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Do Not Spend Money On These 5 Beauty Products in 2019!

Sometimes we have a tendency to ONLY share things that we love on the blog.  This past year, Chicks And Salsa, as a platform, had allowed us to be exposed to and try so many beauty products that I could not help but do a write up on things that I will NOT be buying in the new year.  I love trying new things and sharing my thoughts on them but once in a while I slip up and buy something without looking at reviews and regret it.  It brings me no pleasure at all to say anything negative about companies that have great collections beyond these products, but if I can save you an average of $20 this year – I am cool with it. 

                 Buy This: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara                  
Not This: NYX Cosmetics Mascara

I have used this Too Faced product for YEARS but felt frisky one day and decided to grab for something new and boy did I regret it.  The NYX Doll Eye wand is flimsy and the ‘brush bristles’ are soft so the lashes don’t separate as well as they do with my go to mascara.  I won’t be making this mistake again anytime soon.

                 Buy This: Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer                 
Not This: Farsali Unicorn Essence

This one pains me to share because I literally love Farah Dhukai and have followed her rise to Insta-stardom over the past 7 or so years.  But other than the fact that this product “looks cool” or is “fun to apply” –if you wear full coverage make up it literally does nothing for you.  Instead grab for the Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer which really gets into the creases of your face, truly priming you skin for a smooth foundation application.  If you are going to layer up, consider skipping the Farsali Unicorn Tears just sayin’.

                                Buy This: Tarte Shape Tape Concealer                               
Not This: MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

I have been loyal to MAC Cosmetics since high school but I did not realize until recently that the yellow undertones were making me look –well — yellow! I have spent the last two years on the hunt for a great concealer and think that I have finally jumped on the bandwagon with Tarte.  See my picture below with MAC vs Tarte in the under eye coverage.   MAC you are my heart, but this one goes to Tarte. (Also note: my micro-bladed eyebrows still look pretty good six months later!)

Buy This: The MORPHE 3502 Eye Shadow Palette
Not This: NYX Warm Neutrals Shadow Palette

Shop Morphe eyeshadows pretty much instead of EVERYTHING else if you are into eye shadows that pop. Eye shadows are NOT what they used to be, and as an owner and user of ALL THREE naked palettes I was speechless when I discovered the Morphe collections that are so bold, they need little to no layering.  Get glammed up with this palette any time,any day.  For a more natural finish, I still prefer the Urban Decay Naked palettes (The Second One is my fave).  But if you are going to invest in a palette get more bang for your buck with a brand that has literally thousands of five star reviews.  

                                 Buy This: Burts Bees Lipstick                                   
Not This: Neutrogena Hydration Lipsticks

Although I am truly obsessed with Neutrogena products (as you can see here and here), these clean make up lipsticks have ZERO stay power.  They look and feel great, but only last five minutes—what is the point?! Burts Bees offers a glamorous and affordable alternative that is oh so worth it. It is creamy and smooth and offers up to 8 hours of color!

I know I don’t usually blog about beauty, but I did feel like I HAD to say something.  Do you all agree with me on some of these? Is there something else you recommend? Let me know, I’d love to hear it!

Your Chick


Chick Picks:

Travel Friendly Beauty Products

When it comes to traveling I try to pack as minimal as possible. I mean anyone who knows me knows that I am a minimalist by nature. Too much of anything makes me nervous! This is especially true when it comes to packing my beauty products. Whether I am traveling for work, vacations or a friends wedding, I try to keep it simple.

When I’m flying with just a carry-on it’s been challenging for me to pare down my liquids to meet the requirements of TSA. This is when I decided solid makeup is my new travel companion. When I made the decision to travel with more “solid” makeup, I took a little extra time in the cosmetic department to learn, feel and work with these solids. Here are some of my favorite travel friendly products that I never leave home without.


For years I’ve sworn by Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick. I love this foundation for so many reasons. First being how compact and convenient it is. There’s no mess with this foundation! Best part? I can apply it with my fingers!  Whether I’m using it to touch up blemishes or using it as medium to full coverage foundation, this stick does the job.  It’s great in any climate too!  And for you ladies that love to take pictures….it photographs flawlessly!  I mean who doesn’t want to look flawless in a selfie, right?


Cle de peau has one of the best concealer’s in the market (in my opinion). Super creamy and smooth. Less is more when it comes to this concealer.  This is a great product to brighten your eyes after a red-eye or a long day of traveling.


The fabulous duo is great for obvious reasons. Two in one!  I absolutely love a great cream blush and highlighter. The advantage of cream blushes and highlighters is you have more control when applying. Whether you apply them with your fingers or a brush, the end result is a natural feel and look.


Whether you’re final destination includes the hot scorching sun in Mexico, or the ski slopes of Colorado…protect yourself! If I’m going to be completely honest, there is not one sunscreen that I am loyal to. However, I always recommend it and I always travel with a solid one to avoid the mess. 


Do you know the question “If you were ever trapped on an island what would you take with you?”  Well, ladies, this is it! Batiste, hands down, is the BEST dry shampoo around. Believe me when I say I’ve tried them all.  Yes, the full size bottle doesn’t follow TSA’s regulations but the travel size sure does.  One of the first things I do when I arrive to my final destination is spray this in my hair and immediately I forget that I was just sharing the same recycled air with 270 other people. Give it a try you won’t regret it! Chicks honor.

Happy Traveling!

Love, Your Beauty Chick-Deanna



Chick Picks:


Cle De Peau Concealer

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

Wander Blush Duo

Batiste Tavel Size Dry Shampoo








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