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Quest VS. Atkins VS. Built Bar – Which Low Carb Snack is the Best?

Since starting Chicks and Salsa I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with several companies who have helped me along in my Keto Journey. Quest, Atkins, and Built Bar, and Splenda are among them. After trying a variety of snacks from these companies I have a few thoughts about where the strengths and weaknesses lie for each.

This post is in no way sponsored and please note that I am not a nutritionist. This is simply a personal review based on my experience with these companies over the past few years. If you have a bias towards a low carb or keto-friendly diet, read on.


In my opinion, Quest wins on a variety of flavors that favor people who love super savory foods. From their dessert bars to their chips, and shakes, everything tastes great. HOWEVER, there is a noticeable ‘protein-y’ taste similar to the one that you would expect from a traditional protein shake detectable in everything they have. I don’t mind it, but my husband and friends don’t all love it. To try my favorites from QUEST, click below.


When my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and I started to learn about carbohydrates and seeking out carb-conscious snacks, Atkins was my first stop. They really have a delicious collection of snacks, these Sweet and Salty clusters are a favorite as are these ‘peanut m&m’ candies. I quickly realized, however, that I have a sensitivity to sugar alcohols that upsets my stomach. Atkins uses a sugar alternative called Maltilol which is known to cause gastrointestinal issues. Atkins is great but needs to be eaten in moderation. Also of all three companies, I am reviewing today, their ingredient list is the longest- which I don’t love.


I remember when I first tried these, I was convinced I had found the best bars out there. Built Bars truly taste like a candy bar with the texture of a Milky Way. Even though the flavors are great, after a while the texture kind of starts to ‘get old.’ I keep a few of my favorite flavors around but only indulge in these once every week or two.


I truly prefer Splenda ten out of ten times to Stevia. Above all, for coffee drinkers, their creamers are literally the best. They are not available for sale in my local grocery store so I shop them on Amazon.

For other low carb and Keto tips, check out my posts below!

Your Chick,


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If Your Kids Play Roblox, Read This!

I recently (finally!) sat down and really spent some time on Roblox with my daughters.  After spending hours on the well known gaming app, my kids had become addicted and I needed to figure out what it was all about.

In case you are not already aware of this, Roblox is a game-creation website where users design and upload their own games.  This basically means that there are thousands of games buried on the app.  As a parent I find this VERY difficult and frustrating to keep up with.  On the app they are constantly selling games and ‘Robucks (in game currency)’ to keep the children engaged and active.  My kids have asked for Robucks for their birthday, wth?!?

Talk To Your Kids

As a rule, I usually reference Common Sense Media before downloading apps to get an idea about what parents are saying about a particular movie or video game, but with Roblox – I admit – I went along with the masses (250 million downloads to date), so that my girls could play with their friends. 

Games That Disgust

Currently they are playing a game called “Broken Bones.” In this game, a player jumps off a building or cliff, depending on the number of bones they break they are paid money to ‘level up’ to a jump off a higher ledge where they have the opportunity to break more bones and make more money! As my husband put it, “What idiot made a game like this!?!?”

(Note: with parental controls, my kids did NOT have access to Broken Bones or another ridiculous game called Growing Up)

Similarly, a game called “Fashion Famous” that my girls love is a popularity contest based purely on appearances.  In this game, players dress up according to a theme and then are rated by other players and then ranked. Yuck!

There are so many others, Jailbreak, Growing Up, and so many more.

In Game Texting
This is a screenshot from Growing Up where chat rooms are disguised as phone texts.

Tips for Parental Settings

If you feel the same way I do about what I have learned, I have a few tips for you before you hand over the ipad to your child tonight:

  1. Know your child’s login and password (our kids had set up accounts using their school email addresses and forgot their own passwords which made all of this extra frustrating).
  2. For users under 13 years of age, use parental controls to enter into safe-chat mode, better yet, disable it all together.
  3. Set a 4 digit PIN that will be required anytime changes are made to the account.
  4. Adjust the security settings to only allow access to age-appropriate games only (but these standards are according the administrators, so be weary)

For more, read the Parents Ultimate Guide to Roblox and definitely see what other parents are saying on Common Sense.

Roblox’s free-and-open communication policy –including the ability for unregistered users to chat — means that your kids’ interactions can vary widely, from legitimate player engagement to potentially risky involvement with predatory users.  ~ Common Sense Media

The Takeaway

If I could do it all over again, I would not have downloaded it, here is why:

  1. It is highly addictive, 10 out of 10 times when I ask my kids what they want to do, they say Roblox.
  2. The parental controls are just OK, you can in some cases block the chat features, but that does not mean that you can control the content that they are exposed to.
  3. I can’t keep up! I try it be a diligent parent, but with so much content on the app, it’s just too much!

This summer my girls were gifted a Nintendo Switch and suddenly Mario Cart and Just Dance aren’t looking so bad.  For now, I have deleted Roblox from their ipads and my life (much to their dismay).

Read more about the Hidden Dangers of Roblox on WebSafety here.

Bottom line is keep your kids offline for as long as you can!

