This Is 38- Unedited and Unfiltered

I remember a time when the thought of aging scared me.  I didn’t want to get older because I didn’t want to see my parents get older and I had a fear of the unknown.  I have shared before that I have counted by blessings every step of the way growing up. Every vacation, I enjoyed. Every hour spent with family members and friends, I cherished. Every opportunity that ever came my way, I took.  I was worried that if things were so great now, how could it get any better?

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My Mom has told me for decades that somehow things keep getting better, but until life started moving at lightning speed I did not understand.  In a moment, it seems, I got married, had one kid, had another, moved, and woke up 38 years old and truthfully … it feels great!

I am tearing up as I count my lucky stars for the life I never dreamed I would have.  As I blew out the candle on my cake this morning, I wish that NOTHING would change this year.  I know that is unrealistic and that change, both good and bad, are a part of life… but if somehow I could keep my dreams and loved ones close this year I would be grateful.

Remember when you thought someone who was 38 was ‘old.’ I do, now I look at my Mom and her friends and honestly think that they are #SquadGoals.  Raising a family and being part of a community has truly been the most gratifying experience of my life.  When I step back and look at my Mom and her friends, I see a glimpse into my future. If I keep working hard every day and always do what is right for me and my family, that future looks bright!

Not only do I not feel old, but I don’t even know what the word ‘old’ means anymore and thank god for that! Thanks for reading my post and for being a part of my evolution through Chicks and Salsa and Digital Chicks Media.  I am truly grateful!

Your Chick,


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