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Time to Tidy Up! Clear Your Counters with This!

I feel so fortunate to have reconnected with an old friend and mompreneur that has created a product that solves a problem that we all have – clutter!  This pegboard created by my friend Alexandra Rice is multi-functional, sturdy, practical, and affordable!  

This board is made with real pine wood and makes an excellent gift for students heading off to college, individuals who always lose their keys, women who need more counter space, and so much more!

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This sophisticated pegboard is lightweight, easy to install, and stylish.  

I used command strips to hang my pegboard and free up my counter space to organize my makeup.  As you can see, the difference is dramatic.

Add this sophisticated pegboard to your cart on Amazon today!  This is a thoughtful and useful gift for that special someone this holiday season.

This product is created by a fellow female entrepreneur! Support small businesses!

Check out all the ways it can be used.

Thanks, as always, for checking out my post!

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Note: Compensation for this post was provided by Alexandra Rice. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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SPF 30, 50, 80…What does it all mean?

Ahhhh, the summer heat is upon us and Lake Sinclair is looking like the perfect getaway!  Nothing beats when the sun hits your skin and the breeze tosses your hair.  But to keep comfortable in this kind of heat, we all need to take some precaution with helpful skin care designed for #LakeLife.

Taking care of your skin does not have to come with an expensive price tag.  We have great drugstore brands that you can scoop up anywhere as long as you know the key ingredients you are looking for. 

Understanding SPF

Waterproof, sweatproof, UVB, UVA, SPF 30, 50, or 100, what does it all mean?  I asked several people to explain this to me and I was alarmed how many people don’t exactly understand what it all means! 

SPF stands for ‘sun protection factor’ and is designed specifically to protect against ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. UVB is what causes sunburn.  Suppose that your skin would normally start to burn after 10 minutes without any protection — with SPF 30, you would get 30 TIMES the protection…that’s 300 minutes (10min x 30 SPF)! 

BUT the Center for Disease Control (CDC) warns that reapplying sunscreen does NOT reset the clock, it just provides continuity of the existing protection.  So using the example above, if you go for a swim about an hour (60 minutes) after applying your SPF 30 sunscreen, then you need to re-apply and will still only get the remaining 240 minutes of protection. 

So what is UVA? These ultraviolet rays don’t generally cause visible sunburn, but can cause damage to tissue that causes wrinkles which means they penetrate deeper into the skin.  

The Takeaway

As someone who is particular about my skin care and of course style.  I love to pile on my protection with a moisturizing sunscreen, make up with SPF in it, and a cute hat or sunglasses just to keep my face out of direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. 

Sun Essentials
Chicks #LakeLife Essentials

I hope that you found this information helpful next time you stop by CVS or Walgreens before you head to the lake. 

Lather up!

Your Chick,


**This piece was published in Milledgeville Scene Magazine May/June 2019**


Prime Beauty Deals Too Good To Miss (Most Under $15)

Yay! Today is PRIME DAY! A day where we get to shop at our favorite one stop shop for things that we love FOR LESS!! I have rounded up some of my MUST HAVE beauty products. So if you are a junkie for beauty products, you have come to the right place!

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Kabuki Brush $9.95

With over 11,000 reviews, you can’t go wrong with this foundation brush. I have not used my beauty blender (also on sale for $13.99 ) since discovering this brush. I find the way that this brush paints the foundation on is just perfect for the finish I crave. So if you use a foundation brush for your make up, scoop this up!

Revlon Volumizer Hot Brush $53.99

Unless you live under a rock, you have undoubtedly seen this brush all over social media. If you have hair that is chin length or longer, this brush can bring life to it within minutes! Combine it with my favorite Briogeo Volumizer and you are good to go!

Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara Set $10.44

This top rated masacara now comes in an adorable set (mascara + primer) that is perfect to keep or to give as a gift! I know Sonia and I use mascara every single day, so if you do too, this deal is for you!

Wet Hair Brushes $15.99

I have two daughters and starting off each and every day with hair care is a PAIN! Ever since discovering these brushes, there is less fuss in the mornings. Happy kids = happy mom right? I recommend these ten out of ten times. It is also perfect for throwing into your beach bag before your next vacay!

Stila Glitter and Glow Eyeshadow $24

I wear this with Indian clothes every single time, and each time I get so many compliments! This glitter and glow stick does not crease and makes quite the statement! Layer it over any eyeshadow color you want, you will love it!

Tweezerman Tweezers $13.77

Ladies, if you don’t keep this handy tweezer in your car for last minute touch ups, you are missing out! I have grabbed for my tweezers hundreds of times before running out of the car to pluck a stray eyebrow hair. This angled tweezer gets it every time ..THE FIRST TIME. You are welcome!

Benefit Bronzing Powder $24.25

For those of you who are new to contouring or worried about going overboard, a powdered bronzer is a great place to start! Run this lightly under your cheekbones for an angular look that is slimming!

Trestique – Everything is 30% OFF

I have shared my love for these multi-function make up finds before! And with the whole collection now on sale, I highly recommend grabbing one of their eye popping lipsticks or eyeliners!

Oval Brush Set $9.99

I use these brushes DAILY for contouring, they are soft and make the perfect line every time. The smaller ones are good for nose contouring and the wider ones work well for the forehead and cheekbones. Combine this with the Benefit bronzer and you are good to go!

Garnier Fructis Shampoo+Conditioner Set $15.19

If it is time to replenish your hair products at home, this is a good time to do it. You simply cannot beat the price of this set!

Hopefully you found some of these items to be useful additions to the products you have at home. Prime Day is always an exciting time to scoop up some new goodies for less! Also be sure to stop by our Amazon Store to see what is in our cart!!

Thanks for checking out this post!

Your Chick,


Prime Beauty Deals

What does it look like “Behind The Scenes”

Whenever I post images or “bts” images on my social media pages, I get flooded with text messages from “hey, how can I become one of your models” or “what really happens behind the scenes?”  I thought for my next blog post it would be fun to share some of my experiences.

For the past four years I have worked with a client helping create the looks for their spring and fall bridal campaigns.  When I think back to our first campaign together, I can’t help but be reminded just how far we have come as a team.  I can’t emphasize the word “team” enough because it truly is a group effort.

There are so many preparations that go into executing a successful shoot.  A lot of creative energy and communication goes into.  One of our first steps is our creative team will send emails and photographs of inspiration.  After several meetings and inputs from everyone, they will usually confirm the mood and the process of building our sets start to take place.

While our set is starting to slowly be brought to life, the photographer will usually send his/her inspiration for lighting.  I can’t tell you how important lighting is. It’s everything. You can have the most beautiful model, on a perfect set, wearing a gorgeous gown. If the lighting is off then everything is off! No pressure, right?!

Once we have all agreed on a lighting that is appropriate for our inspiration, we start brainstorming hair, makeup and styling looks.  This can be from choosing a model with the right hair color, down to the color of their natural lips.  Does she have freckles? How will they photograph? Does she have a birth mark on her back? Can our team of editors get rid of it and will it be expensive to do so.

From there we start our search for the perfect models. This process can be a long and draining process.  They not only have to fit the image the creative team desires but they need to be the exact height and measurements as the sample sizes as they will not alter them.

These are really just a few but most important steps in bringing a vision to life.  As I mentioned it’s truly a team effort. I always look forward to these shoots because they allow me the opportunity to work with such creative people whose passion for art and excellence is contagious.


Deanna-Your Beauty Chick

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