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Visit Atlanta // Stay at Hotel Clermont

When I had the opportunity to stay at a boutique hotel within walking distance of Ponce City Market, I had to say yes! Not only is that part of Atlanta one of my favorite places (see my other favorites here), but boutique hotels also offer a unique experience that you don’t find at some bigger chains.

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Here are five reasons to visit and/or stay at Hotel Clermont:

The Rooftop– with top shelf views, #goldenhour from the rooftop of the Hotel Clermont was so scenic.
Location– The property is a short 5-minute walk to @poncecitymarket and the super fun #atlantabeltline.
Great Service and Staff– Hello, complimentary cocktails when you check in; need I say more?!?
Comfortable Beds– Getting a good night’s rest is important to me on my weekend getaways, and I was not disappointed!
VIBES– This boutique property hits all the vintage vibes from its lobby to its bar, lounges, and rooms! I loved every single corner.
I will be back! Check out @hotelclermont in Atlanta for your next weekend spot. 

Check out my gallery, a picture is worth a thousand words!

If you are looking for a higher-end, trendy dining experience, check out my review of STK Atlanta.

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Your Chick,

The Juggle is Real

We have all heard about work-life balance, particularly now, but what can you do when work and home are happening all under the same roof!?!

As a work-from-home mom with a full-time career in digital marketing and two kids who have been virtually learning since March 2019, I have definitely had to learn a few tough lessons.  Thankfully, these have taught me to work smarter, not necessarily harder.  Read on to see how I am doing my best to pull it all off.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

I pride myself on productivity.  During the pandemic, my sense of accomplishment took a hit, and now, I am ok with doing just enough.  That means letting the laundry sit an extra day (or two), taking some shortcuts in the kitchen, and generally just chilling out.  

Harness the Power of Technology

I have been fighting the need to do this for years, but THIS YEAR, I have finally integrated all of my work and family calendars on Google and also picked up a few tricks to help with the clutter on my desk.  I recently purchased one of these cases for my iPad which has made doing work on the go much easier.  I also purchased an Apple Pencil to eliminate all the notebooks, notepads, sticky notes that clutter my desk.  Pro Tip: Good Notes is an app that has helped me clear my desk by allowing me to write and store them digitally.    

When my personal space is a mess, my mind is a mess.  So I have been doing little things to keep your physical and mental space tidy.

The WEE Hours

For the last few months when I wake up before everyone else, I make a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace and quiet.  The 30-40 minutes I have with my thoughts in the morning really set the tone for the rest of my day.  I use this time to JUST SIT, I look outside, check the news, maybe social media and within 30 minutes I already feel caught up and ready for whatever is in store for the day ahead. 

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I am sure all of this seems easier said than done, but after doing these things for several months, they have become a habit.  A habit, I intend to keep long after things get back to normal.

Your Chick,


#SaleAlert : Looks For Curvy Girls by Eva Mendes

When I saw that Eva Mendes had created a collection for New York and Company I instantly knew that I had to check it out. Not only do I love her style, but I knew that our body silhouettes are more similar than they are different.

I recently shared a look with my favorite all occasion dress that has a fit to flare that is perfect for women with bigger bums. Similarly, the Eva Mendes collection did not disappoint and offers up so many looks that are made for women like me! Lucky for all of us, many of her pieces are on sale now!

Eva Mendes Denim Skirt
Shop This Look Here

Looks For Less!

Sale Looks
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Also a post about curvy girl fashion would be remiss without a shout out to my favorite denim from Good American. These jeans run true to size and they have the perfect amount of stretch to be comfortable!

Be sure to stop in NY&Co or shop online because these deals won’t last long!

Your Chick,


Just Do It – Stay Motivated!

All in a days work…right? Yeah right (insert eye roll here)!!

As a Mom, I know firsthand that our work is NEVER done. 
There have been so many days where after dropping off the kids to school, I head to the gym and then run dozens of other errands before making it home. On those day I end up in workout clothes all day! Then there is the run in with ‘those moms’ at the grocery store who have their matching accessories on or ‘that friend’ that you have never seen without make up.  We have written before about putting your best foot forward EVERY DAY, but there are a few fashionable short cuts that you can take so that you don’t get caught feeling less than your best ever!

Zella Top

This Zella top is a WINNER! This Nordstrom exclusive athletic brand really has their stuff together.  This knotted top is perfect for transitioning from the gym to lunch any day.  With a comfortable loose fit, it is flattering on all body types.  It comes in a variety of colors and I am wearing a size Small.

Nike, Nike, and More Nike

With Spring around the corner I could not resist these floral Nike leggings, they add just enough umph to an outfit, they pair well with the Zella top I shared and of course are always on trend.  I just updated my black Nikes because my old pair must have had a least 350 miles on — them I wore them so much! 

Also, if you are into custom products, check out my NikeID High Tops for $100, these make a great gift and look super cute on!

High Waisted Leggings

Sometimes you just like what you like and if you have a pear shaped body like I do (see my post from over a year ago gushing about them here), then you will love the Victoria Sport Anytime high waisted leggings.  I have worn these for as long as they have existed and own every style.  I wear a Medium in regular length and have never had an issue with these pulling down at the waist, ripping, itching, or stretching.  Another perk is that they have great tummy tuck and they are currently ON SALE for $15 (Normally $39.50) at VS, so try them out! You will be glad you did.

In this look, I can run all my errands in confidence and comfort! What special athleisure pieces have you invested in lately?

Your Chick,


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