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How to Land More Collaborations in 2021!

Gosh, it’s been nearly two years since I wrote this post about how bloggers make money, and already I have so much to add.

At the time I was knee-deep in affiliate programs and blog sponsorships. Since then and after joining many platforms that bring brands and influencers together, my opportunities (and cash) have multiplied month after month.

“It has always been my goal to either inspire, educate, or entertain with Chicks and Salsa.”

Many collaborations come through to my email. MOST I hustle for. The rest I get matched for on one of the platforms I am going to highlight below. Just as I did before I wanted to share all the platforms on which I have successfully landed paid and gifted collaborations with companies I love.

Here is a list of platforms that I highly recommend creating profiles on to get matched with companies looking for people JUST LIKE YOU. No audience is too small, engagement numbers are equally as important.

Once you have created your profile, it is easy! You just apply to campaigns you are eligible for or interested in and wait to hear from the brand.

Here they are:

I have worked with L’Oreal, Aveeno, Coola, GUIDE Beauty, Spa Science, KRIS Wines, and more via Aspire IQ.

I have worked with Hand in Hand, Hollywood Browzer, CVS, SIJO, Good To Go, and more via Cohley.

I can’t say enough about how much Fohr has taught me! They have excellent influencer-forward education that they share on a weekly basis on their YouTube channel. I also suspect that many of the emails that come to me with opportunities, come via Fohr.

I am new to this platform but they recently ran a campaign with BVLGARI and I was part of their KISS Nails campaign.

CLEVER has many awesome opportunities and works with many big names and familiar brands, however, I have been unable to land an opportunity with anyone yet (here’s to 2021!)

I discovered Shopping Links when we met with the founder at ThinkTank in Chicago in 2019. Since then they have partnered up with high-end brands like INTERMIX, NYDJ Jeans, Double Icon, and more!

MAVRCK recently partnered up with Express for their Winter Campaign, sadly, I was not part of this.

To learn more about affililate programs, please refer to my earlier post.

Denim Collaboration

For a referral to RewardStyle (it will help you get in), please email me [email protected]

As always, Your chick,


Chick Picks:

Distressed Denim X Blazer

I recently went to a shopping party at a friend’s house, like the 2019 version of a tupperware party except with fancy clothes!  It was super fun and I got acquainted with a new brand, Cabi!  This post is in no way sponsored, I just wanted to share a fun new find with all of you!

After seeing so many of my friends pull off a blazer casually, I finally took the plunge.  I have always associated blazers with more formal looks and as a result I have not worn many of the ones that I have! But thanks to some inspiration via Instagram, I am pulling them out and loving it!  In the fall I shared a comfortable and stylish blazer look, and this season I pulled out this stunner from Cabi Clothing. 

Cabi Clothing

Layering up for the crazy air conditioning during the summer is something my daughters and I do all the time. So this year I am going to be layering up with blazers instead of the cardigans I usually reach for. 

This Sleuth blazer in particular makes me feel powerful and like a total #bossbabe.  My belt is also from Cabi.  They have high quality products that justify the price.  I have shared before that sometimes you get what you pay for and when you pay $10 for a blazer,  you get a not so high quality blazer.  Similarly when you pay top dollar for products, you get the perfect cut, with the perfect fabrics, and the perfect fit!

21 Buttons

If you are like me and think that blazers are just for the office, then think again and throw on some wedges and a pair of distressed jeans and get the perfect #OOTD.

Thanks for checking out this post!

Your Chick,