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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

To say that 2020 brought my husband and I closer together would be an understatement. Usually, we function in a parallel reality where we divide and conquer the responsibilities of day to day life. But last year was different, with us spending every weekend at home and spending more hours together, I learned A LOT about him and his interests, likes, and needs. This list has truly been created in honor of my husband, but may make sense for your significant other as well!

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To keep things simple, these are all Amazon finds to make shopping easier for you! To see what else I have been shopping on Amazon, visit my storefront here.

Massager | Wireless Headphones | Hair Trimmer | Slides | Bomber | Columbia Jacket
Car Vaccum | Bedside Organizer

Bedside Organizer

I love the idea of creating a little space that doesn’t spill all over the side table like this one.

Also, for phones that can charge wirelessly, I cannot speak highly enough about these charging stands, I HIGHLY recommend them.

Adidas Slides

Every few years I feel that his slides need to be replaced. He uses them for trips to the mailbox, to take out the trash, hang poolside. These are classic and comfortable!

Columbia Zip Jacket

My husband grabs for his zip up jackets EVERY DAY! Years ago I wrote about the cost to wear ratio and with this one it is totally worth it. You can’t beat this deal and style.

Cordless Hair Trimmer

With all the money we all saved taking haircuts into our own hands in 2020, why not upgrade your equipment? This one has 60 minutes of shave time making it the perfect travel set too (whenever we do that again)!

Beats By Dre Wireless Headphones

Ok, if you are going to splurge a little, get these! For $70 you can have some peace and quiet during at home workouts. These not only have great sound qulaity, but also won’t fall out (ahem… air pods)!

Portable Car Vaccum Cleaner

I knew my husband loved his car, but wow, he is more meticulous about it’s maintenance than I am about my makeup! He will be unusually happy about this gift, you are welcome!

Massage Gun

With almost 3000 4.5 star reviews, this device is cheaper and equally as good as the popular Theragun ! This is a gift for him (and you too)!

Tommy Hilfiger Bomber

So if the Columbia Zip Up is his pick, then this bomber is mine. It is a stylish layer that I would prefer he wore when we are out an about. At less than $50, this is a great gift!

I hope that this list was helpful! I know shopping for the guys can be challenging!

Your Chick,


#1 Airport/Travel Accessory for Women

It’s true from coast-to-coast and across all airports there is one bag on everyone’s back.  Let’s call it the #TUMITakeover since there seems to be something for everyone in their collection.  These bags are streamlined, sophisticated and lightweight making it perfect for weekend or travel adventures at a moment’s notice.

We have shared our love for Tumi products in our gift guides and believe that they make a great gift for any friend or family member you have!

Tumi Collection
Shop vacation essentials for every style at NORDSTROM.

Bags for Working Women

Bags that can keep our files from creasing and our laptops from getting in the way are a must for women going from the office to happy hour!

Bags for Moms of Young Children

Let’s face it, I never leave the house without snacks, water bottles, my camera, an extra layer of clothing for the kids and god knows what else! With that in mind, these bags are perfect for getting that ‘trendy mom’ look.

Daily Use – Under $100

For lighter daily use bags they have a very affordable line coming in at just about $100 that you will love.  I have bought these for my mom and sisters, they are just too perfect!

Tumi for Men

Yep, you guessed…there is something for the guys too!

If you have been on the market for a new bag that makes your life easier, look no further than Tumi, they currently have many items on sale, see them all here!

Shop vacation essentials for every style at NORDSTROM.

You Chick,


Chicks Picks For the Guys -Men’s Gift Guide

Here is what is on our list for the hubby’s.  We also put out a guide earlier with some ideas for your Dad, Father in Law, and brothers too!  Between the two of us we own and use all of these, so they are tried and true.  You are welcome!

The Waterpik

This is our top pick (pun intended!) As a regular flosser I was FLOORED when I tried this water flosser for the first time.  It like a massager for your gums and gets your mouth feeling cleaner than ever before!  This is a great gift and a steal for under $60!  
(Warning: its smaller and louder than I thought it would be, but totally worth it!)

Harry’s Shave Set

My husband has been using this set for over two years now, every year I get him a new handle and this gift set for $25 is just perfect.  He loves the razors and the convenience of a subscription.  Check it out!

Grooming Set

For $15 there is no excuse for stray eyebrow (or nose) hairs!  Help him keep it all together with this compact grooming kit.  Believe me you will end up using it too!

Convertible Garment Bag

Garment bags can be sloppy oversized and hard to carry! Not this one!! The bag literally rolls up into a duffel making it easy to carry and use.  Personalize this for $80 and get this for the man who wears a suit in your life. 


This is the second time we are featuring this product in a gift guide because it is that good! After a long day at work, this massager sits nicely on a pillow and is a great way to wind down at the end of the day!

I hope you found this list helpful. The guys can be hard to shop for but not getting anything doesn’t feel right either.  

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