Your Best You!

With summer around the corner, it is a great time for a little visualization! Let’s close our eyes, relax and imagine together….
What do you wish to be doing this summer? Which hot spots do you want to hit? What music will be playing? How will the sun feel on your skin? Are you sporting a hot backless dress or adorable printed shorts? Does your bathing suit accentuate your curves? Wait… bathing suit, backless dress……

If the thought of this gives you a little anxiety-

A. I know the feeling and you are in good company
B. Remember, you are beautiful the way you are
C. Let’s get rocking on becoming the healthiest version of yourself for the summer!
So, reality is that we all want to look amazing- but what if I told you that in order to have the bodies we were meant to have, we need to stop obsessing about losing weight and start falling in love with being healthy!
Again let’s visualize….

What is your ideal weight? Go ahead, pick an arbitrary number but remember, this could change over time (or maybe you’re happy with your weight but your insides feel sluggish)
How do you feel at this weight or with renewed health? (physically, mentally, emotionally)
What positive thoughts are you having about yourself?
Which new activities are you incorporating into your healthy lifestyle?
Which delicious, satisfying foods are readily available to you in your refrigerator?
How does your back look in that hot new dress? What color is that dress and from what material is it made?

So now that you have visualized, I want to fill you in on a little secret. We can certainly have a weight goal, but even more important than this- we will stay motivated by having a crystal clear vision about what life is like once we’ve lost the weight (or have helped our insides feel better)!

What I haven’t yet told you is I am a mom of three adorable and busy little girls. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired- right? So, although weight loss was a major goal of mine, when I embraced a clean eating lifestyle, the focus on getting healthy in order to change my body made an incredible impact on my mindset and on my results.

I fell in love with the idea of not only eliminating toxins, but adding adequate amounts of nutrients to my diet, so that everything is functioning optimally and my body is cleansed on a cellular level. I have literally pressed the reset button on my body and NOW…

I actually know when I am hungry (rather than mindlessly eating or rarely feeling satiated at the table but later feeling bloated and tired)

I have incredible energy (I’m talking wake up early and get stuff done kind of energy!)

I have more focus and a clearer mind about what I want, and I am taking the steps to achieve my goals

I know which specific foods affect my body (such as sugar and gluten)

Oh yes, and I lost 30 lbs. along the way!

My journey has been about 8 months long thus far. I continue to press the reset button periodically because life happens- but this truly has been a lifestyle change!

The process of embracing this program has helped me to visualize myself in my amazing new Athleta bathing suit this summer- black boy shorts instead of a skirt (which I thought was my fate for the rest of the life!) I am excited to embrace all of the fun activities that summer brings and have the energy to do them all, even when it is hot and humid and three kids are pulling me in every direction!

What I want is for everyone to free themselves from making comparisons to others because we are all different! I want you to experience what it is like to have sustainable energy all day without (okay, I’m going to say it) coffee and by alkalizing your body! (And don’t worry… I have more than a few ideas about tasty alternatives that will give you the oomph you need in the morning and keep you feeling great all day!)

So here are my tips for cleansing your body in a sustainable way:
1. Be educated about foods that are going to add health and are anti-inflammatory, alkalizing and have a low glycemic index
2. Make a list of your favorite whole foods (yes, actually write them down)
3. Start to buy these foods and choose local and organic when possible
4. Realize that we are overfed and undernourished- meaning most people eat more than enough calories each day but still aren’t ever full, so add clean supplements that help curb cravings and replace our go-to convenience foods
5. Buddy up or be a part of a group which is going to lift you up and help you visualize and be your healthiest self
6. Remember that progress is perfection- little changes over time add up in a big way and rapid weight loss plans are not sustainable over time
Now that you have that clear mental picture…. Want to know how you can make it happen to feel fit and fabulous in Summer 2017?













Let’s chat over a fizz stick or a protein shake (sorry coffee lovers) in person or via zoom, and I can give you the low down about Arbonne’s 30 days to healthy living program and why it’s the bomb! Okay enough with the bad 90’s phrases; I’m out!
Cheers to health and happiness,

Taylor Knapik





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