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Chicks Favorite Tequila Recipes

I recall jokingly saying that when I landed my first tequila collaboration I would feel like Chicks And Salsa would have really “made it.” With us always being conscious of our diet, cutting calories on the weekends by bidding farewell to wine was a good first step.  But honestly, for a few years now, Tequila has been our go to liquor of choice and now thanks to a fellow #BossBabe we are happy to share with you FINO Tequila, Chicago’s best pour!

Failure Is Not An Option
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The term FINO, in Spanish, means fine, smooth and high-quality. FINO is also an acronym for FAILURE IS NOT an OPTION. Owners, Jana and Sonali truly believe in this philosophy and it is stemmed from their exceptional dedication to their brand, FINO TEQUILA.

In honor of one of our favorite collaborations, I bring to you a few simple recipes.

FINO Paloma

This recipe is dedicated to my good friend, Maria, that introduced me to it over a decade ago!!

1 Part Fino Blanco or Reposado

3 Parts Grapefruit Soda

Stir and Serve over ice!

1-2-3 Tequila-Tini

This next recipe comes all the way from Dublin Ireland.  When I visited Dublin recently, a bartender named Ben had mixed up the perfect drink, so I of course had to learn how he did it! 

1 Part Fresh Lime Juice

2 Parts Cointreau

3 Parts FINO Tequila (Blanco)

Shaken with Ice and poured in a chilled glass.


2 oz FINO Blanco or FINO Reposado

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

Pour over ice and garnish with a cherry!

There is nothing like it!  See our full Tequila recipe board on Pinterest for plenty of cocktail inspiration!

So if you are in the Chicago area, check out FINO Tequila at amazing restaurants like Hub 51, RPM, Maple and Ash, and Prosecco Italian. Or you can pick it up for yourself at a local Binny’s Beverage Depot!  Check out where you can buy FINO here. 



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Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, however product was received in exchange for this post.

5 Things You Can Do To Survive Quarantine with the Family

I just had a chat with a neighbor whose children are in high school and she mentioned that it’s the elementary age kids that are the most challenging in the time of quarantine.  They can’t be left alone, they are not usually super helpful or understanding, in most cases. In looking ahead, here a few ideas I have for juggling your life with little ones. I work from home, so multi-tasking is about to hit a new level.  My job is very important and non-negotiable. For the in-between moments, I’m gearing up for some together-ness and wanted to share a few ideas on how to pass the time.
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Get Fit

I won’t be going to the gym the way I normally do, so I am planning on some YouTube workouts that we can do together.  Family Time- Done! Workout – Done! It’s a win-win. The game “Just Dance (try it for free here)” also counts for a pretty decent workout, in my opinion, and it is so much fun!

Get Educated

Sonia and I are big on TedTalks (so many of which are kid-friendly) and can be easily accessed on YouTube.  This serves as a quick easy way to learn and engage in fruitful conversations with the littles. Additionally, I have shared my love of Masterclass on the blog.  I would highly recommend the episode with Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, and it was just as fascinating for the kids as it was for me.  I am always amazed and how much I can share with the kids (mine are aged 9 & 8).  Have you checked out TIME for kids yet?  Get on it, it’s a great way to share current events with your kids and learn at the same time.

Get Organized

While I am working, I have requested the kids to start making their way through their spaces in the house.  Bedside drawers, craft cabinets, and toy corners all need attention. I have encouraged them to make a pile for things they are ready to donate and organize what is left.  They love re-discovering things that they forgot about and by doing this they also take a little ownership in knowing what they have. As of this post, I have two bag fulls of toys and clothing ready for drop off at our local IRC office, all set aside by Maya and Veera. Not too long ago I shared tips for organizing your closet, you can see it here.

Closet Clean Up

Get Culinary

Teaching my kids how to crack an egg, toast a bagel, and make a sandwich has been on my list of things to do. To be honest it has just been easier for me NOT to teach them- less mess, less risk.  Preparing meals together is not only fun, but it’s something they were eager to learn.  We discussed measurements, temperatures, etc. in a way I never had with them before.

Get Scheduled

I sat down with my girls and negotiated things that we each individually need to do each day as well as want to do. Although I will be working my regular schedule remotely (30 hours/week), I plan to use morning and night hours to catch up.  I HIGHLY recommend maintaining a regular sleep schedule for your sanity. Creating something that they can see, I think, is helpful for everyone involved.  I still need to work and so do they, so creating a schedule together can be helpful.

Remember to maintain a sense of humor and things light-hearted around the house, you will get what you give. If all else fails, there is TV and tequila!

