End of the Year Reflections — Not Resolutions

The holiday season is in full swing, and while everybody is talking about what they’re getting for the holidays, I can’t help but to think about the upcoming new year

The new year brings time for self reflection and high hopes for the upcoming year. One month ago I turned 36. While I consider myself young still, I’ve learned that in the last 10 years I’ve not only physically aged, but emotionally as well.  Instead of a resolution, I like to think about the upcoming year in terms of reflections.

Some Reflections:

Embracing My Age

In the craziness of social media and falsified images, it’s not unusual to have moments of insecurity.  I’ve learned to follow people who inspire me. People who don’t use social media as an avenue to brag, but more as a place to share and inspire. As a chick in Chicks and Salsa I try my level best to do just that. 

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Quality Over Quantity

Back in high school popularity was defined by the number of friends you had and the number of people who were dying to be added to that list.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that focusing on my family and small group of good friends is where I am needed and desired most.  My friendships are with those that I learn from, admire, and look up to. These friends bring me up and help me continue to see the glass half full.

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Slowing Down

I used often hear veteran mothers is tell me that my kids will be grown before I know it. I couldn’t agree more now, I have no idea where last 8 years have gone! I have two children, one 8 year old daughter and one 6 year old son. Every day on the way to school, the kids and I talk about the day ahead. In doing that, week after week, 8 years have quickly passed. I want to focus on slowing down…try not to fill our schedules with too many social obligations that we “should” do.  Life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so I want to make this one life count and make all the relationships I have around me meaningful.

Diet and exercise are always a part of my New Year’s reflections, duh!  However, personally, I’ve learned that my relationships with others are what help me get up in the morning. I want to focus on being a good person and allowing good energy to flow around me.  

So Happy New Year from me to you!

Your Chick,


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