We Dress Up For Our Chicks! Keeping It Real In The New Year

There used to be a time when I would dress up to get the attention of a cute guy at the bar. As I got older I watched women find themselves through fashion, fitness, family, and friendship. So much so that I started dressing for me and also kind of for them! Let me explain…

I have an amazing group of women that are always keeping me on my toes.  If we go out to brunch, they put in the extra five minutes to throw on lipstick or some statement earrings.  When out for drinks after a long week they manage to throw on their new shoes and own the room when they walk in.  I think it is a combination of the surge of confidence that we get as we age mixed with some fashion elements, but either way – women are always ‘bringing it.’

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My Kendra Scott double ring is a favorite, see it here!
These edgy Fendi earrings are stunning and linked here.
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I went to the Georgia Aquarium recently and was so proud my fellow chicks! All the Moms were on point.  I am talking matching hats, bags, boots, you name it- they were rocking it.  The Dads- not so much.  I was so impressed at the commitment that women have to feeling great about themselves at all time.

So when I say that I do it for the ladies, what I mean is that I am NOT going to be left behind. They motivate me to get up and show up every single day.  After all, how can you put your best foot forward without confidence? I admit a lot of my confidence comes from feeling ‘put together (as you can see here)’ but is that a bad thing? 

This bodysuit is $8, I am wearing a size Medium and love it!
My Initial Necklace that I wear everyday is from Nordies and is linked here.
This knot sweater comes in so many colors and fits like a glove, for $17, its a steal!
With Leopard Print Sweaters taking over my feed, I had to find one just to get me through the season, well– here it is and for $26 you can get the look for less.

Staying on top of trends in a way that does not break the bank is a great way to stay motivated to bring it each and every day.  I had been dragging my feet on placing my first order with Shein.  I was nervous about the quality and construction of tops that cost $8-$10!  Turns out, this company is a hidden gem.  I can stay on top of all the latest trends at a fraction of the cost.  Check out some of the looks from my latest haul above.

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Do you feel the same way I do? Do your friends help empower you by being on top of their game?

Your Chick,


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