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All My Favorite Scents – From Detergents to Candles

I have wanted to write this post for some time because, honestly, smells are VERY important to me.  I am always on the hunt for the best-smelling everything when it comes to my day-to-day life.  To help you save some time, I have compiled a list of my favorite smelling products – everything from detergent to candles to help you enjoy life at home a little bit more.


My guests always ask me which detergent I use because they can smell it in their sheets and towels when they come over.  After using TIDE Spring Renewal for years (a close second), I discovered Persil and have since converted all my friends and family over. It smells amazing and lingers for months!  TRUST ME; it’s the best! 


Sonia and I have a GO TO candle when we have company, and it is the Natalie Wood candle.  One candle can make your whole house smell like a garden full of gardenias.  There is nothing quite like walking into a house that smells amazing.  This one is pricey ($30), which is why we save it for special occasions. For day-to-day use, I still use my oil burner with essential oils to get that wow-effect at home!


Since starting Chicks and Salsa four years ago, I have been lucky enough to try various hair care products.  I compared them all in a post last year here.  There is a clear winner when it comes to smell.  Argan Coco is a unique small company. The soft, clean scent of their shampoo lingers for days.  My girls and I use it daily — and I can never get enough sniffs in when we hug.  I am an ambassador for them, and all my followers get 80% off their order with code CHICKSANDALSA (that is MAJOR savings).  Try it and thank me later.


There are so many good ones in this category, but I will share some mid-range and high-end ones that I think are worth it.  I always get asked about the daily wear perfume I use is a surprising find.  Woman by Ralph Lauren has staying power and an elegant lasting scent.  Check it out next time you are at the department store.  On the high end, there are two that make a statement all on their own. The first is Rose Des Vents by Louis Vuitton, and the other is Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris, available at Nordstrom here.  I know that a $350 perfume sounds CRAZY, but I promise it’s an experience (there is a refill kit available for less here).

There are two bottles, one for the extrait de parfum and the other for the eau de parfume. The extrait has a higher concentration of fragrance and therefore is stronger.

Other small things I do around the house to my home smell good are:

-Place one of these Baking Soda packs in the Fridge.

-Grind up all citrus peels in the garbage disposal.

-Place dryer sheets in drawers and cabinets (they also work well for a few days on air filters).

I hope you found this post helpful!

Your Chick,


Chick Picks:

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

To say that 2020 brought my husband and I closer together would be an understatement. Usually, we function in a parallel reality where we divide and conquer the responsibilities of day to day life. But last year was different, with us spending every weekend at home and spending more hours together, I learned A LOT about him and his interests, likes, and needs. This list has truly been created in honor of my husband, but may make sense for your significant other as well!

To see all of my Gift Guides, click here.

To keep things simple, these are all Amazon finds to make shopping easier for you! To see what else I have been shopping on Amazon, visit my storefront here.

Massager | Wireless Headphones | Hair Trimmer | Slides | Bomber | Columbia Jacket
Car Vaccum | Bedside Organizer

Bedside Organizer

I love the idea of creating a little space that doesn’t spill all over the side table like this one.

Also, for phones that can charge wirelessly, I cannot speak highly enough about these charging stands, I HIGHLY recommend them.

Adidas Slides

Every few years I feel that his slides need to be replaced. He uses them for trips to the mailbox, to take out the trash, hang poolside. These are classic and comfortable!

Columbia Zip Jacket

My husband grabs for his zip up jackets EVERY DAY! Years ago I wrote about the cost to wear ratio and with this one it is totally worth it. You can’t beat this deal and style.

Cordless Hair Trimmer

With all the money we all saved taking haircuts into our own hands in 2020, why not upgrade your equipment? This one has 60 minutes of shave time making it the perfect travel set too (whenever we do that again)!

Beats By Dre Wireless Headphones

Ok, if you are going to splurge a little, get these! For $70 you can have some peace and quiet during at home workouts. These not only have great sound qulaity, but also won’t fall out (ahem… air pods)!

Portable Car Vaccum Cleaner

I knew my husband loved his car, but wow, he is more meticulous about it’s maintenance than I am about my makeup! He will be unusually happy about this gift, you are welcome!

Massage Gun

With almost 3000 4.5 star reviews, this device is cheaper and equally as good as the popular Theragun ! This is a gift for him (and you too)!

Tommy Hilfiger Bomber

So if the Columbia Zip Up is his pick, then this bomber is mine. It is a stylish layer that I would prefer he wore when we are out an about. At less than $50, this is a great gift!

I hope that this list was helpful! I know shopping for the guys can be challenging!

Your Chick,


Pour Some Sugar On Me

Ok, so I am guilty of being a slave to fashion. I saw this Def Leppard sweatshirt and wanted it so bad despite not being an active fan. Usually, I am not a fan of the ‘bandwagon’ type mentality, but I could not resist.

Target’s new collection of nostalgic sweatshirts under $25 is just too good to pass up. With so many of us working from home and trying to keep things casual-chic with loungewear, these are simply a must-have!

Shop This Sweatshirt for $21.99 Here | I am wearing a Large

With go-to fashion finds that are mom-friendly, I have to give Target credit for these edgy and trendy options.

Shop These Chick Picks Here

Here is to keeping things cute in 2021! To be fair, here is a small tribute to Def Leppard.

Your Chick,


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How to Land More Collaborations in 2021!

Gosh, it’s been nearly two years since I wrote this post about how bloggers make money, and already I have so much to add.

At the time I was knee-deep in affiliate programs and blog sponsorships. Since then and after joining many platforms that bring brands and influencers together, my opportunities (and cash) have multiplied month after month.

“It has always been my goal to either inspire, educate, or entertain with Chicks and Salsa.”

Many collaborations come through to my email. MOST I hustle for. The rest I get matched for on one of the platforms I am going to highlight below. Just as I did before I wanted to share all the platforms on which I have successfully landed paid and gifted collaborations with companies I love.

Here is a list of platforms that I highly recommend creating profiles on to get matched with companies looking for people JUST LIKE YOU. No audience is too small, engagement numbers are equally as important.

Once you have created your profile, it is easy! You just apply to campaigns you are eligible for or interested in and wait to hear from the brand.

Here they are:

I have worked with L’Oreal, Aveeno, Coola, GUIDE Beauty, Spa Science, KRIS Wines, and more via Aspire IQ.

I have worked with Hand in Hand, Hollywood Browzer, CVS, SIJO, Good To Go, and more via Cohley.

I can’t say enough about how much Fohr has taught me! They have excellent influencer-forward education that they share on a weekly basis on their YouTube channel. I also suspect that many of the emails that come to me with opportunities, come via Fohr.

I am new to this platform but they recently ran a campaign with BVLGARI and I was part of their KISS Nails campaign.

CLEVER has many awesome opportunities and works with many big names and familiar brands, however, I have been unable to land an opportunity with anyone yet (here’s to 2021!)

I discovered Shopping Links when we met with the founder at ThinkTank in Chicago in 2019. Since then they have partnered up with high-end brands like INTERMIX, NYDJ Jeans, Double Icon, and more!

MAVRCK recently partnered up with Express for their Winter Campaign, sadly, I was not part of this.

To learn more about affililate programs, please refer to my earlier post.

Denim Collaboration

For a referral to RewardStyle (it will help you get in), please email me

As always, Your chick,


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