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I Can’t Believe These Dresses Are From Target!

In case you are looking for some retail therapy that doesn’t break the bank, look no further. Target has partnered up with some pretty amazing designers and is carrying so many unique dresses that are simply too good to NOT share.

With all of these picks coming in at under $60 you can wear them year after year occasion after occasion.

Hope you found something you like.

Your Chick,


Chick Picks:

The Jeans You Need for Spring are On Sale Now!

I live in jeans! I don’t wear skirts or shorts much, but jeans – yes! Over the years I have also crept my way up in price points out of curiosity to test out if when you spend more you get more.

Comparing Jeans
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In comparing the three brands I am going to share with you I wanted to judge them on: quality of denim, variety within the collection, price point, and durability.

It is a pet peeve of mine when denim stretches and lose their overall shape. I also don’t love it when denim loses its ‘luster’ after a few washes.  NONE of the brands I have shared here do that. They have all been tried and tested by me.

That being said I wanted to share three brands at three different price points that I love and why.

Articles of Society -Under $50

Let’s start with the most affordable and impressive brand in this category.  Articles of Society denim is available at Nordstrom (so for those of you who are cardholders, your money goes a lot further).  With the average cost of these jeans coming in at $50, you can get 4 pairs of these when compared to higher-end designer jeans.

These jeans are true to size, have a lot of style choices in their collection and are a good buy!  I gravitate to Articles of Society for more playful denim.  These are great for a unique pair of jeans that you won’t necessarily wear every day.  For daily wear, jeans keep reading.

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NYDJ Jeans– Under $100

Also available at Nordstrom (but on a steeper sale here), I describe NYDJ jeans as Mom Perfect.  There is truly a practical cut that feels great for ANY woman out there in this collection.  They tend to deliver the most classic and clean-cut looks that I would call “Mom-friendly.’  Because of this, they are perfect for finding a great pair of daily wear denim. 

NYDJ jeans have the perfect stretch and they’re high-quality denim that holds up.  There is a reason these are priced at a little under $100 (so many styles are on sale now). 

If you are just looking for a great pair of jeans that you can count on day after day ( I wear them around town and for playdates often) and look good and feel great, these are it!

Shop this Look Here

Good American – Over $100

Khloe Kardashian really did a great job with this brand.  I have several pairs of Good American jeans because they are ‘stylish.’ They offer an extra edge to help justify the price point which sometimes is worth it.  Ten out of ten times if I am on a Date Night or GNO, I am wearing my Good American jeans. They are stretchy, comfortable, and edgy.  In my opinion, totally worth the splurge (I have had mine for over two years).    She has added so much to the collection that I have not checked out yet, so stay tuned for a haul on that soon.

Hopefully, if you are looking to shop some new denim, this post was helpful.  Finding the right pair of jeans can be totally worth the effort when you wear them all the time.

Your Chick,


My NYDJ jeans were gifted in exchange for this post.

White Sneakers

Let’s talk white sneakers for a moment. They have been on trend for a while now and I don’t foresee them going anywhere anytime soon! From no show socks to low rise socks there isn’t any way you can’t wear these beauties!  Most designers have made their own versions of this wardrobe staple, but this fashion trend doesn’t have to break the bank!  My two favorite pairs @colehaan and @katespadeny were scooped up from Nordstrom Rack for under $100!  From Converse to Gucci there are so many different styles that match the white sneaker trend.

I like to throw my sneakers with jeans, dresses, shorts, skirts… and even under gowns!  See our YouTube hack on how to keep your white sneakers clean here.

When I reflect on pictures in my camera roll, I see my white sneakers appear in so many photos from school parent meetings to strolls with my family on vacay.  If you don’t own a pair or need a new pair, check out some of my tops picks! 

Sneakers Under 50
OOTD With White Sneakers

Happy sneaker wearing!

Your Chick,

Box Of Style // Box Review 2019

**For $15 off your fist box use code CHICKSANDSALSA15 or ANNUAL20 for $20 off your annual subscription**

I have shared before that I live in a pretty small town…that being said I have found a few fun work arounds to getting my hands on fun and trendy products.  The first one of course is Amazon, thank GOD for Amazon.  Another fun way to get some unexpected and exciting products is with subscriptions boxes.  We have featured boxes before like here and here.  Today we are super excited to pick apart the Box of Style curated by Rachel Zoe.  Where are my BRAVO fans at?? Rachel Zoe’s iconic style of simple clothes with statement jewelry was always a favorite.  Her attitude as well as style made The Rachel Zoe Project the hit that it was. 


I have always been an accessories girl as you can see here and here.  A box of products picked by Rachel herself sounds like perfection and once you see what all came in this box, you will see why it is a great deal and a whole lot of fun to get OR give as a gift.  Let’s break down the value and then take a peek inside.

Shop This Pic Here

Box Of Style Cost: $100

Whats Inside:   

$80 – Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum        

$150 – Jules Kae Vegan Leather Tote                           

$80 – Ettika Tassel Necklace (Box of Style Exclusive)

$20 – Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner   

$115 – Eddie Borgo Watch in Rose Gold

So as you can see you are getting $395 worth of HIGH END products for $100 – pretty awesome!  To learn more about membership, click here.

So lets get into what is in this seasons box!

Caudalie Radiance Serum

This product retails for $80 at Sephora. This serum is a highly concentrated, natural, oil-free serum that combats dark spots, evens skin tone, and boosts radiance—and has been proven to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C. But don’t take my word for it, take it from the 2000+ four star reviews they have on the site.

Jules Kae Vegan Leather Tote

This box came in this beautiful faux leather bag in my current favorite color BLUSH!  With Digital Chicks keeping me busy and a laptop and camera always in my bag, this one came just in time to help me get around in style.

Ettika Tassel Necklace – See Her Whole Collection Here

This is one of the BEST necklaces I have gotten of late.  Layered necklaces are all the rage and when you rock multiples you risk getting tangled up! This beauty attaches to one claps keeping the layers clean and perfect all day long.  I have already gotten so many compliments on this one, so if you are on the market check it out.  This one was made specifically for the Box of Style, but she has a similar style for sale for less than $50 here.

Shop Tarte Liquid Eyeliner Here

Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve been having a Tarte moment lately as you can see here.  This liquid liner is not just cute, but it is also great! I tried out the tip on my hand and the lines were still on there the next morning! That is the kind of stay power I want out of  my eyeliner. Once you get your liner on, check out my video on getting your falsies on perfect every time (its magic!)

Eddie Borgo Soho Watch in Rose Gold

If you are like me I rarely buy a statement watch, but if I get my hands on one I am more than happy to rock it! This watch goes with my current blush aesthetic and gives my #OOTD that extra touch. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this review.  This subscription is a little treat to myself this year and gives me a little something extra to look forward to every couple of months.

As always, thanks for stopping by Chicks And Salsa!