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Contouring and All It’s Hype

With the help of social media, contouring has become one of the most popular trends. You can’t walk into a cosmetics department today and not be bombarded by sales associates asking you to “check out” their contour palettes.  Contouring has become the number one request from my clients. Here’s something that may surprise you: you actually may already have the product in your makeup bag to help create this contouring trend – it’s called bronzer, ladies!

Sophia Bush – Makeup Done By Deanna

The advantage of contouring is that it gives the illusion that you have a more defined facial structure that accentuates your cheekbones.  While it may photograph beautifully, the downside is that contouring can easily be mistaken for bad makeup.  Here are a few simple tricks to help you create those great cheekbones while giving the impression that you know exactly what you are doing!

Choose The Right Color

Choosing the right color bronzer is just as important as choosing the right foundation.  The key for a natural, contoured look is to look for a bronzer that is no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone. This will help prevent you from looking orange or muddy.  I typically do not choose bronzers with a shimmer, since you are trying to keep your face as natural-looking as possible.

Blend: It’s All In The Wrist

When you apply bronzer, make sure to apply it where the sun naturally touches your face and remember to include your neck.  You don’t want your face and neck to be two different shades…not a good look!  I suggest doing this by sweeping a little of your bronzer downward from your jawline to your neck to make the transition seamless. If you are wearing your hair up, don’t forget to get the ears and back of the neck.

Contour Look by Party Chick Rina

Have The Right Tools

I can’t stress this enough. Good makeup brushes and applicators are worth the investment. If you’re going to use a liquid bronzer for contouring, a makeup blending sponge works best.  If you’re going to use a powder bronzer, an angled-brush or a flat-brush is best for giving your cheekbones that coveted depth. If you really want that contrast, think about applying a powdered bronzer over a liquid bronzer; make sure you properly use the blending sponge when using this technique.

Makeup can be very intimidating for a lot of women.  Remember, it’s not permanent; you can always wash it off. You don’t need a professional makeup artist to give you a flawless look. It just takes quality makeup, good tools and some practice.  You would be surprised how quick and easy this can be, even for you mothers who are on the go!

Happy Contouring!

Your Beauty Chick-Deanna

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Ready! Set! Glow!

Dewy and fresh skin requires serious hydration. It’s time to begin the transformation from dull and dry, to hydrated and glowing!

As your wardrobe changes each season, your skincare should change as well. Would you wear a wool sweater in the summer? Essential skincare begins with finding a moisturizer that works for your skin type.

For Oily Skin:

It’s important to use a moisturizer that is oil free or has some oil control. Being dewy does not mean looking greasy! An oil free moisturizer will help control any of the excess oil your skin produces during the warmer climate.  A favorite for my clients with oily skin is Kate Somerville’s Oil Free Moisturizer.

For Dry Skin:

Try a face cream that is hydrating and works best to plump up fine lines and wrinkles, however, use only a nickel size for the entire face. You will be adding additional layers of moisture as you add texture onto your skin from skincare to makeup.  Try out LaMer’s Soft Moisturizing Cream for that radiant look!







Once your skin is prepped and ready, apply a tinted moisturizer. One of the best tinted moisturizers on the market is Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer. This gives your skin the perfect amount of coverage with a beautiful finish and works for all skin types. It doesn’t hurt that it has SPF!  Applying tinted moisturizer with a makeup brush means your application will have no wasted product in comparison with other makeup tools such as a Beauty Blender or sponge which can soak up too much liquid.  A translucent powder (again Laura Mercier makes a great one) can counteract any shine, applied with a brush lightly to your t-zone.  To finish, a bronzer swept across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin will result is an effortless way to add a sun-touched glow. Add a pop of color on the cheeks, such as Tawny by Bobbi Brown, and 2-3 coats of mascara. Lip balm, and light handed touch of bronzy eyeshadow such as Charlotte Tilbury Marie Antoinette will have you ready, set glow in no time!

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