6 Reasons Why You Will Love Vero – True Social Media

Honestly, thank you to the makers of Vero! This new app touts that it is the social media solution of the future and after hours of tinkering, here is what I have learned and think I will love:
Its a One Stop Shop!
Yup, its fully integrated. No more “click link in bio” – now images themselves are hyperlinked (bye bye “swipe up” feature).  On Vero you can store your reviews on places, books, movies, etc. and integrate that into your actual story. Better yet, your posts that tell the story don’t automatically delete after 24 hours — Vero actually archives your memories into easy to access categories. This creates a comprehensive representation of who you are, the things you like and what you like to do.
Vero Manifesto
Vero Manifesto
No More Identity Separation
As a blogger/small business owner, I have personal Instagram page and a blog Instagram page. Now, with Vero, you can categorize your followers and share things accordingly.  The categories are Follower, Acquaintance, Close Friend, and Friend.  This is a MAJOR plus for me — for personal posts I can just share those with my family and close friends. For my blog posts I can share with everyone! But it can all be on one comprehensive and very personalized and authentic feed.
Follower Categories
Follower Categories
Some Familiar Features
You can still search for relevant hashtags and people similar to the way you would on Instagram.  This is comforting when switching to a new platform. Hashtags are very useful for categorizing people, trends, and events as well as for searching for relevant posts.
App Aesthetic is Awesome
Instagram now seems very sterile with its white backdrop and locked-in features.  Vero has a darker backdrop that makes pictures pop. The backdrops also adjust according to the image and is lighter for lighter images and darker for darker images. Smart framing for the photos helps enhance the viewing — isn’t that everything you want on a photo-based sharing platform?!
Integrated Layout
Integrated Layout
No Ads
Yup, you read that right, no more spillage from Facebook with sponsored ads and seeing posts you didn’t ask to see.  This app will eventually require a paid membership (annual fee) but to see what I want to see, I think that is fair.
Post Are in Chronological Order
After Instagram changed its algorithm and started giving preference to more popular and engaged posts.  On Vero you see things as they happen when they happen, IN ORDER!
So far, I am very impressed with Vero. Currently I use Facebook, Facebook Stories, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Trip Advisor, Email, and my blog to reach out to my followers. But with Vero I think I can merge a lot of these under one roof. Integrating my social media presence optimizes the way I present my brand — and helps manage my time. The more you share the more complete your story is.
So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch and download Vero App.
These opinions are my own and this post has been written purely out of the exhaustion I experience managing my brand across a variety of platforms.  I see potential here, so I wrote this post.  Time will tell if the Facebook juggernaut is just too big, but for now, I am willing to try something new.