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From Brunch To Birthday Parties, The Wrap Dress Has You Covered (Literally!)

Ok, first off let me say that wrap dresses look good on ALL women, they just do – but they do a little more for curvy women by enhancing and contouring the silhouettes of our bodies.  Women love nothing more than that Marilyn Monroe feeling you get when you get that fit-to-flare look that comes from accentuating a girls waist.

That being said, Sonia and I have attended everything from Brunch to Birthday parties in wrap dresses.  Most recently we decided to go for a little matchy-matchy look with these floral wrap dresses by Yumi Kim and Lilly Pulitzer to celebrate the 1st birthday of our niece, Sofie.

Happy 1st Birthday Sofie!

These designers created very similar one shoulder ruffled wrap dresses that were super fun to wear and photograph.  You can see that when it comes to a wrap dresses – YOU wear the dress, not the other way around.  These both have a midi length on us that is great for showing off a fabulous sandal or stiletto.  These prints and fabrics made for the perfect outfit for a daytime event.

The colors of the flowers combined with the delicacy of the chiffon and the shoulder cut outs made these romantic and extra feminine we got so many compliments!

Tips And Tricks

We are not new to wrap dresses (hello DVF!) but we are new to these brands which made them even more special. The beauty of a wrap dress is you can go for any which look!  Some wrap dresses can be super sexy. If that’s the look you’re going for some boob tape will be your best friend! In other instances if there is a deep neckline (and/or you tend to shy away from cleavage), a bandeau can be your best friend… it gives just the perfect amount of coverage. Finally if you are more conservative then you can put a full tank underneath for full coverage in the event that the neckline opens slightly while sitting. One hack I’ve recently been seeing on many wrap dresses is a snap button to keep the neckline in place. If the wrap dress you absolutely love doesn’t have this, it’s a fairly easy addition to put on yourself!  Happy wrapping!

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Sanaya Set: Be Distinguished by Shopping With Purpose

The Story
We were thrilled to check out a subscription box designed for women of color by women of color.  Although our journey as humans has many similarities, life has a way of testing us in different ways.  The women behind the Sanaya Set all have a story and a common interest that brought them together.  They have used their work with API Chaya, a community for women who have been marginalized by domestic violence and sexual assault, to channel their energies to create a product that delivers awareness for a variety of good causes that speak to the experiences of women.
The Box
The Sayana set is a subscription box that is full of hand picked products that each tell a story and support a cause.  What could be better than a seasonal box that comes to your door with a message?  These products help women feel educated, engaged, and empowered to make the world a better place.
We felt strongly about the quality of the products (all 8 of them!) and the design of the box.  A lot of thought and effort has been put into the selection of each and every product.  The items each come with an information card and beautiful packaging.
If you are looking for a way to reach out to those who are working each and every day to make life better for themselves and their communities, look no further, the team at Sanaya Set has done the work for you!  For $99 per box, per season, you can do good in a way that feels good and looks good.
Check out our unboxing video here:
Thanks for checking out our unboxing and be sure to check out Sanaya Set for you or as a gift!
Your Chicks,
Rina and Sonia

Botox and the Indian Community      

Botox, everyone has thought about it, many of us are doing it, so why aren’t we talking about it?

Growing up as first generation Indian Americans, my sister and I had the impossible task of representing our Indian side, our American side, and our hybrid side with grace and full understanding.  This meant being respectful yet assertive and exploring our interests while not wandering too far outside of our parents understanding. It also meant looking and acting within certain cultural norms without compromising our opportunities here as Americans.

Aging is one of those unusual paradoxes where being Indian and American does not agree.  It appears that Americans embrace doing things make you feel good — from facials to chemical peels to plastic surgery to Botox. There is discussion and a sharing of experiences that is a part of the American culture.  I can’t speak to other communities and cultures but the Indian community from both the immigrant and first generation perspectives does not embrace artificial enhancement. Indo-American women will undergo a variety of procedures and services behind closed doors and lie about their genetics and diets to no end.   An acceptance of anti-aging tools that we have available to us as Indians in America has been a difficult pill to swallow for many.

Avani getting her bi annual Botox shots.I am 36 years old, I have been getting Botox for 3 years.  When I looked in the mirror after having two kids and moving homes twice, my body directly experienced the stress. My body had undergone both of those life-changing events and left me with deep wrinkles which made me feel older than I was. My friends, co-workers, and sisters were supportive when I first considered Botox (see our article here about facing judgement). We talked about it, read about it, researched it until I eventually went for it.  Some family members, on the other hand, discouraged me from doing it and hesitantly added that if I did get it, I should keep it to myself.  After seeing my results and my satisfaction, two short years later, they too went ahead and tried it out. But they have since kept their “genetic” advantages to themselves.

Before And After
Before And After

Without getting too carried away, I am grateful that I can take little steps to look the way I feel.  I am not in denial of aging or of my life circumstances; this is a personal choice and one that has left me satisfied. By not sharing ideas and privatizing our desires, we cannot lift each other up in a way that can be positive in the right context.

I hope to get the discussion started.  We are fortunate that one of our Savvy Chicks’, Avani, has a husband who is a plastic surgeon — if you have any questions please leave them in comments below and we will be happy to get you an expert’s perspective.



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