Let me know your thoughts on this.  I feel helpless in this fast paced world of video games.  I really prefer to revolve my life around a dozen or so ‘known’ things like board games, family friendly movies and tv shows, and of course getting into nature.

I cannot stress enough how much I love resources like Common Sense Media for things like this.  I acknowledge that our kids are exposed to so much already on and off the computer, in and out of the classroom, but I don’t want them to ever see ‘broken bones’ as a good thing.

** Please note that not everything on Roblox is bad, you just need to keep a close eye on what games your child is playing.**

Rules as stated in a game called Gymnast Gymnastics

Thanks for reading,

Your Chick,


Dinner Party Games Too Good To Miss!

Hosting dinner parties can be so much fun! Deciding the menu, place settings, and flowers are all essential parts of a successful dinner party, but you can’t forget about the laughter and good times!  I have two suggested games that can add some umph to your next family dinner or dinner party!

Family Dinner Game: Campfire Games: Would You Rather? Edition.

My sister, Rina, and I took this game along to our last dinner out with our four  kids. The kids ages range from ages 6 to 9. The game is broken into two colors from which you pick one of each and ask questions like, “Would you rather always smell like cheese, or have an itch on your thumb toe that never goes away?”  Kids and adults will delight what each person will choose and why.  Because the options are separated by color there are 2500 different combinations, so you can plan on having fun with this one for a very long time!

Teen/Adult Dinner Party Game: Who In The Room?

This game has a suggested age of 17+. It can be played with younger children as long as the questions have been pre-screened. This game is an excellent choice for a family gatherings or a close knit group of friends. Each card gives you 3 different questions to choose from about who in the room you think would fit the suggested question. An example of three questions would be:

Who in the room spends the most time on Facebook?

Who is the room always puts toilet paper on the toilet seat in public restrooms?

Who in the room is the worst cook?

On the count of three everybody in the room points to the person they think would fit the question asked best. It’s hilarious to see the responses and makes for sharing fun stories!

Happy game playing!

Your Chick,

Box Of Style // Box Review 2019

**For $15 off your fist box use code CHICKSANDSALSA15 or ANNUAL20 for $20 off your annual subscription**

I have shared before that I live in a pretty small town…that being said I have found a few fun work arounds to getting my hands on fun and trendy products.  The first one of course is Amazon, thank GOD for Amazon.  Another fun way to get some unexpected and exciting products is with subscriptions boxes.  We have featured boxes before like here and here.  Today we are super excited to pick apart the Box of Style curated by Rachel Zoe.  Where are my BRAVO fans at?? Rachel Zoe’s iconic style of simple clothes with statement jewelry was always a favorite.  Her attitude as well as style made The Rachel Zoe Project the hit that it was. 


I have always been an accessories girl as you can see here and here.  A box of products picked by Rachel herself sounds like perfection and once you see what all came in this box, you will see why it is a great deal and a whole lot of fun to get OR give as a gift.  Let’s break down the value and then take a peek inside.

Shop This Pic Here

Box Of Style Cost: $100

Whats Inside:   

$80 – Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum        

$150 – Jules Kae Vegan Leather Tote                           

$80 – Ettika Tassel Necklace (Box of Style Exclusive)

$20 – Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner   

$115 – Eddie Borgo Watch in Rose Gold

So as you can see you are getting $395 worth of HIGH END products for $100 – pretty awesome!  To learn more about membership, click here.

So lets get into what is in this seasons box!

Caudalie Radiance Serum

This product retails for $80 at Sephora. This serum is a highly concentrated, natural, oil-free serum that combats dark spots, evens skin tone, and boosts radiance—and has been proven to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C. But don’t take my word for it, take it from the 2000+ four star reviews they have on the site.

Jules Kae Vegan Leather Tote

This box came in this beautiful faux leather bag in my current favorite color BLUSH!  With Digital Chicks keeping me busy and a laptop and camera always in my bag, this one came just in time to help me get around in style.

Ettika Tassel Necklace – See Her Whole Collection Here

This is one of the BEST necklaces I have gotten of late.  Layered necklaces are all the rage and when you rock multiples you risk getting tangled up! This beauty attaches to one claps keeping the layers clean and perfect all day long.  I have already gotten so many compliments on this one, so if you are on the market check it out.  This one was made specifically for the Box of Style, but she has a similar style for sale for less than $50 here.

Shop Tarte Liquid Eyeliner Here

Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve been having a Tarte moment lately as you can see here.  This liquid liner is not just cute, but it is also great! I tried out the tip on my hand and the lines were still on there the next morning! That is the kind of stay power I want out of  my eyeliner. Once you get your liner on, check out my video on getting your falsies on perfect every time (its magic!)

Eddie Borgo Soho Watch in Rose Gold

If you are like me I rarely buy a statement watch, but if I get my hands on one I am more than happy to rock it! This watch goes with my current blush aesthetic and gives my #OOTD that extra touch. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this review.  This subscription is a little treat to myself this year and gives me a little something extra to look forward to every couple of months.

As always, thanks for stopping by Chicks And Salsa!