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Travel Secrets For Packing a Carry On

Lately I have been traveling a lot. No, I’m not a consultant…no, it’s not work related, and yes, its all just for fun.   I’ve always loved a packing challenge and my husband supports it, in fact he taught me how fun traveling could be if I packed less.  At first I didn’t understand what that even meant, in time I started to realize why.  When you pack less, you worry less, less to lift, less to pack and unpack, and less to lose. 

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For example, our trip to Aspen moved faster simply because we just had carry-on’s. On our way back, flights were canceled and we were able to get re-booked on another flight easily because we didn’t have any checked bags.  Not checking in a bag not only saves money, but also time and space when you travel by plane, train, or car.  So you may wonder why I’m even writing about this, simple, people always ask me “what the heck do you pack? and how?”  So packing less over the years has become a challenge for me, I research different products and keep up with the seasons must haves.  I came up with how I travel smart without sacrificing the fashionista in me. 

One Dress Three Ways


Lets face it, do we really end up wearing everything we pack?  No. Do we really need to pack 4 pairs of shoes? No. Do we really need all that makeup?  No.  Once you answered all those questions then the next question is, what are the most realistic things you NEED according to your itinerary?

Beach Vacation- 1 Week

If you are travelling with family, you only need one swim suit, but with friends, pack 2. Throw in 2 cover-ups, 1 pair of shorts, yoga pants for daily wear (and possibly night), 4 dresses (2 semi-formal and 2 maxis).  Maxi’s are elegant and easy to pack.  Add in a few tops, 5 at most, and you are ready to go!


Of course we can pack 6 pairs, but are we really going to wear them?  No!  My solution is a pair of flats that could go in a pocket of your bag or tote.  A pair of wedges or heels, I prefer wedges, heels can be tricky in a tropical place or beach.  Last but not least, sneakers if you intend on doing excursions.


When you are out in the sun, the last thing you want to do is have a melted makeup look.  Pack foundation, a powder, mascara, eyeliner and a few fun lip colors.  Don’t overcrowd your bag or mind with all of your makeup.  There is plenty of sample size makeup out there.  I subscribe to Sephora’s Play Box and many of those things come in handy, from face primer, lip-gloss, to skin care.  In fact I even take sample size perfume vials with me, no worries of spillages, leaks or taking up room.  DONE AND DONE!


I always pack my jewelry in a travel box and stuff into my large tote or bag.  Lately, I love Tumi bagsThey are not only soft but also durable while travelling. They are also easy to clean and expandable when need be.  Mine has compartments for me to take essentials like medication, lotions, books, and even my IPAD!

Pack less enjoy more, that’s pretty much the motto in my household these days.  Life is too short to clutter your suitcase with nonsense, de-clutter and be free. 

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Embellished Bobby Pins
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An Ode to My Dog: CoCo

I didn’t grow up with a dog, in fact, the only pets I had were parakeets and rabbits.  Both of which I knew I would never have as an adult.

Just after I got married, 11 years ago, my husband surprised me with a maltipoo for my birthday. I was speechless and a little upset mostly because I had no idea what it meant to be a dog owner! Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey that would reshape the person I am today.

We named our first furry baby, Peanut. To be honest, before he arrived I had put him on a one week trial….if it didn’t work out, we were going to send him back.  Peanut was born in Texas and arrived via American Airlines where we met for the first time. He was 8 weeks old. Tiny, like a Peanut, with white curly hair. He was terrified. When I reached for him I immediately panicked because I didn’t know what to do next. Once I got hold of him from the back of his crate, he curled into the palm of my hand and calmed the nerves we both had and we both immediately felt a sense of relief. It was clear, I was consumed with so much love for this little animal.  It hit me in that moment that we had just become family. It didn’t take more than 5 minutes for me to make my decision that he was staying with us forever!

Most valuable lesson as a dog owner:

Unconditional love. Peanut gave me the gift of friendship with no strings attached.  He grew to love me and my husband as his furry parents and we loved him as our furry baby. He journeyed with us through two pregnancies and babies and accepted and protected our kids with every bone in his body.  We tragically lost Peanut to a coyote attack shortly after his 7th birthday and it felt just as tragic as the loss of any family member. There were days Peanut and I were besties and days we were frenemies, but we were family. In his absence I learned that he taught me to be more kind, more compassionate and more forgiving.

Today we have Coco another adorable maltipoo.  He is everything Peanut was and continues to be for us.  While having a dog can sometimes feel like work, there isn’t a moment that goes by that I’m not reminded of Peanut and how his legacy serves as a reminder to not take the human and dog relationship for granted.  I can definitely say I am a better person because of my furry babies and will be forever indebted to my dogs for the lessons they teach me everyday!

Your chick,

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There are so many versions of this sweatshirt! The one I am wearing is linked here |  A slightly higher end version of it is linked here | Revolve has a distressed version here | Jeans are linked here | Booties are sold out, but I have linked something similar here |Check out the necklace that we all have here  see it on me here

Mad About Plaid

There are some annual trends that are so consistent that I don’t have to let go of those pieces from year to year. Once the weather turns and the colors (for me, mainly black) turn to orange, rust, brown, and yellow, we turn to plaid to help ring in the new season.

Well, kind of.

I love black – so when I found this black and white plaid blazer I knew I had to have it. It’s the perfect compromise for someone like me not totally ready to commit to the fall palette but ready to layer up! This blazer from TopShop is different though – it is jersey knit and double breasted which means it is super soft to the touch, has a little bit of give to it, and looks as amazing as it feels.  Jersey knits are a staple in my wardrobe all year round — special shout-out to my jersey maxi dresses that keep me going through the summers.

The Look

You can see from my feed, unknowingly I have acquired many TopShop items lately, whether it is from Nordstom or TopShop itself.  I guess TopShop’s style speaks to me – like this animal print crossbody (pictured here)or leopard print dress that I have rocked in multiple ways. They do a good job of staying on trend. Even with accessories, trendy resin earrings are from TopShop too ($18)!

The best curvy girls jeans are linked here | The comfiest clear heels under $50 are here  (size up 1.5 sizes |  This plaid blazer is linked here | My resin earrings are $18 and linked here

I take inspiration from many fashion bloggers (Sarah from House of Sequin is a favorite lately!) when I put together an outfit and this look is no different.   Mixing and matching vibes by pairing my rocker tee and blazer is just one inspired look that I have tried.  Anyone can recreate this with what they already have in their closet — its a good excuse to pull out that comfy tee.

Thanks for all the love you showed this look on Instagram. I have reviewed several of my handbags in this video so check it out for details on sizing and styling.

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