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Save or Splurge: Liquid Eyeliner Edition

For years I have used Lakme liquid eyeliners, but as my visits to India grew few and far between, I have learned about so many new ones that are easy to use and …CHEAP!

There is no reason to spend $26 on a liquid liner when you can spend $5 on something that does the EXACT same thing, am I right?

This post is not sponsored and after using two different liquid liner brands, I HAD to share the new Wet N Wild Break Up Proof liquid liner available at Ulta and Walmart for $5.99.

Make Up of the Day
How I wear my eyeliner
Most day, I keep it simple with one of these looks.

For those of you who prefer a pencil for less precision or a smokier look, for $2.99, their retractable eyeliner rivals my all-time fave Definedly Black by MAC – at a fraction of the cost.

Take a peek at all the ways you can rock these eyeliner combinations for less than $10! You won’t regret adding these to your cart.

So many ways to wear eyeliner!

For an even more dramatic look, check out my video review on Ardell’s Magnetic Liner and Lash.

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Best At Home Blowout Tool

A visit to the hairdresser for me is right behind a visit to the dentist.  I have no patience for anything really except exploring new places and spending time in nature.  The more I can do for myself and in my home, the better off I am! Getting a blowout in the comfort of my house is the best way I can save money and time each and every week.  Thankfully there are really good at home options now. 

For years (at least 8!) I have used the previous version of what is now the Conair Infiniti Pro.  It has a rotating brush that dries at the same time.  The idea was genius, but I had so much hair that it took a long to time to get through with it. 

Hot Tools recently launched the release of their 24K Gold One Step Blowout Styler and this is truly the bom diggity! It has a very strong blower, a 24k gold technology barrel to help with de-frizzing, and gets the job done…fast!

The Bristles
At Home Blow Dryer
The Brush

Scoop up this blowout styler for yourself or a loved one this holiday season!

Your Chick,


Buy This NOT That: Shampoo Edition

This year has been an explosion of content on Chicks and Salsa and we are grateful for all the partnerships we have had with brands that we are familiar with and others that are new to us. In bringing some brand awareness to you all, we have tried several different shampoos and here I have ranked them from best to worst. Hopefully this will help you make an informed decision about what is right for your hair next time you go shopping.

Hair Care is Self Care
Hair Care is Self Care

I have ranked these shampoos according a few criteria. 

1- Lather – When a shampoo lathers up, it allows for a full scrub of the hair follicles and leaves the hair itself feeling really clean. 

2- Texture – The thickness, stickiness, and consistency of the shampoo are all the components that I have factored into texture.

3- Overall Impression – Size, packaging, and scent all fall into this category.

Argan Coco

Argan Coco

This is hands down the winner across all categories.  It feels great, smells amazing, and lathers up like a full bubble bath on your head.  This all natural shampoo is available exclusively on their website.  Luckily we have a steep discount code for you so that you can experience Argan Coco for yourself. 

CODE: CHICKSANDSALSA for 70% off your order.

Hair Care is Self Care

“It’s A 10” Hair Care

As the only one in this category to come with a pump, I give it major kudos on packaging.  Am I the only one obsessed with pumps on my shampoos and conditioners? For those of you who blow dry often this one really preps your hair for styling. It leaves the hair feeling light and bouncy. I have NO IDEA how they do it, but this one comes in second for me!

Garnier Whole Blends

This organic honey blend delivers on texture and scent.  Let’s face it, Garnier knows that they are doing.  It also lathers well, but not as good as Argan Coco.  This one comes in a close second/third.



Wow Skin Science

Wow Skin Science

This company has a really good concept by incorporating apple cider vinegar into their product, unfortunately you can smell it when you use it…gross!  It also lacks a lather that cleans your hair the way you would expect from a shampoo and conditioner combination. 



Briogeo This brand has so many good products as part of their product catalog, check out my video here on their root volumizer (amazing!) BUT their smoothie shampoo and conditioner leaves much to be desired.  The ingredients include fruits like bananas and coconuts which of course means that they smell and feel amazing.  The shampoo and conditioner don’t leave you feeling like you have really discovered something special.  I can’t really think of any good reason to buy this product.

Hopefully you have heard of or tried some of these and agree with my assessment. I have long hair and I am kind-of particular about what I think works well with my hair.

Thanks for checking out this post.

**This post is in no way sponsored, all opinions are our own.

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The #1 Beauty Gift I Get for All My Girlfriends

In hindsight, there is one beauty product that I have that comes through for me all 365 days of the year.  It is also my MOST STOLEN beauty item by my friends, sisters, and cousins. 

Blush and Highlight
Shop These Products Here

From day time looks to date nights, my Sephora Blush Palette has combinations for every look.  This contour palette comes with SIX universally flattering shades including one highlighter just to polish off the look perfectly.  My  medium tan complexion does really well with these matte and shimmery finishes.

Sephora Contour Blush Palette
Sephora Contour Blush Palette $28

The Sephora 201 brush is perfect for applying this.  I apply the blush with one side of the brush and the highlighter with the other angled side.   

I promise you, this will be the last blush palette and blush brush you will ever buy! 

201 Brush
Shop the 201 Brush Here $26

If you need a change, this is it!

Your Chick,