How to Use Purple Shampoo With Highlights

Listen up brunettes!  I love to dye my hair, and have been highlighting and dying it for several years. In college I was always on a mission to find the cheapest hairdresser.  This usually meant that I wasn’t going to spend any extra money on specialized shampoos.  Of course, as the saying goes….”as you get older you also get wiser.”   I’ve often heard my hairdressers of yesteryear and today talk about using specialized shampoos to neutralize yellows, but I have blissfully ignored them.  Shame on me!

Feeling great with fresh looking highlights!

Let me explain, I am of Indian decent, I have naturally dark brown to almost black hair. I have always loved playing with the color of my hair to change up my look.  I have gone from partially blonde, to just highlighted, back to my original color, to completely blonde.  In all of those transitions I have never bought a specialized shampoo to neutralize the yellows that appear when you bleach and then dye your hair. 

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The last treatment I did, I went from a blonde balayage back to almost my original color by transitioning to darker low lights. My hairdresser had suggested that I use a purple shampoo. My original thought in my head was “are you crazy!” I was afraid that putting purple on a lighter color on dark hair would turn the light parts purple, but boy was I wrong!  Truly, it depends on what kind of look you’re going for.  Transitioning back to my original hair color from blonde, I wanted to keep my darker color looking semi-natural. The purple shampoo made my hair less bronze and kept a very subtle light highlight on my dark hair. I absolutely love my results, and cannot stress more the importance of using a purple shampoo if this is the look you’re trying to achieve.  I’m just trying to save you the time and energy, get the purple shampoo if your hairdresser recommends that, you won’t regret it!

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