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Chicks Picks For the Guys -Men’s Gift Guide

Here is what is on our list for the hubby’s.  We also put out a guide earlier with some ideas for your Dad, Father in Law, and brothers too!  Between the two of us we own and use all of these, so they are tried and true.  You are welcome!

The Waterpik

This is our top pick (pun intended!) As a regular flosser I was FLOORED when I tried this water flosser for the first time.  It like a massager for your gums and gets your mouth feeling cleaner than ever before!  This is a great gift and a steal for under $60!  
(Warning: its smaller and louder than I thought it would be, but totally worth it!)

Harry’s Shave Set

My husband has been using this set for over two years now, every year I get him a new handle and this gift set for $25 is just perfect.  He loves the razors and the convenience of a subscription.  Check it out!

Grooming Set

For $15 there is no excuse for stray eyebrow (or nose) hairs!  Help him keep it all together with this compact grooming kit.  Believe me you will end up using it too!

Convertible Garment Bag

Garment bags can be sloppy oversized and hard to carry! Not this one!! The bag literally rolls up into a duffel making it easy to carry and use.  Personalize this for $80 and get this for the man who wears a suit in your life. 


This is the second time we are featuring this product in a gift guide because it is that good! After a long day at work, this massager sits nicely on a pillow and is a great way to wind down at the end of the day!

I hope you found this list helpful. The guys can be hard to shop for but not getting anything doesn’t feel right either.  

If you are wondering what to get your children or their teachers, see all of our gift guides here!



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10 Professional Yet Fancy Gifts

For some of us, we have some impossibly hard people to shop for.  It may be your boss, for others it may be the friends who have everything, or in my case, we have several professional relationships that we like to acknowledge during the holidays.  For these people, gifts that are a little extra are in order.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Holiday Fruit and Nut Basket

Maybe its cultural but nothing says well wishes in our culture like a basket of nuts and fruits.  It sends a message of abundance and happiness which is why it is first on my list.

Alexa Echo

This device is AMAZING, it can do as much or as it little as you ask of it.  Consider this for anyone in your life.  For $99 Alexa can read off the headlines, play background music, tell you jokes and tell you how to fix just about anything.  Even though someone may already have one at home, perhaps this would make a great gift for someone at the office!

Amazon Gift Card

This one is a no brainer, let someone get whatever they need – no matter what – Amazon has it! OH-and did you know you can buy Nordstrom gift cards on Amazon too?!?! How convenient.

Apple iWatch

With so many new designs and features, this handy dandy smart watch not only looks good now but fully integrates with your iPhone.  I have seen so many people this past year switch from being dependent on their phone to using their iWatch almost exclusively that even I have my eye on this for the holidays.

Massage Pillow

I used this over the summer and then basically stole it form my parents house.  Its truly and ‘hand like’ shiatsu massage that will chill anyone out at the end of the day.  This is the gift that will keep giving – consider this for the hardest working person you know.

Gold Vases

These vases are so beautiful and so cheap! Get the appearance of giving something pricier with this vase and fill it with flowers for a perfect hostess gift or co-worker gift. Of course World Market has so many amazing gift ideas that I would start there in my search anyways.

Champagne Flutes

Aren’t these glasses unique!?  I love them and think that they would add a little spunk to any celebration. Give two with a bottle of champagne or give six alone to make this gift complete.

Waterman Pen

This is kind of an “old school” kind of gift that doctors have always given to each other and although initially it may seem crazy to spend a lot of money on these pens, they really are special.  You will have to try it to believe it, but if you have an older boss or I would even buy this for my Father In Law, then look into a classic gift like this.

Chocolate, Caramel Crunch Basket

I have received this basket in the past and was so grateful that it was something that my whole family could enjoy! These pretzels are fresh and delicious and we were able to use them all up by the end of the holiday season.  Its sizable enough to be impressive and yummy enough to not get wasted.

Gourmet Gift Basket

This basket has dozens of small packages stashed in it.  With a sampling of all kinds of treats, this gift basket is perfect for an office co worker than can keep these small packs at their desk.  It has an impressive size that says THANK YOU like nothing else can.  For chocolate lovers this is a slam dunk.

I hope you liked this list and I hope it was helpful in your holiday shopping – check out all of our gift guides on the blog to help simplify shopping this year.  Did I miss anything??

Your Chick,


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My Top Ten Picks From Oprah’s Favorite Things

Ok, ok, I love Oprah’s picks each year.   This year is no different.  She has managed to pull together a list of items that immediately struck a chord with me for a different people in my life.  So here is what I will be shopping and (shhhh!) for whom. See all of our gift guides here.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Littbag Light Up Vanity

So I think I will be scooping this up for my Mom and Mother In Law.  It has long lasting LED lights IN THE BAG which makes seeing what is inside easier – its so genius I wish I had thought of it!

X5 Multi USB Port Car Charger

With all of our devices needing USB ports the two slots in my car just doesn’t cut it! Thank got this genius product has my back and can support up to 5 devices!!! This may be the best stocking stuffer ever!  This would also be an AWESOME gift for a teacher too, see all of our gift guides here!

Jotblock Watercolor Set

Doodling can be so therapeutic.  I have so many creative and artistic people in my family that for $25, this gift is a steal!  Drop this in your cart for the artsy one in your family (ahem Dad).

Faux Fur Mittens

Ok, the blogger in my could not resist these adorable mittens and with my upcoming trip to Chicago, I scooped these up for myself and Sonia and Shelly (of course)!

Techloom Sneakers

Does anyone else NOT UNTIE their laces every time they take off their sneakers.  I have been sliding my sneakers on and off for years, so these cuties by APL are right up my alley.  No laces, no fuss!  With so many color choices- how could you not scoop these up for the new year.

Arts and Craft Supply Library

I have two daughters ages 7 and 8 and currently all they care about are crafts and SLIME (BEST slime kit on the market is linked here – you’re welcome)! So for less than $40 I can give them hours of entertainment with a cute modern twist on a craft box.  Santa will be putting this under the tree FOR SURE!


I bought a knock off one of these years ago and used it till it literally could not go on.  With skincare at the top of my mind lately a new face brush has been on my list for a while. Although this may be one of the more expensive items on this list, with something that I plan on using often and on my face, I think it may be worth the splurge.

Lasagna Trio

When I saw this I literally added it my cart instantly.  My lasagna can get so sloppy and slippery sometimes its embarrassing!  Chicago Metallic has solved this problem by breaking up the pan into three sections and I LOVE IT!

Apple Air Pods

If you have not made the switch to Apple Airpods yet you are missing out, Sonia and I use these all day, everyday! These have an incredible battery life and charge in the case they come in.  They are $150 at the Apple store and $144 here, so add these to your cart and be hands free for life!

My Leopard Print Dress Doubles Up As a Cardigan  | Necklaces are From This Store on Etsy

Floating Pearl Hoops

Last but not least are these beautiful earrings.  Hoops in general are a go-to chicks look and I looked around for a cheaper version of these earrings and failed! They fall flawlessly and look so elegant that they may actually be worth the price.

Well I hope you found this gift guide helpful.  Its not too early to start stashing stuff and crossing off names.  I love giving gifts all year round but the holidays are extra special!


Your Chick,


**We use affiliate links and do make a small commission off of purchases that you make. We use that to help grow the blog. So when possible, please shop links directly from our post to support our work. Thank you!!**

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