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Always Cooking with the Always Pan!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have been crushing it in the kitchen lately thanks to the Always Pan by Our Place. This purchase was fully influenced by ads I kept seeing on Instagram, but truly, this one is so worth it!!

I am not exactly someone who loves to cook. The whole idea of making a mess really turns me off to the whole thing. The Always Pan was a tempting purchase for me because it promised me fewer dishes. It has delivered on that promise.

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The Always Pan

The size of the Always Pan is perfect for cooking EVERYTHING from omlettes, to chicken keema, to pasta, to daal (lentils)! Even after 20+ uses, the pan looks brand new and cleans up in no time.

This is honestly the MOST EXPENSIVE pan I have ever owned, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. If you are in the market for new dishes, as I was, check out the Always Pan and be sure to use code COOK15 to save 15%!

Your Chick,


The Jeans You Need for Spring are On Sale Now!

I live in jeans! I don’t wear skirts or shorts much, but jeans – yes! Over the years I have also crept my way up in price points out of curiosity to test out if when you spend more you get more.

Comparing Jeans
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In comparing the three brands I am going to share with you I wanted to judge them on: quality of denim, variety within the collection, price point, and durability.

It is a pet peeve of mine when denim stretches and lose their overall shape. I also don’t love it when denim loses its ‘luster’ after a few washes.  NONE of the brands I have shared here do that. They have all been tried and tested by me.

That being said I wanted to share three brands at three different price points that I love and why.

Articles of Society -Under $50

Let’s start with the most affordable and impressive brand in this category.  Articles of Society denim is available at Nordstrom (so for those of you who are cardholders, your money goes a lot further).  With the average cost of these jeans coming in at $50, you can get 4 pairs of these when compared to higher-end designer jeans.

These jeans are true to size, have a lot of style choices in their collection and are a good buy!  I gravitate to Articles of Society for more playful denim.  These are great for a unique pair of jeans that you won’t necessarily wear every day.  For daily wear, jeans keep reading.

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NYDJ Jeans– Under $100

Also available at Nordstrom (but on a steeper sale here), I describe NYDJ jeans as Mom Perfect.  There is truly a practical cut that feels great for ANY woman out there in this collection.  They tend to deliver the most classic and clean-cut looks that I would call “Mom-friendly.’  Because of this, they are perfect for finding a great pair of daily wear denim. 

NYDJ jeans have the perfect stretch and they’re high-quality denim that holds up.  There is a reason these are priced at a little under $100 (so many styles are on sale now). 

If you are just looking for a great pair of jeans that you can count on day after day ( I wear them around town and for playdates often) and look good and feel great, these are it!

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Good American – Over $100

Khloe Kardashian really did a great job with this brand.  I have several pairs of Good American jeans because they are ‘stylish.’ They offer an extra edge to help justify the price point which sometimes is worth it.  Ten out of ten times if I am on a Date Night or GNO, I am wearing my Good American jeans. They are stretchy, comfortable, and edgy.  In my opinion, totally worth the splurge (I have had mine for over two years).    She has added so much to the collection that I have not checked out yet, so stay tuned for a haul on that soon.

Hopefully, if you are looking to shop some new denim, this post was helpful.  Finding the right pair of jeans can be totally worth the effort when you wear them all the time.

Your Chick,


My NYDJ jeans were gifted in exchange for this post.

Best At Home Blowout Tool

A visit to the hairdresser for me is right behind a visit to the dentist.  I have no patience for anything really except exploring new places and spending time in nature.  The more I can do for myself and in my home, the better off I am! Getting a blowout in the comfort of my house is the best way I can save money and time each and every week.  Thankfully there are really good at home options now. 

For years (at least 8!) I have used the previous version of what is now the Conair Infiniti Pro.  It has a rotating brush that dries at the same time.  The idea was genius, but I had so much hair that it took a long to time to get through with it. 

Hot Tools recently launched the release of their 24K Gold One Step Blowout Styler and this is truly the bom diggity! It has a very strong blower, a 24k gold technology barrel to help with de-frizzing, and gets the job done…fast!

The Bristles
At Home Blow Dryer
The Brush

Scoop up this blowout styler for yourself or a loved one this holiday season!

Your Chick,


Where to Find The Trendiest Fall Styles

The days of brick and mortar shopping are a thing of the past. As Amazon has personally taken over my shopping habits, I’ve found Trunk Club for Women to be my next favorite way to shop.  I’ve always loved to play dress up, but never enjoyed the process of digging through racks to find what I want.  

Off The Shoulder Weather
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How it works:

You visit Trunk Club’s website and fill out a profile.  Once completed, the website will match you with a stylist who will select curated items from @Nordstrom that fit your needs. 

I’ve been using my personal stylist @laurenhookham for a few years now and she hits the nail on the head every time!  You can bypass working with someone who hasn’t been vetted and reach her directly by clicking on this link:

I met Lauren after filling out my profile in their beautiful downtown location. @Trunkclubwomen has multiple locations throughout the Chicago area that make for a perfect setting to find the perfect outfit (I’ve even taken girlfriends there over some champagne for shopping parties)!  

In our first meeting she came prepared with a few selected outfits she thought matched my initial profile. To be honest, I didn’t love all of her selections the first time around. Just like anything else, it takes time to develop a relationship and understanding about what the other person is looking for. 

Sweater Weather
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Spanx for the Win
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Over time, we have developed an understanding of what my style, size and needs are!  Now when she sends a Trunk, I like majority of the selections she’s made.  Since @TrunkClubwomen is in partnership with Nordstrom, you know what you’re getting is going to be good quality. I can’t always say for my Amazon purchases. What I love most about it is once you find someone who gets you, you can get trunks seasonally to keep you stylish without any of the effort of following trends and digging through racks of clothing.

If you are a Nordstrom card holder the $25 styling fee gets waived AND you get points for your purchases…what’s best is it shows up at your front door so need need to put in any extra effort!  Could this seriously get any better?! Click here to join now:

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Rina and I at Trunk Club

Your Chick,