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Anyone Else Addicted To Their Phone?

I’m guilty!  When I am in an airplane, waiting room or Lyft… I’m on my phone. I’m usually checking emails, social media or just surfing the net.  Sometimes it’s a need, but many times it’s just a time pass. So I put myself up to the test of going back to the days where we didn’t have our phones as a distraction.  It was amazing!

Not only did I realize that the emails and texts could wait, but I realized how much I had missed looking down at my phone. Missed eye contact, missed conversation, missed observation of my surroundings.  

Phone Woes
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The Human Connection

On a recent flight to San Francisco where I usually relish in the time to recline my seat, open the United app, and watch a movie until I reach my destination. This time, I was determined to strike up a conversation with the person next to me. Fortunately, it was an older woman who I noticed didn’t pull out her phone once….it might have been more difficult with someone who looked like they had no interest in talking. She was enroute to Hawaii for a family reunion.  She had strong a Samoan linage and I loved learning about their culture, food and customs.  Knowledge comes in so many forms, but so much of our learning comes from what we allow ourselves to take in.


Distraction with the phone has become a challenge in parenting, as well. I am personally challenged by the accessibility to my phone which creates a constant need to be connected.  Even when I try and walk away from my phone, I reach for it when I remember I need to send that email to the teacher or look up that number for the plumber.  I’ve recently been making an active effort to engage with my family in a more meaningful way and stop worrying about setting up the next play date or signing up for the next summer camp. I want to look at my kids in the eyes, make sure they know I am listening so they feel empowered and valued for their thoughts and ideas.  

Less Phone Time

While I think technology has tremendously improved our quality of life, it comes with some downfalls. Put the phone down…better yet, turn it off….walk away and be present.   Challenge yourself to connect with other people in the most human way possible….eye contact and conversation.  

Your Chick,


Dating Your Spouse

It is said that time flies, and boy do I believe it more than ever now!  I’ve been married for 11 years and, truth be told, it feels like it’s only been 2!  Granted 11 years may seem like honeymooners to some, if feels like an eternity to me!

In the early stages of our marriage, impressing each other was still very much a part of our daily routine. As time has gone on and children have entered the picture, we have learned to grow our friendship stronger than ever before. Aligning our values through parenting has created a bond stronger than I ever knew I would have with my spouse. I’ve always been in search of the perfect friendship, and what I’ve realized over time is they are hard to come by. Similarly, it would be unrealistic to find the perfect marriage. What I have found in my marriage is the perfect friendship. My husband and I have had our fair share of ups and downs, but honestly I feel like we are #FriendshipGoals. 

I feel very fortunate to have known my husband since I was 8 years old. We were next-door neighbors growing up, and even went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together.  Having gone through all those stages, I feel like we know a lot about the ins and outs of how each other work. Despite that, it wasn’t until after we got married that I really saw who my husband was as a person and as a partner in life. 

The Takeaway

Marriage is no easy feat. It takes effort, energy and understanding. Making time for the other person, especially with little humans, takes skill and willpower. The only thing that has kept us going over the years is our strong bond over communication. Trying to talk things out and make space for each other has encouraged us to continue finding the silver lining in this crazy journey we call life. I couldn’t think of a better person than my best friend to do it with.  It’s not the materialistic things, but the small things that matter.  If I could do  it all over again in the next life I would do it all over again with him. #FriendshipGoals #DateYourSpouse

Your Chick,

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Mommy Must Haves From An Experienced Mom

We’ve reached the 8 month mark with our second child, Ayan, and now that we’re in a groove with sleeping, nursing and hormones have even balanced out, I wanted to share a few of my favorite newborn necessities. The 4th trimester is no joke and while it’s easy to accumulate so much unnecessary baby gear, I 100% recommend all of the items here.

Snuggle Nest

The first few weeks are such a struggle and blur. The endless nursing, the long nights, and over fatigue from birth recovery. The snuggle nest goes directly on your bed and it’s so easy to just reach over to grab baby in the middle of the night to feed. No need to get out of bed!

Baby Jogger City Select

We bought this stroller with my daughter, Nara, in hopes to expand it when we had our next child. It has been the perfect double stroller for my two littles! My toddler sits in the front and the baby goes directly on top with the car seat adapter. LOVE this stroller and how it has grown with my family.

Earth Mama – Natural Nipple Butter

The battlewounds of breastfeeding are real. SO REAL. The first two weeks of breastfeeding are never fun for me. In fact, they’re down right painful. Even with my second, I just know I have to make it through those two weeks. This nipple butter is god-sent: easy to apply and don’t need to wipe it off before feeding. It healed me overnight!


Why I didn’t think to buy these with my first child beats me. IT HAS SAVED MY BABY’S TUMMY AND MY PEACE! A gassy baby is a cranky baby. Occasionally we have used the windi to help immediately relieve Ayan’s gas pains. It literally whistles as they pass gas. It’s the craziest thing only parents find amazing.


