with my older sister.

Sonia’s Ring Purse is lined here | Rina’s Zac Posen Bag is linked here |

Sonia’s Strappy Sage Block Heels are linked here | Rina Favorite Summer Block Heel is here

Our Matching Tops are $12.99 and lined here (size down) | Wear With  A Bralette like the one here

Growing up, we fought like cats and dogs. Both being girls, there was a lot of competition. Sadly, being the younger one, I usually lost each fistfight and each debate. After all, isn’t it the job of an older sibling to be bossy and convince the parents that they should get the new clothes so that the younger sibling can wear the old ones?

But like all things, getting older comes with getting wiser.  It didn’t take us long to realize that we actually were more similar that we were different. Well into our college careers, we would often talk of starting a business together. Our original business idea was to start a daycare called “Sisters,” but life took us in different directions.  My older sister got married and moved to Georgia and I got married and stayed put in Chicago. Trying to start a daycare business from two different places seemed nearly impossible, especially after having kids of our own.

It wasn’t until about two years ago that my sister started Chicks And Salsa that we realized we had an opportunity to bring our strengths together and create a platform to and empower women. Chicks And,Salsa has been our reminder of how well we work together, what our differences are, and what unites us together despite our distance from each other.

Would you ever work with your sibling?

Love Your Chick,


Chicks Picks:

Walk With Confidence When You Mix And Match Colors and Fabrics

Lately, Sonia and I have been playing around with our wardrobes.  We’ve been trying to introduce colors and fabrics that we traditionally don’t grab for.  More than ever when we head out for a “mom off duty” moment we like to wear something that makes us feel like we take our time seriously.  Little touches like a statement clutch or earrings can make it look like you spent that extra five minutes thinking it through.  It’s not always about how much you spend on those extra touches, but how you wear them that can give you that extra “put together” look.

A few weeks ago we shared our love of wrap dresses and how practical they are.  There is something about the warmer weather that keeps us wearing dresses all summer long, so naturally we love sharing our latest finds!

When we saw this lace off the shoulder maxi dress, we knew it was different from anything we’ve have worn in the past.  The color and fabric were two “out of the box” picks for us.  After trying it on, the fit was so incredible we knew we had to have it.  Reaching for something non-traditional to your taste can really help you redefine the way you dress!  Remember it’s how you wear the outfit that exudes the confidence so make sure you are 100% comfortable in it!  I felt like a million dollars in this fun piece…can’t you tell looking at these pics?

Shop My Dress Here | Another Version Half The Price Here | My Go To Block Heels are Here | Another Favorite All Over Our Instagram Feed are Here

Off the shoulder looks are everywhere to help you beat the heat, check out some our favorites here.

Quick tip: don’t skip out on the accessories! Statement clutches are a little way to add a pop of color! Having several fun colors on hand helps when you are finishing a quick fun afternoon or evening look (remember they don’t have to break the bank). My double ring is one of those that pieces that I have gotten dozens of compliments on; they have it several different color combinations too!

Hopefully this reminder to mix things up and try something new that inspires you to head out for the next sale at your favorite store (in our case, Akira).  Also, don’t forget to mess around with current pieces in your closet that have been collecting dust.  I think you would be surprised what you can put together!

Your Chick,


Chicks Picks: