#ChooseKind : Making The Case Against Bullying

We feel so grateful to have created a platform that allows us to write on topics that hit close to home.  In recent times, “bullying” has become a buzz word and hot topic.  Movies like “Wonder” bring to the forefront that bullying can start as young as elementary school.  With children of
our own, tolerance and inclusion is critical now more than ever, especially with the introduction of cyber bullying.  The word “bully” generally insinuates a situation in which one uses intimidation to make another feel excluded or oppressed.  We feel a responsibility to take control of bullying in our own hands by starting with our own home and through our blog as a platform.

The Campaign

We recently heard about the PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and wanted to attach ourselves to their mission of anti-bullying.  The term “bully” is sensitive, but we’ve come to realize it sees no age limit or boundaries.   “Choose Kind” takes a stand against bullying and promotes rolling up your sleeves against it.

As bloggers, we have decided to “choose kind” over words of hurt.  As women in our late 30s deciding to put ourselves out there has come with a lot of insecurity and fear of judgement.  Not only is it important for us to always to choose to be kind, but it is also important for us to tell our children to make that same choice.

Our children hear and see everything we do, so leading by example is the best we can do for the next generation.  As parents we are influencers on our children.  We’ve all heard the expression “the apple does not fall far from the tree,” therefore if you are critical and judgmental  in your home it will likely reflect through your children.

Fortunately for adults, given our experiences, we are equipped with the tools to handle situations that make us uncomfortable.  Teaching those same tools to our children is so incredibly important and is our responsibility in reshaping future generations.  Growing up it was not uncommon to hear our parents tell us, “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”  That standard still holds true today.

Take Action

We as parents need to be aware and vigilant and the Chicks of ChicksAndSalsa have decided to roll up our sleeves against bullying and hope you will join us on this mission!  Take the pledge to speak up, reach out and be a friend and consider purchasing a shirt to show your support!

With Love,

Rina and Sonia