Evil Eye: Is It a Real Thing?

As an Indian-American, my thoughts and beliefs have been heavily influenced by my parents who immigrated from India over 30 years ago.  I feel blessed to have grown up in a dual culture household — I often ponder the discussions we’ve had that were deeply rooted in my parents upbringing. When reflecting on my childhood, much of the “norm” in my household was governed by my parent religious and cultural background.

The Evil Eye

One of the most fascinating topics was the concept of the “Evil Eye”, also known as “Nazar”, in India.  The idea is that unbeknownst to a person there is negative energy in the universe wishing malice upon you or your family.  This negative energy can manifest in human emotions by way of envy. Both my children were gifted black bracelets to wear in order to ward off any bad thoughts or energy that might come their way.  I was happy to comply, but I couldn’t help to wonder, “Is it possible that there really is an energy to fight off those who don’t mean well?”  I didn’t want to take the chance to find out so I was happy to have them wear it.  Similarly, in this world of social media, it’s often said not to show too much of your life or family for fear that others might look on and wish negativity upon you.  As a spiritual chick, I have found over the years that I truly am a believer in the evil eye warding off evil spirits. Whether the evil eye actually wards off mysterious negative energy or not, the comfort and confidence I derive from the superstition is worth it.

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Evil Eye Necklace

Over the years, I have learned that this concept exists beyond Indian folklore. Latinos speak of “Malos Ojos” , Jewish and Islamic stories speak of the “Hamsa” or hand of God, and here in the US, we refer to the “Evil Eye” and have fashioned it into our culture as well through fashion.  You can often find evil eyepieces to compliment a cute outfit. Accessories that are an ode to the energy theory are a way to feel protected from negativity.  Why not, right?!? Even if only symbolically  the Evil Eye concept is a reminder to remain positive and emanate that positivity to others.

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Anyone heard of the Evil Eye?  Would love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below.

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