The amount my newborn sleeps vs. the amount of noise my toddler makes. A constant battle. Having the dohm sound machine in my newborns room during the day has helped drown out my toddlers loud, high pitched, voice. Results: A well-rested baby. WIN.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Used this pillow with both kids. It really helps with support in holding baby while nursing and not putting as much pressure on your arms. It is also great to use for tummy time and casual laying post feeds since it keeps the baby elevated

Baby Ktan

Baby wearing is something I love to do. Especially when we go out in the early days with a newborn (no one can get in their face with germs), but also around the house when they are napping and you can’t afford to hold them for endless hours. It provides a great opportunity for skin-to-skin in the early days.

Water bottle

I’ve never been more thirsty in my life. Having a water bottle by my side is 100% a must-have. I need one that I can hold a lot of water and can operate with one hand—because let’s face it, that’s all I have these days.

Gentle Baby Essential Oil – Young Living

I use this daily on Ayan. I mix one drop with almond oil and massage his whole body before bed. It really calms him down and he smells glorious. I give credit to this oil for making bedtime so easy with my little.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads

Lactating stains are not hot. I’ve been there with my first – sitting in a restaurant with a huge milk spot on my shirt. I quickly invested in these disposable nursing pads and still using them with my second.

Haakaa Manual Pump

I cannot say enough about this. I came across it with my second child and did not have to pump for a very long time. While I was nursing on one side I would attach the Haaka on the other breast to catch all the leaking milk. I just don’t have enough good things to say about it.  TRY IT!

4moms Breeze

The most compact and easy to travel with pack and play. I can even move it around my house with easy or place it in the back yard while I play with my toddler. It really is the most efficient pack and play.

There are a ton of great baby items out on the market! I surely have not been able to try all of them. Pick the ones that suit you and your parenting style.  Check out some of our other posts on parenting here.

The Boutique

Hope that you found this helpful!

Your Chick,


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You Can Always Be Better – Summer Reads and Needs

How is it even possible that summer just started and now my trip to Chicago is already almost over!  Time really does fly when you are having fun!  As some of you may know, I am part of a fabulous book club (shout out to the Guilty Wives Club) and as I do every summer I take on a summer reading list with a combination of best sellers, recommendations and this year I have included some self exploration too!  As a woman I constantly second guess myself as an individual, as a wife, and of course as a mother.  I am always wondering if there is a better way to do what I am doing or how I can make sure that I am giving my kids the tools to be amazing individuals and citizens.

This year’s list had a little bit of everything but I wanted to share the life books that I really enjoyed that gave me just enough pep in my step each day to see things differently and offered some new ideas and perspective into my day to day life.

The List

You Are a Badass

Don’t feel bad about pepping yourself up sometimes- isn’t that what power posing is all about?? This book offers hilariously inspiring stories, sage advice, easy exercises, and the occasional swear word to help you stop being self deprecating and change the way you see yourself and your future.




You Do You

With social media shifting our focus to other people all the time, You Do You reminds you to spend just as time and energy on yourself as you do on other people.  If everyone is busy doing ‘their’ thing, shouldn’t you be busy doing yours?? This easy read may be the reminder by your bedside that you need to just do you!




It’s Not About How Good You Are, It’s About How Good You Want To Be

If you are like me and asked yourself if there is more out there for you in this world or this life then author Paul Arden has some words of wisdom for you! He takes on issues as diverse as problem solving, communicating, playing your cards right, making mistakes and creativity- all things I try to tackle each and every day!




The Little Book Of Life Hacks

Yumi Sakugawa shares a wide range of useful and unexpected tips for looking and feeling better, streamlining and improving your home life.  Everything from creating fun and artsy DIY projects that can brighten your living space. Everything from removing  dark circles from under your eyes, making cold brew iced coffee at home, throwing the perfect party on a budget, working out at home without a gym membership and (my favorite!) taking the perfect afternoon power nap…and more!  You can peek in and out of this book at will and get a whole lot out of it!



Parenting Recommendations

My next two recommendations are heavy on the parenting side of things.








I have two daughters, both are amazing yet incredibly different, one is self motivated, one is not, one is independent, the other is not.  I have read both GRIT and The Power of Habit and these books have taught me so much about behaviors that successful people have and where and how they were taught them.  It allows parents the freedom to exercise a little tough love to teach your child a lesson – I find tough love to be so hard sometimes.  I always make excuses for my kids for example, I think that they don’t understand, or that they are too young, but these books have given me the gumption to challenge them.  To my surprise, I have watched the kids step it up.  If you need a scientific perspective with a track record on parenting then check these books out, you won’t regret it!

Well I hoped you enjoyed my book recommendations, what did you read this summer?

Your Chick,