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Pour Some Sugar On Me

Ok, so I am guilty of being a slave to fashion. I saw this Def Leppard sweatshirt and wanted it so bad despite not being an active fan. Usually, I am not a fan of the ‘bandwagon’ type mentality, but I could not resist.

Target’s new collection of nostalgic sweatshirts under $25 is just too good to pass up. With so many of us working from home and trying to keep things casual-chic with loungewear, these are simply a must-have!

Shop This Sweatshirt for $21.99 Here | I am wearing a Large

With go-to fashion finds that are mom-friendly, I have to give Target credit for these edgy and trendy options.

Shop These Chick Picks Here

Here is to keeping things cute in 2021! To be fair, here is a small tribute to Def Leppard.

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Chick Picks:

Finally Comfortable in My Blogging Journey

When social media first took footing it was very easy to judge, especially coming from a conservative Indian culture. I remember being a part of the beginning stages of platforms like MySpace and Friendster.

Now, in my late 30s, I respect those who had put themselves out there from the very beginning. It takes time to learn who you are and what you stand for. It also takes time to learn to let go of the judgment.

Love By Design
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In the beginning of our blog I was nervous to put myself out there. I was nervous about the judgement, to be more specific.  What were followers
going to say, you’re not fashionable? You’re not pretty? You don’t have the perfect life?!

Whatever my fears were, they have been conquered.

I’ve learned that being a part of any social media platform, you are often forced to read the good, the bad, and the ugly about yourself. I’ve learned you can’t satisfy everyone. Some people will love you, and some will hate you.  When you fall somewhere in a space where YOU are comfortable, it no longer matters what anyone thinks about your journey.

Whatever journey it is you choose, I hope that you find peace in knowing it’s about YOU and no one else.

Social media has given an opportunity for non-multimillion dollar backed celebrity endorsed products to be promoted on a genuine platform.

If you are reading this, you likely follow @chicksandsalsablog, and for that we are thankful for your support and love in this journey that we call, our blog 

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Chic Looks Under $65 : Sale Ends Soon

With only four days left in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, don’t miss out of these staples perfect for transitioning to the fall!

I am also sharing 4 ways to style a white t-shirt for a date night or a PTO meeting, check out my looks below.

White TShirt 4 Ways
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Staples Under $65

Thanks for checking out this post, happy shopping!

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The Chicks Favorite Basics are Under $15 NOW!

Sometimes when you find a brand you love you can’t help but to share it! I am a frequent shopper of Nordstrom Rack, who doesn’t like a good deal? A couple of years ago I discovered the brand Abound and have been a loyal shopper with them ever since. 

I usually buy all my basics from this brand including tank tops, leggings, v-neck tshirts, shoes and the list goes on. The material is so soft and the prices are unbeatable! I recently scooped up two abound blouse shirts in black and mauve and I couldn’t love them more!  They can be worn tucked in or out for a casual or dressier look. The best part is they are all priced $15 and under and everything is currently ON SALE!

Shop This Look Here
Double V Neck – We Wear A Size Small

I’m no different than my 8 year old daughter. She refuses to wear anything that doesn’t feel good on the skin. The material Abound uses is comfortable enough to sleep in….I mean come on, who wouldn’t love that comfort all day long?! Check out some of my favorite Abound goodies and trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Your Chick,