I hope you are all well and healthy.  Stay positive and make the most of TIME, it’s our most precious commodity.

Your Chick,

Viva Mexico City

I recently had the luxury of skipping town with my husband. With the help of both of our parents, who kept our kids, we were able to explore a place I’d never been to, Mexico City. I’ve always associated Mexico with beach towns like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. When an opportunity presented itself to check it out, I said “Si!”

With a population of about 21 million (including the metropolitan area) I had thoughts of what the city might look like. Much to my surprise Mexico City turned out to be completely different than I had imagined. As Americans, we have a decent amount of exposure to Mexican culture – language, food and some customs.  Growing up as an Indian American, I’ve always drawn parallels between the Mexican culture and Indian culture as both are filled with lots of color, food and deep-rooted customs. Mexico City did not let down in any of those categories.

I wanted to break down the 3 things I would recommend checking out if you make your way over to Mexico City!

The Houseboats in Xochimilco (Pronouced
So-chee-MEEL-ko )

House Boat Tour

This is a one of a kind authentic Mexican experience that can’t be missed!  It takes about an hour to get to from Mexico City, but is totally worth the drive!  Upon arrival it will be suggested to use the restroom, make sure you have some money on you…. they charge 5 pesos to use the facilities. There are dozens of brightly colored house boats waiting for you, if you plan ahead you can even have one of them personalized just for you.  You will have someone on board to do the rowing, it feels like Venice but with a Mexican twist. There are two long tables with chairs to seat 20. Many people pack large picnics and make a day out of the excursion.

While rowing down the river you can see other houseboats with mariachis on them. If summoned they come on board and perform (for a nominal fee). Of course we did this and what a treat it was!  They also have boats with fully equipped kitchens, so you can order hot and ready to eat quesadillas and tacos, so fun!

A Soccer Game at the Aztec Stadium

We scored tickets to see Cruz Azul play Pachuca. This was my first soccer game, ever!  The stadium was clean and for about $50/tickets we had some pretty awesome seats!  Soccer is a huge sport for Mexicans so to see their excitement and loyalty to their team was a treat!  I would recommend a stop in if you have time!

Sporting my new Cruz Azul gear!
Sporting my new Cruz Azul gear!
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The Culinary Scene

I’m not quite sure what I expected from the culinary scene in Mexico City, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of beautiful restaurants and the delicious food that we had! There were two particular restaurants that stood out to me that I wanted to share.

Azul Restaurantes
Situated right in the middle of the city Square, this location would be an easy one to squeeze into your itinerary. The restaurant is absolutely stunning! As you first walk in you’ll see women making fresh corn tortillas which was a nice first impression!  The service was impeccable as was the food. As a vegetarian I can vouch for their selection. The molè sauce was one of the best I’ve ever had!  Make sure to try one of their delicious Mezcals. Mezcal has more of a smoky flavor than tequila and requires a little bit of getting used to. I found it to be a little too strong for my taste buds, but it is a must try anyway!

Azul Restaurante

Blanco Castelar
This particular restaurant is in Palanco.  Our hotel (Las Alcobas) was in Palanco which is considered one of the posh-ier sides of Mexico City.  Blanco Castelar is stunningly beautiful to the eye, but the food is also fantastic!  Although it was not a full Mexican menu, a lot of their items had a Mexican twist to them.  It wasn’t the most vegetarian friendly place, but I still had enough options. I ordered the risotto de esparragos and it did not disappoint. Stop in for a cocktail and bite, you will be glad you did!

Blanco Castelar

Mexico City is a beautiful culture-rich city!  If you’ve done the beach towns, consider Mexico City on your next trip south of the border!

Your Chick,

Chick Picks:

Spooky Cocktails You Can Mix Up This Weekend!

Anytime a get together is around the corner, the chicks have cocktails on our mind.  This year for Halloween we wanted to keep it simple with ingredients that we usually have at home or behind the bar! Check out our recipes for a special Glow In The Dark Potion or a Black Magic Margarita!

Glow In The Dark Potion

1 oz. Gin

1/2 oz. lime juice

1 spoon Grenadine

1/2 cup Club Soda

1 Glow Stick

Black Magic Margarita

1 oz. Tequila

1/2 oz. Lime Juice

1/2 cup Club Soda

1 1/2 spoon of Crystal Light Acai Berry for Color and Sweetener

** Black food coloring optional

Also its not too late to scoop up this easy Halloween dress I wore here in time for Halloween.

Check out more recipes on our Pinterest Page:



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