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STK Atlanta Power Lunch Experience

In the middle of a workday in the heart of Buckhead, I stopped into STK Atlanta between meetings for a Power Lunch with my friends.  STK Atlanta “artfully blends the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge into one, offering a dynamic, fine dining experience with the superior quality of a traditional steakhouse.”

As soon as you walk in, you instantly feel like you are someone special.

Check out my review on Trip Advisor here.

With a combination of a stylish dining space and signature menu, STK does not disappoint and is sure to impress.

Check out this beautiful gallery of photos, and then, of course, there is the FOOD!

The Power Lunch menu is genuinely an experience designed for working lunches as well as business meetings.  $45 for a 45-minute 3-course dining experience is such a great deal and also so delicious.  Check out the menu below.

Our bartender carefully crafted some of the most divine cocktails.  I highly recommend the Fever-Tree Gin and Tonic infused with botanicals; it is a one-of-a-kind twist on a traditional drink.

Thank you so much to STK Manager Neal Alves and the team at Caren West for the opportunity to dine and share my experience at STK Atlanta.  I will be back!  Check out their full menu online here and also their special events spaces for parties and meetings.

Your Chick,


The Pop Up Life is the Best Life

I chase life through experiences; I always have. I love to ride whatever wave comes my way.  As I get older, I get more passionate about these experiences and share them with the ones I love most, my family.  Atlanta has been home to me for almost 10 years, and this city never fails to disappoint.  There is always something literally POPPING up.  There is always something exciting to see and do, from the Winky Lux installation to Slime City, the Selfie Museum, the Van Gogh exhibit, and now Candytopia.  

The excitement of a temporary installation is totally different from traditional museums that you put on your list to visit eventually.  I need the pressure to get things done in life and at work (I live for deadlines).

With so many things to do in Atlanta at any given time, be sure to check these two Pop-Ups happening now before they are gone. The Illuminarium is next on my list!

The Illuminarium

Step off the beltline and into an African Safari experience like no other! This immersive Safari is something that the whole family is sure to love! For tickets, click here.

Van Gogh

I HIGHLY recommend this experience to everyone.  The Van Gogh exhibit is a truly a unique artist profile has an immersive exhibit that is unlike anything I have ever experienced and a well-coordinated virtual reality experience.  Get tickets for this event here.



This family-friendly pop-up was a HUGE hit with the kids.  After reading this review, I knew I had to take them. This was a fun visit with a very Willy Wonka vibe and statues made 100% of candy.  They also have a photosystem set up with QR codes that allow professional photos taken during your visit to be sent directly to your phone for free. To learn more, visit

Here is my video with a few other (not pop up) Atlanta favorites. 

Also, if you are looking to shop, check out my post on Shops Around Lenox here.

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Chicks Picks:

Experience VOLTA in Atlanta Now!

In the spirit of #DatingYourSpouse , Anil and I set out for a VIP experience with Cirque Du Soliel’s VOLTA in Atlanta until January 2020.

VOLTA VIP Experience

VOLTA is a captivating voyage of discovery. It’s about finding yourself, and unveiling your personal powers. Inspired in part by the adventurous spirit that fuels the culture of street sports, the show weaves acrobatics in a visually striking world driven by a stirring melodic score.

VOLTA is a story of transformation. It is about being true to oneself, fulfilling one’s true potential, and recognizing one’s own power to make it possible. Ultimate freedom comes with self-acceptance, and with the liberation of the judgement of others.

Freedom is the ultimate achievement.

VOLTA’s stage has a pulse and a life its own. In a heartbeat, it can turn from a dark, stone-dead quarry into a cathedral of light. Be sure to check it out before it is gone!

Your Chick,


Stone Mountain: Magic and Memories

I have highlighted some of the things that I love to do around the Atlanta area before. One in particular has become really special to is Stone Mountain. Its always an adventure and a family affair when you go there.  The trails, the events, the scenery all add up to the memories I have had at this place starting almost 20 years ago when I was in college.  My husband and I went on our first date there – we climbed it and chatted the whole way up- best first date ever!  It was the perfect start to a relationship filled with fun and adventure (going on 14 years this year).   

20% off sitewide

Stone Mountain is a true all year round experience and as someone who has been a member there for several years, I can say that it is one of the best investments I make year after year.  You can look up the benefits of membership yourself, but I want to share why getting into nature with my family and friends brings me the greatest joy of all. 

My father is very ‘outdoorsy’ and that gene has definitely passed down to Sonia and I.  We watched very little television as kids because my Dad always thought it was better for us to spend our time outside walking, gardening, enjoying the breeze, or doing ANYTHING other than watch TV.  The memories we made seeing new parts of our town, or carving out new paths were priceless.  I am quite sure that at one point or another we have been to most of the state parks and nature preserves in Illinois.  Now that I don’t live near my parents, I am so grateful for that time we spent together talking about their childhood or our lives. 

Similarly, getting into nature and checking in with my kids and friends over a walk has become part of our routine in our day to day life.   On most days we bike on our street, play tennis, or just sit on our porch, but when we have time, we go to Stone Mountain. 

From riding the gondola that takes you to the top, riding the train around the mountain, watching the laser show, or tubing down Snow Mountain, this place is amazing!

What place have you and your family made ‘yours’ ?  I’d love to hear about the special things you do build memories in the comments.